Amidst the madness here's what I've been watching, reading and listening to if you need an escape

It’s been hard to find the words to write at this moment in time given the circumstances in which things currently sit in the world right now. Do we address the problem, speaking about it until we’re blue in the face or simply draw our attention to other distractions in order to find some escape? I’ve been wracking my brains for things to write for the past week or two- far before any of this madness but anything I came up with now seems trivial, or at least the wrong timing in which to put it out there. I think I speak cohesively in saying that I don’t know enough about the virus in order to speak about it on my blog however I believe it’s important to share information and advice where we can, as a blogger, influencer whatever you want to call it, it’s our duty to share that help where we can.

For many creatives especially on Instagram, we're still using it as an outlet to at least to some extent keep things normal, creating a distraction from the very scary world out there right now. As creatives it’s one thing we know how to do, to be able to find solidarity in creating work and sharing it with others for a distraction if only for a few minutes. So with that in mind, I wanted to keep to my creative stride and still create content within this time that feels relevant, or at least appropriate to somehow find a way to channel some of this negative and uncertain energy into writing and creating content. For many spending time in isolation (where we can) we are trying to do the things we enjoy, or quite simply taking some time for ourselves. For example, reaching for that book you've had on your shelf for the past year or two that you swore you'd read, or writing that essay, that first page you've been holding off for so long or perhaps you're just watching or immersing yourselves in something you can find some sense of escape in, take some much needed time for self-care. 

You know as a reader of my blog I love to put together my what I've been watching, reading.. etc posts, so I've put together this one in order to fill you guys in on what it is I've been watching and reading just lately, yes I've actually been reading (more on that later) but also this post is for those who may need that bit of escapism right now. 

What to Read

Daisy Jones & The Six 

I'm going to start with a big one, or at least it feels like a big one to me given that for many years now I haven't been much of a reader, I also know that for many years I've been including it as new years resolution to start reading, but much in a similar attitude to how I feel when it comes to creating a healthy or active lifestyle it has to be something you want to do. Jay bought me the great gatsby for Christmas to read, something I asked for given how much I adored the film, so that was a good starting point. I have in fact at this point now finished that and the reason I'm not including it in the list of things I've been reading is that for me that one was more of a comparison to see how it was against the film, I have to say although I enjoyed both the book didn't blow me away by any means, don't get me wrong I did enjoy it but I wouldn't put it among my favourite books.
What I would include among those books right now though is Daisy Jones and the Six. Now to me, it's mad to think that I saw this one all over Instagram for ages and the name, the cover the story didn't draw me in one bit. However, I'm sure- though don't quote me on this, I think I saw that they were making this book into a TV series so given that was the case I decided to give this book a go and you know what that age-old saying, don't judge a book by its cover because oh my god, I am hooked. I say I am because I haven't actually finished this book as of yet, I'm very nearly almost but not quite. I actually don't want the book to end it's that good, I can't remember the last time I said that about a book. I'm hooked. For those who may be screaming what an earth I'm on about right now, Daisy Jones and the Six is a book about love, sex, drugs and rock and roll amongst the music and the fame, to put it in so many words. It tells the story of a singer in the seventies named Daisy who joins a band called 'The Six' and the events that follow, from touring to creating an album.
What's really clever about this book is that it's written in such an engaging and exciting way that it keeps you turning the page. For those of you who may have seen Bohemian Rhapsody I picture the book a lot like that, the way the events play out in the film the trials and tribulations of the band, that takes you on a journey to the rise and fall of the band. It also is done in such a way that it feels like a documentary which is effectively what it is. Each of the characters that feel oh so very real are telling their story of how the band came to be and they no longer were. It feels very comical in parts where a band member remembers an event differently to another, quite close to how many tell stories normally. You may remember I also mentioned a film I'd watched back in one of these blog posts where I spoke about a film called American Animals and how it's filmed like a documentary and tells the story from each of their points of view, the book feels a lot like that, chopping between someone speaking to the camera and the event itself. I haven't even finished this book yet and it's among my favourites, I'm honestly ecstatic talking about it, which is why I urge you to give it a go, especially if you're into bands and perhaps enjoy the comradery of bands or music documentaries if so you'll certainly enjoy it. 

What to Watch


In some ways, this probably isn't the most uplifting, or happy-clappy film to watch now, in fact, technically this isn't something you can see at all at the moment, however, since seeing the film I've been eager to speak about it at any chance given. Still, I think even now I’ve still struggled to put into words exactly how much I loved this film. In fact, I'm putting it out there I think this might be my favourite film or at least my second favourite to about time, but honestly, I think this is the most breathtakingly incredible, heart-wrenchingly powerful film I've ever seen. Honestly, I've never seen anything like it in my life. I've never been so in awe of a film, from the storyline to the actors not to mention the cinematography and the way this was filmed. I've watched a thousand videos on youtube afterwards about how they filmed it, how they took the narrative and made it into a film, the inspiration and the stories behind it. I cried 5 times, 5 times I sat and blubbed in my seat to this beautiful film, the last time I thought I'd pulled myself together and could walk out the cinema dry-eyed along came that final scene, the note on that photograph sent me, we had to wait at least a while until the cinema had filled out to walk out so that I didn't look a blubbering mess. I found myself even after the film not wanting to watch or indulge in anything else, I wanted to keep going over the film in my head, or at least give my mind some time to catch up with what I just saw. 
Now war films may not be for you, I think after watching a handful now as well as adoring Dunkirk as much as I do I became quite the war film nerd, however, if you aren't, you aren't that genre isn't for you but if anything watch it for the story, follow it along the way it was intended. From start to finish this film felt like a journey you are with the boys every step of the way, and by the end, you feel like you've run a marathon. I can't say much more than that I think I'll start crying again. 

Get out 

This was a film that when it came out I wasn't too fussed about, this was a film that I continued to see so much hype around yet found myself being uninterested in it. I've never been one for horror films, though this leans more towards a thriller, it never really sold itself to me from the get-go is what I'm saying. However, Jay began watching it at Christmas (before he fell asleep) and never picked it up afterwards, so when he asked me earlier this month if I fancied watching it one night I thought why not, I might like it and you know what? I did. 
There's something about this film from the get-go for a start the director Jordon Peele has an incredible vision and style for his movies. It's incredibly thought-provoking and points towards a lot important and in some sense taboo racial issues. It's clever, unnerving and at times very funny but the kind of funny that makes you wonder if you should really laugh or be freaking out by this point. To me it felt full-bodied it gave me exactly what I felt it needed throughout, start to finish and the ending will leave you surprised, at least it did us! 


Okay, another film Jay has had to drag me kicking and screaming to watch and yet again another film I've had to put my tail between my legs and admit that yep okay I liked it. I kind of had a feeling with this one however that I would like it, given that Martin Scorsese directed Wolf of Wall Street and today that is still one of my favourite films, Goodfellas is a cult classic so it was on I had heard of previously. If you've seen WOWS then you'll get the narrative and style this film follows or if you've seen this you'll get the style of his biopic films and for me that is the magic about them. He does it in such a way that you want to laugh a lot, but at the same time, it's bittersweet given that it's based on a true story and all of it isn't sunshine and roses, in fact, most of the time it isn't whatsoever. It's nitty and gritty, it's gruesome and in parts ugly, but the style and taste in which it's done works perfectly. For me one of the things I love about this film is the time in which it was filmed, it sounds funny to say but at points, it reminded me of Dirty Dancing. I'm a sucker for the '60s and the 70s, I found myself feeling really inspired by the outfits and the makeup throughout and the added touch of noise to the quality of the film. Certainly never a film I would expect to include but one certainly worth including. 

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Along with most of these included in this blog post are films that have been on my watch list for some time- not so much Goodfellas but still films I'd heard a lot about and was always in some ways intrigued. For me, Wes Anderson films haven't been top of my list in that I've never felt compelled to watch them. When the Grand Budapest came out I loved the look of it's the quirk and playful approach, I'd always admired Anderson's aesthetic from afar but guess never delved into the films because I didn't feel drawn in by the story, in some ways that's still the case that's not to say I don't credit his work. In fact, Anderson creative direction is something else altogether, you can help but watch and be in awe as you watch one of his films. It blinks from the bizarre, the quirky, playful and at times childish nature. I've been a huge fan of Saoirse Ronan for a long time too, so to see her in something is always, always a joy. I was also very excited to see Tony Revolori playing Zero who plays Flash in Spider-Man. The highlight for me, however, had to be Ralph Fiennes playing M.Gustave an absolute wonderful casting, he was a joy to watch throughout. 

Next In Fashion

I’ve been detached from the fashion world for a while or at least I’ve actively distanced myself from it so getting round to watching this admittedly has taken a while. Though in saying that I did watch the first episode not long after it came out but found myself realising quickly some of the reasons why I in some ways don’t love the fashion industry as much as I used to nor do I miss being in that fashion design atmosphere, I certainly do not miss pattern cutting- personal feelings, of course, no shade on the show or production because once I’d watched 2 or 3 episodes I was rooting for my winner and desperate to see more designs, not to mention more of tan and Alexa in especially their outfits good Lordy. It certainly an easy watch by any means something you can pop on in the background or chill out with on a Sunday which is exactly what I did for the past 2 weekends. I’ll actually say as well without spoiling who won of course that for once I didn’t find myself screaming at the tv of the wrong decision of who stays and who goes, in fact, I’d quite happily enlist Alexa and tan on most shows with that concept. Excellent judging on their part! 


As soon as I seen this advertised it went straight onto my must-watch list or just *My List* as Netflix likes to call it. I said to jay this is exactly the kind of shit I like to watch, I half-watched it thinking it’d be the kind of cringe easy watch stuff you wouldn’t think too much about after but boy, oh boy was I wrong. Another absolute hit out the park for Netflix, for me. I was easily hooked after episode one. Now by this point, you've probably heard a thousand times that I used to be a cheerleader, so I feel that in many ways I related to the teaching and the whole environment involved within cheerleading- that is to some extent obviously not on the level Navarro is on. However, this series felt tinged with nostalgia of being a cheerleader and how much I used to love it. Not only is this series about cheerleading but most importantly it's about the students, the human beings that do it. Unless you've been living under a rock by this point you've probably heard the name Jerry and how much of an absolute gem he is in this series. You find yourself in awe of each and every single one of them, following along with their stories, the blood (literally) sweat and tears and of them in the team puts in to create and make the routines what they are that in turn take them to the ultimate cheer competition, honestly, this series will have you gasping, shouting and screaming for them, you'll almost feel like a cheerleader yourself by the end of it. 


I and Jay have been huge fans of Legion for a long while now we were hooked on season one then when we waited a long while for season 2 to roll around I had to watch season one again and once again found myself falling straight back in love with it. We are currently on season 2 after picking it back up and again we decided to watch it from the beginning because if you watch it you'll know how confusing and mindbending the series is, certainly not one you can keep easy tabs on and certainly not one to watch if you're otherwise distracted (on your phone I mean, get your mind out the gutter) Legion for those who don't know or have never heard of it is about a Marvel Comics character called David who is a powerful Mutant, he starts diagnosed with schizophrenia whilst in a psychiatric unit and meets a girl named Syd. The series follows Davids troubles with his past and his current self whilst he comes to terms with his ability to harness powers.
If you've watched Fargo you'll love this as it is directed by Noah Hawley. The show is honestly in my eyes, incredible it's fun and oh so quirky, you'll laugh a lot and be in utter awe over how well it's done, something else I believe is incredibly underhyped. 

What to Listen to 


Caribou was a band or Artist that Jay initially introduced me to, not so much his cup of tea I'd say but very much mine. We found ourselves listening to them a lot one summer before we eventually saw them at Latitude- incredible I have say. I've followed them for a while and just recently they realised Suddenly. I've always adored them for their almost repetitive quirks and continuous loops. Their music is definitely a sound for the summer and certainly, one to put on if you're working at home right now and need that little lunch/dance break. 


I'm still screaming at how underrated Genghar are, I still can't believe they aren't bigger than what they are but here we are. I've been in love with their music for a long time and I feel for each new song they somehow grow stronger and stronger. Their sound is different, it's fresh, it makes me think of the summer (do you sense a theme here when it comes to music) Each song on the album for me like most tells a story but with it comes a new character a new, feeling, emotion or personality it takes on for the aesthetic of the song. The songs feel incredibly strong and powerful especially 'Everything and more' but finds more upbeat and lighthearted tones with album favourite 'Heavenly Maybe'. Somehow I always feel a sense of almost sarcasm or a tinge of unhappiness or bitterness from their songs wrapped in a camouflage of happiness. 

What's your opinion?

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