6 songs getting me through lockdown and into to the summer

Precisely 3 days into lockdown and there I was on the App Store, my finger teetering over the download button, backed into a corner with no choice but to download TikTok onto my phone. An activity along with baking banana bread, learning a new language or hosting a zoom party that has been added to the ever-expanding quarantine bingo. 

I know what you’re thinking, I had a choice, you’re right but my almost 25-year-old self has once again defied growing up and has instead clung to anything that’s still remotely acceptable in my adult life. TikTok is an app that I’ve previously deleted twice now I recall, finding myself deleting it in a similar response to the reason I decided to download it again. It’s been a heavy time by any means so having an app on my phone to bring about hours of mindless scrolling or hours of endless entertainment depending on the way you look at it has been as great an escape as any. Have I spent longer on it at times than intended instead of tidying my room or more than likely writing this blog post? Absolutely. Now you see my reasons behind deleting it in the first place?

Now I'm not sure if I'm having a crisis here but one of my favourite things to come out of the app has been the music, hear me out, especially for those who have followed my music journey over the years, my at times hardcore indie or particularly cool taste in music isn't about to be deteriorated in an instant here, oh no. My music taste has certainly chopped and changed over the years but I think what's always been at the heart of it is a love of songs with an energy, happy, summertime songs that ultimately make me feel good and god knows have I needed them during this time so without further ado, I thought it would be nice to put together a few songs I've been loving as late. Songs that have got my through my at-home workouts, shoved me into tidying my room or been provided as a soundtrack to my Friday night 5pm tipple.

If like me you love the songs I've chosen, I've gathered a few onto a curated playlist along with my Current Monthly favourites I put together over on Spotify titled 'Feel Good Friday Editon' for all your listening needs. 

Oh, one last thing before I get into it, a few weeks ago I decided to put together a 30-day song challenge birthed from both my love of music and from not being able to find a template I liked enough to join in, A song that reminds me of my ex? No thanks. So I put together a much nicer (in my opinion) and simple little song challenge for those who may want to give it a go. If so, you can find the template on my Instagram under my highlight 'Templates' do let me know if you give it a go!

Tame Impala - Breathe Deeper 

A slow rush, an album I have lived and breathed since the day of its release. For me, I think this could easily be the album of the year, given that there hasn't been much in the way of releases this year, understandably. The whole album I just utterly, utterly adore. It has fast become one I've had on repeat, but strangely enough not one that I've easily got sick of for doing so, something I find a lot with Tame Impala songs. I feel that they have so many layers to them that you find yourself deep into the realms of each song (I've been watching to much Game of Thrones) by the end of each album you feel as though you want to go back for more. Breathe Deeper was a song I connected with from the get-go, I mean the song itself starts off with an addictive rhythm that quickly then follows into the lyrics that I have resonated a lot with at this time. For some reason this song makes me think of Jay and this time we've spent apart, how hard it has been and yet through it all we'll be back together soon, soppy but true. 

Typically Her (Kaytranada Edition) - Beverlay, Katrandada 

This one took a bit of searching to find, discovering it first through Rickey Thompson's TikTik video. After scrolling through endless comments of 'What's the song?' THE SONG!! TELL ME' I found it to be by Kaytranada. An artist that I previously found first through a band who have recently and every so sadly split up (I'm gutted) called Stereo Honey whereby they covered a track called 'You're the one' a song a quickly fell in love with. It wasn't until later I actually realised it was a cover and found myself naturally looking for the original which happened to be by Kaytranada a song that swiftly got added to my workout playlist. 'Typically her' however is easily a song, that just gets those summer juices flowing, I can understand why Rickey decided to name his video 'GET INTO THE WALKKKK' because this baby gets you moving. 

 Aaron Smith-  Dancin (krono remix)

A song I again found through Tiktok and found myself this time being the one saying 'What's that song?' one that just seemed to keep cropping up here, there and everywhere. I find that coming into the summer there's always that one song, or a few songs that you keep hearing everywhere you go, a song that quickly cements into your head and then sticks with you through the summer months. For example 'This Girl (Kungs vs Cookin' on 3 Burners) was a song a few summers ago I kept hearing e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e one day, in particular, I heard it flowing from the speakers on a neighbours radio at Jay's house and commanded Jay to grab Shazam in order to find out the song. 
For me, I think this is one of those songs that's going to become a 'summer sound' for sure.

Caribou - Never come back

In a similar way to Tame Impala, Caribou's album came out around the same time so I found myself switching back and forth and back and forth between both simultaneously. If there's a band on constant repeat throughout the summer it's Caribou a band first introduced to me by Jay their album 'Our Love' was ironically our love for a long while, I have many memories of us listening to it in the sunshine during a bbq or on the balcony of our apartment on holiday. Their new album however I love just as equally but one song, in particular, I've kept on repeat throughout the house during this time, so much so that my mum has now also come to love this song and that is 'Never come back' easily a song that's sure to get you dancing and definitely up there as one of my favourite songs to come from them. 

Foals In Degrees - Purple Disco Machine Remix  

I think I mentioned at some point that I was listening to or had listened to this remix of 'In Degrees' by Foals to which Jay responded for me to hang my head in shame having listened to a remix of Foals instead of the actual song, but that's what happens when you make a remix so damn good. This one has been on my playlist for a while and has been one I've come back to frequently being that a) it's so good and b) its a remix of one of my favourite songs ever, so it makes for a pretty solid choice. It also happens to be an excellent choice for working out to and for attempting to tidy my room, I said attempting. 

Parcels- Lighten Up (Alex Metric Remix)

Another remix I know, but just like foals, this one is as equally a song that works just as well as a remix as it does the song itself. I've loved Parcels for a long while, getting heavy into them during the time I was obsessed with bands like Jungle, Friendly Fires and Roosevelt (still am) Parcels have always had a certain quirk about them I always come to love, bands like Hot Chip who have this geek-chic kind of aesthetic to their music that I love. Like many, this one quickly found it's way to my ever-growing workout playlist that is currently running 100 songs strong. A playlist I'll pop on when I need a bit of a boost or something to liven the mood and this song sit's perfectly within it. 

What's your opinion?

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