Life in lockdown | Photos from the recent weeks

As another ‘your storage is nearly full, manage your storage in settings’ pops up on my phone for the millionth time this month, swiftly met with yet another quick swipe of ‘dismiss’ as I continue to completely ignore my phones lack of space which I’ll later then complain about because I can’t take another picture of my cat. 

I realise that actually, I take a lot of photos to document my day, all for the intention of posting it to Instagram or to send to Jay. What I’m doing, eating, watching it’s all there, a quick snap here, a more planned and styled shot there and bang there you go another storage full... believe it or not, this post isn’t about how to clear up space on your phone, my phone would be cackling if that were the case, though I am sorry to disappoint if your phone is crying out the same repetitive message ( I feel your pain). 

Instead whilst I found myself looking at photo upon photo in my gallery I realised that once those photos have been posted to Instagram, shared with someone, or perhaps didn’t even make it that far, the photos left behind sort of float about not really knowing what they’re doing there but yet I still can’t find it within myself to delete them, stuck in a photo purgatory whilst they await their fate if you will, god that got awfully philosophical all of a sudden. 

 Like many things I’ve found whilst being in lockdown, blogging included is that we’ve all had to adjust in so many ways, quite obviously but those adjustments have resorted to us finding our way back to our roots for many things. Whether that’s making things from scratch, making do with what we have, doing things for ourselves or learning new ways of doing things, things have just been different, to say the least. The reason I say, blogging included is because when I first started in this digital world things were certainly less polished- no shade at all that is just how it was, much like I discussed in my last post, for example taking photos felt more like a makeshift DIY sort of situation as a pose to crisp quality editorial or street style type photos we're more typically used to now.

Which left me thinking a lot about the content I put out there, or have been putting out there over the most recent years. Content very different to how it once began, which you'd expect of course given that I'd like to think my content has grown and evolved with me but also how with all that change, in some ways I feel I lost along the way some of the original intentions for starting a blog in the first place. The less polished posts I'd put together, just because I had a free evening or I would post about something I really wanted to write about or some photos I wanted to share just because. For a while prior to this having both this blog and an 'Instagram for business' I’ve found myself separating the two instead of seeing them as a coinciding outlet, they are both by me, content created by me. A blogs original intention is supposed to be a journal of some kind (according to google) or an outlet to record, update or speak about what it is you like after all.  So with that in mind, I decided it might be a nice idea to go back a little to my roots a little by posting less few snaps I’ve made over the recent weeks whilst being in lockdown a sort of photo diary if you will. Some photos shot on iPhone others on my camera but none intended for any purpose, a documental post if you will.

Now before I dive into this fairly picture heavy post let me just disclaim that I haven’t, in fact, spent the duration of this lockdown eating even if the images do try to deceive you otherwise, though I'm not saying that's a problem if that were the case at least there are a good few oranges, kiwi's and Banana's thrown in there for good measure.
I knew that before all this began I wanted to document this time somehow, a time that I've felt has been unique and different for so many people and for that reason I want to be clear in saying that, my photos, my time spent in lockdown isn't a reflection nor example of how you should have been spending your time. Whether you've spent this time keeping busy or doing nothing at all that is completely down to you and your own mindset. Be kind, be mindful, we are human after all. 
This post is more a little peek into my days, as late, a kind of open diary with some little snaps here and there, things that have made me happy, bought a smile to my face or kept the feeling of contentment and comfort during this time. 

Week 1 

Weirdly I ate a lot of cheese and pickle sandwiches. A jar of pickle I'd picked up in Tesco prior to the lockdown had been opened in the fridge and I guess the idea of wasting it seemed, well wasteful and pickle just seemed like the right answer for everything, cheese and crackers, a ploughman's sandwich, you name it, it went on. (No, I didn't find out I was pregnant this first week, I just get weird cravings okay). 

Powered by pickle I went headfirst into my 'jobs I'd like to tick off during lockdown' a very loose list I've kept in my head, starting with the ever so riveting job of tidying my room up and moving my desk from the vicinity.

I've had a desk in my room since I was about 13 bought with the intention that I would do my homework at it, which I did do for a while. When I began at university it then became a place I would spend my time doing coursework at, this is until it inevitably became a place to (let's be honest here) pile with crap. It became a half-house for stuff that needed sorting through and most likely binning, usually leaflets, receipts and random pieces I didn't know what to do with or it was either things that needed to be put in their rightful place. My desk has stayed like that for many years. I would come to a point where I would decide that I would clear my desk and it would revert back to its original purpose, which it would, all before ending up right back where it began three days before. 
So I decided that quite honestly there's no need for a desk anymore. The reason to get rid of it also came from the need for space in my room to shoot whilst being at home, I thought by clearing a corner of my room I would find it easier to shoot in one area and be able to leave a background there or tidy away much easier. Today the corner is certainly tidier, I quite like the space.
 In this first week, I found that the chair I used to sit at my desk with serves well as a chair to sit at in the early hours of the evening to watch as the sun goes down, in the warm glow during golden hour to just sit and listen to the birds. However, that said chair is currently a halfway house for my clothes, ones not dirty enough for the wash nor clean enough for my wardrobe... 
So now I'm keeping the space remotely clear for a set of draws, another job that's been on my list since god knows when, but I've been holding off on orders at the moment something I want to keep to a minimum whilst the postal and delivery services are already at full capacity. 

Week one I also caved and downloaded TikTok for a third time considering that it seemed what everyone was currently doing at the time. Things felt heavy in the first week and if only for a few minutes ha, more like an hour. I could have just a little bit of light relief from the real world TikTok seemed like a nice place to go to escape. After at least 3 days at most on the app, I was already considering learning a TikTok dance...

Alas, I found other activities which included getting stuck into my first of so many bakes as late. Which began with cookies, one's I ever so slightly burned and sort of overcooked looking back (I've made cookies since (pictured) which I've claimed superior to any other cookies I've made ever). Later in the week I swiftly moved onto making Jam Tarts a mistake some would say. I worked with Gluten-free flour for a start something I was happy to be using but turned out ever so difficult to form together to make the pastry. I mean they tasted delicious but will I make them again? Probably not.

Other activities also included a breathing class which I tried on an app I use for workouts. I was feeling (I say that in past tense however not much has changed) pretty anxious in the first week and a breathing class felt like a good idea to let go of a little bit of tension, god it did and then some. The class actually gave health warnings at the beginning to display how intense the practice can be, I make that sound worse than it is, but some parts ask you to hold your breathing for longer than you normally would, or to pause and breath deeper. I actually felt almost like I had an out-of-body experience. Seriously zen, would recommend that is if I haven't just put you off. 

 I also finally finished off Fleabag for a second time, I've been watching it with my mum for a while as something lighthearted we can watch in the evenings but hadn't got round to finishing it because well, life. So we finally finished off season 2 a decision that in hindsight probably wasn't the right decision, that is if you know how Fleabag ends.

The end of the week called for the first of many, many facemasks.

Week 2 

Began by finishing Sally Rooney's 'Normal People' a very smart move given that it is currently the most talked-about TV series at the moment- more on that later. 

Speaking of TV series I also happened to start Elite a series on Netflix. I've been itching to start for so long so finding the time now seemed like a perfect idea. This then led me to download Duolingo to learn Spanish, something I spoke about in the last post so again I won't dive to much back into that, certainly something I've been thoroughly enjoying, however. 

Spanish sessions sat around lunchtime a little routine I've somehow begun to develop, feeding both my stomach and my brain at the same time seems to be working well.

Speaking of eating, this week I gave into my easter egg a week before Easter because well, do I really need an excuse? 
I'd say I earnt it because I went out a walk prior to eating it, but exercise certainly doesn't need to be done in order to treat yourself. The fact is me and my mum started crawling the wall's just a little bit and felt the need for a little fresh air, a very quick walk mind given that my blood boiled just a little too hot walking around a park by us being met with zero people social distancing and so many people unnecessarily out... but anyway less on that. 

I believe this was the day I decided to dress Misty up for a competition by a brand I adore called Bloma. A lovely idea to dress up your pets for a bit of lighthearted fun. Now misty not so secretly loves being dressed up so I and my mum had a fun little afternoon of finding things to put on him. Several times he got bored and walked off still wearing a scarf around his neck unaware and unbothered. It turned out I won that said completion, a victory by both me and Misty I would say.

It's funny how routine sets in ever so subtly yet suddenly, it seems Pancakes have a become a Saturday's breakfast of choice. Something I'll admit I've perfected to a great art. 

Week 3 

 Week 3 began with a Cardio session on Monday that nearly killed me, honestly, my face would have blended in pretty well next to the jar of beetroot in the fridge. 
A colour my skin reverted back to later in the week when on a Friday of all days (at least I think it was) I decided to sort the garden out in order to be able to make the most of the sun now that it has gratefully been showing it's face these last few weeks. The sun very, unfortunately, is limited in our garden and being able to catch rays for more than 5 minutes a day meant moving our garden set to the opposite side of the garden, a place where the sun falls all day, at least until early evening. The grass also looked extremely sorry for itself so we set to work on giving it a good spring clean shall we say. 

A job that by far earnt the right to *drum roll* have my first now sadly basic iced coffee of the year, a special moment IMO that is. I say basic because Dalgona coffee is the coffee more superior than all the other coffees at the moment. A trend that I believe picked up quite heavily on TikTok before it made it's way to Instagram and quite frankly everyone's cups. Dalgona coffee much like the word Furlough has become a word more common than most at the moment. An art I've certainly mastered over the weeks I have to say, not that I'm blowing my own trumpet or anything. 

Though I will certainly blow my trumpet for the home-cooked chips I cooked in this week, something I've again begun doing quite a bit. 

For another fun and lighthearted challenge this week I also started a new Instagram 30 day song challenge I made for people to do, inspired by the many music challenges already darting about. I've always wanted to make my own Instagram story template so that I did, tailored to the music lover, we're talking 'a song you love, a song that takes you back to a happy memory, a song from your favourite artist as a pose to the typical 'a song that reminds you of your ex' no thank you. 

This week we also started working our way through the Marvel films in the evenings, my mum at this point hadn't seen a few of the newer films and in particular Endgame. 

My glossier order arrived this week also, which provided me with something to have a little play around with, which in turn resulted in a home shoot, I mean would you expect anything different?

Week 4 

 Started with sorting my hair out, since I've gone lilac (an important fact I don't think I have actually addressed on my blog) it has required a hell of a lot of work to keep the colour from fading. So I've been having weeks where I'll do a full dye all over and leave it to sit for a while other days I'll stick to a simple wash, not going out much I haven't been too worried about keeping it looking fresh all the time, some weeks call for a hair up messy bun kind of vibe.

Something I do a lot where it calls for getting sweaty. Having been loving home workouts way before this lockdown began, getting my mum now involved has been something we've enjoyed doing on various days throughout the week. Low impact cardio has been the go-to of choice and I've been putting together certain exercises to help with mobility and strength, some days I even pop on some music and shout 'follow my lead' and I'll do an aerobic-based routine to music, a lot of fun I have to say.

Working up a sweat and a thirst has been a regular occurrence so the Dalgona coffees have kept on coming, that is when I can be bothered to make them- they're a lot of effort, aren't they?
This week however called for adding baileys to the coffee, because why the hell not?
A recipe I saw on Charlotte Butrick's Instagram, I couldn't not try one. Delicious to say the least! We used coffee baileys for ours and it was a delight. 

Week 5 

I got all teary-eyed and soft in the heart when a box of beautiful blooms found their way through my door, a slightly belated anniversary gift from Jay. Coming from Bloom and Wild they did not disappoint, they somehow seemed to get more and more beautiful as they continued to bloom, they also worked perfectly as a prop for shooting with I have to say, I'm sorry I couldn't not, could I?

With the sun shining down on us all this week, I decided to take my yoga mat outside and do a spot of yoga in the garden, a very enjoyable moment, that was until the mat felt as though it may melt under the heat of the sun.

Wanting to enjoy the sunshine some more, I took a few mindful days this week to enjoy 'Cherry' By Nico Walker a book I've really been enjoying getting stuck into.

With all that reading it has certainly paid off in regards to writing, much as I think it has been reflected on my blog as of late. I'm really, really enjoying sitting down and taking the time to write, and by write I really mean type but you catch my drift. Though this week I did sit and write out a belated anniversary card for Jay, a very long type of love letter I wrote to get my current feelings down on paper or cardboard if we're being specific here.

Having all this time has certainly called for finding a large variety of things to watch, a few programmes we have delved into over the recent weeks have included Elite, Normal People, Money Heist, The Stranger, Fleabag, Love Is Blind, Tiger King, Stranger Things and now currently Game of Thrones a series I have watched and yes finished all the way to the eighth season and no I don't want to discuss the ending. Game of Thrones is one of my favourite TV series to date so it only seemed right to get my mum watching them too, a rather tricky and persuasive operation I undertook but alas we watched the first episode and well, let's just say I'm pretty certain my mum is loving it now, she hasn't said it in so many words but I can tell. You can follow along with an intentionally funny thread I've written of my mum's reaction to watching the series on Twitter.

 Week 6 

Week 6 started slow and I mean it took me at least the whole afternoon to paint both mine and my mum's nails which if I'm being honest took longer to paint mine than it did hers.

Much of the week if I recall correctly followed in a similar way, some weeks just call for taking it that bit slower. So that messy bun made an appearance again and finally came the time to make banana bread. I followed Zoellas recipe on her IGTV and it came out so beautifully if I don't say so myself. Though I only took one photo that didn't really do it justice before it was all gone.

The trend of frequent writing was still going strong, so much so I found myself drafting at least 4 blog posts before I went to sleep in the early morning, 3.45 I recall.

There's been a lot of late night's just lately, though honestly there's no change there, I've always been a night owl but a lot more so just lately because like every single person on Instagram I became hooked on watching Normal People before I go to sleep. A TV series I've been eagerly awaiting since finishing the book, it certainly did not disappoint. I'm a bit of a binger when it comes to tv series but if there's one I love I try and drag it out best I can. This one lasted on an average of 3 weeks. I already want to watch it all over again - blog post immanent.

Midweek picked up pretty nicely however with an Instagram live from Tom Holland in the late evening whereby he hosted a Marvel Pub Quiz, something I'd eagerly been awaiting since it was announced. I didn't do too badly on the quiz I have to say.

Something else that turned out surprisingly well this week came my (now a tradition it seems) Saturday mornings pancake session, making banana pancakes this time, that actually came out like actual pancakes something I rather impressed myself with.

During lockdown, I've also been eager to get ahead with my online zine I currently run called Everytime Zine something you'll have heard me speak about in a blog post called 'Heres to women doing their own thing in 2019' back last year. This year I'm planning to realise the Empower issue so I've been putting in a lot of work behind the scenes to prepare for that.

Week 7 

Last weeks pancakes came out a lot better than my hair I dyed *just* a little too bright purple at the start of this week. Though I had a lot of lovely comments via Instagram so I would say it didn't look quite as bad as I first anticipated.

Something quite on the negative note, however, is the hayfever that every year seems to be getting worse, this week it has been a pain in my ass.

 On a rather more lovely note, I and my mum celebrated VE day on Friday with a little afternoon tea, we most definitely over baked and by that, I mean baked too much not overcooked but the bakes were lovely all the same. We whipped up a few cupcakes and some cranberry and white chocolate cookies (yes these are the cookies I was speaking about earlier in the post)

We completed the tea with ironically no tea and swapped it out for some Pimms because the weather was too gorgeous not to. The rest of the afternoon passed with a full belly as I read my book in the sunshine.

What's your opinion?

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