New season essentials ft Gaston Luga

* pieces in this post have been gifted as part of a collaboration with Gaston Luga but does not affect my own opinion*

As of last Monday the 23rd of September to be exact, we have officially entered the autumn season or jumper wearing, pumpkin-spiced everything, spooky season, whichever you prefer to call it.
You may also know we've entered autumn for one of many reasons, either from me telling you so now, which I highly doubt, or it may be from looking around at the ground adorned in crispy golden leaves or if like me you logged into Instagram at the earliest date of the 1st of September to be met with an army of influencers clad in coats, you'll know the season has well and truly arrived.

The transition into the autumn season is a mixed one for me something I spoke about last year in my 'Why saying goodbye to the summer is always so bittersweet' post where I touched on the shift from the summer season into the autumn.
It's one that I find myself torn between each year, wanting to hold ever so strongly onto the summer months whilst also kind of wanting to slip an arm into a nice new [faux] fur-lined coat.
Much like with birthdays and accepting that with each new year you have to grow older, I find myself looking at autumn in a similar way, the leaves always change colour, the temperature drops ever so slowly and then all at once. There's no denying the season has to change.

I gave a very similar answer to Jay whilst strolling around Birmingham last weekend. We had walked past a sign proclaiming 'bookings now open for Christmas meals' to which he sighed and said 'already??' I agreed with the sign however telling him that you have to book early when it comes to Christmas meals, places fill up of course. Looking confused and surprised he said 'That's not like you?' I said the season is something I've now come to accept. I say this all as if I do so reluctantly however I do adore many aspects to the autumn.

For a start, I found out when looking on my archive on Instagram that last year on the 17th of Septemeber I had my first pumpkin spiced latte with me chuckling to myself that I coincidently had a pumpkin spiced frappuccino on the same date this year, clearly the date I start to feel the most autumnal. I'm a huge lover of pumpkin spice, as I adore Halloween, a celebration that I've come to love more over the years. I love the scents and tastes that adorn the season. It feels that much more cosy to spend a night on the sofa wrapped in a blanket, a cup of tea in hand curled up watching a film.

It's a season full of warmth despite the actual weather.

One of my most favourite things this season, however, is the transition into the autumn/winter wardrobe. The complete overhaul of packing away strappy summer dresses, and denim shorts and replacing them with chunky jumpers and layers, all the layers.
As much as I completely adore summer, the autumn wardrobe is always a winner for me, because it allows room to experiment, layering up pieces, pairing them with different colours and textures to see what it creates. Throwing on a statement coat, or toughing up a look with some chunky boots or completing a look with a rich-toned bag. There's just so much room to play and create this season.

As much as most of my pieces stay as I reluctantly dig out that trusty jumper that goes with everything I do enjoy adding new pieces into my wardrobe. As I've grown older however and I guess in many ways wiser, instead of picking up pieces that are perhaps considered more statement or one-offs that go with that one outfit and that one outfit only. I prefer now to find pieces that stand the test of time, pieces that go with everything or at least can be styled in more ways than one to complete or add something to an outfit. 
So with each new season now, I like to go on a hunt for pieces that I call my new season essentials. Pieces that are either a necessity or that I know will get a lot of wear out of. I think that comes from both being sick of not being able to pair that bloody printed jumper with anything and also as a responsibility to be more aware of how my shopping habits affect the planet.
So what are my new season essentials I hear you cry well let me fill you in.

Chunky boots

As soon as the weather drew a little colder I felt as though I’d almost missed the memo with this one or it could be that with my tastes changing I’ve never actually picked up on how many people pair outfits with Doc Martens style boots before and exactly how well they go with everything. If I got a pound every time I saw a pair on my feed I’d be rich, no shade because with every pair I see I’m thriving off that inspiration. It’s got me eager to find a pair I can wear and wear until the seasons through. I particularly love the look of taking a slightly feminine, girly look and then toughening it up with some chunky boots. Something I’ve been seeing a lot from Charlotte Buttrick on Instagram. I’ve been on the hunt for a pair over the last month, making the decision that Doc Martens themselves are jussttt a little bit out of budget for me so I’m looking for a pair similar. In particular, I’ve been after a pair that have frequented Pull & Bear previously. After wearing possibly the most comfortable pair of trainers I wore all summer from them I’m confident that the boots will be just as good. I’ve seen several pairs floating around Depop, I’m just waiting for my size to pop and I’ll make them mine and then pair them with anything and everything.

Check Print

I tried on a checked blazer couple of months ago before my birthday, I was on the lookout for some bits that jay could buy me. (Yep I shopped for my own birthday, we both thought it’d be less hassle-free that way) since then that very blazer has haunted me ever since, why I never bought it I’ll never know, perhaps I thought it wasn’t a staple at the time. Since then, however, I've found myself saying that blazer would have really topped this outfit off. So I’ve been looking around for a similar design, once again scouring Depop for one. Blazers have become a staple for me a lot as of late, I find that they can really tie an outfit together or at least make it look like it's well put together just by adding that blazer. It smartens the look entirely, it's also been pretty handy for my interviews I've had this year.
Checks are everywhere at the moment so I’ve seen various styles I love. I tried a similar blazer to the one I tried on in Primark recently in New Look which I love. In particular, I’m after a browny toned one as a pose to the trusty grey checked print. Speaking of which I’m also very much into trousers at the moment, in fact I’m very much into them every season, being less of a tights and dresses kind of girl I opt now for more of a slightly boyish look so checked trousers are great for that, perfect for pairing with a plain tee or jumper or for pairing up with a matching checked blazer, already you have a good few outfits you can pull from those pieces.

A trusty bag 

Going back to the point I made earlier in regards to finding and buying pieces that will stand the test of time as well as pieces that work with everything. I was recently very kindly gifted a backpack from Stockholm based brand Gaston Luga who create both practical and fashionable backpacks designed to take with you whatever your adventure. Again this is something that I think has come with age but I'm at a point where I'll take comfort over fashion any day, of course with this backpack the two of those collide but if I'm heading out say on a shoot and I just need to take the essentials, keys, purse, phone, camera and umbrella as the weather now stands my backpack is perfect for that. 
I opted for the Classy Black Mini for many reasons, one being I am and always have been a huge fan of small bags, I don't know but I'll always opt for them over a big one any day even if it means sacrificing a few items out of it. Call it a fashion thing, small bags are just very much my jam so straightaway it ticks that box, but don't be deceived the mini fits a surprising amount inside.
Going off my example of taking my backpack out for a shoot, I did just that last weekend. I'm thrilled as this bag is perfect for shoot days, I can manage to fit my camera, my purse, a small bag with a few makeup pieces inside and I also fit in my umbrella. Another thing I love about it too is that with the mini the material is waterproof made with a light, water-resistant nylon to keep things dry, again perfect for the rainy weather we are having in Britain right now.
You may have also seen if you spotted my Instagram story earlier today, where I demonstrated another thing I love about this bag and that is the interchangeable flat-tops which is the cover that goes over the backpack, I chose burgundy to go with mine, perfect for both the autumn and it matches with the burgundy lining. Speaking of which the backpack also has inner pockets that fit A5 sized documents. With bigger models such as the Classy and the PrĂ¥per those are designed to fit in laptops with each either fitting an 11-13 or 15" laptops depending on the size of the bag something I would definitely consider if I was having to commute with my computer. The best thing? You can get 15% off your purchase across all items when you use my code PAIGE15 they also offer free delivery and returns! 

Western boots

Now western boots have been on the scene for the past few months I’m not entirely sure if they are still in but I’ve been eager to get my hands on a pair for a while. Admittedly the desire to get some in the summer was much stronger than now given that western boots would look incredible with summer dresses but they do style perfectly into the autumn too paired with a thick pair of tights. I've been into the whole western\cowboy vibe for a while now though so playing into that I know that they definitely wouldn't go amiss in my wardrobe.

Leather Coat 

During the colder months, a black coat is just a staple to go with every outfit come rain or shine. Last year I wore my PVC coat so much but felt that it required a lot of confidence to pull it off (I don't know why people tend to stare a lot when I wear it) so I was looking for a leather alternative. After seeing Style Peaches in gorgeous vintage one a few time last year I was on the hunt for one similar. I'm not so lucky in vintage or charity shops so opted for one that came new into Primark.
I wore it so many times especially over the rainy days we've had the past few weeks, which it's perfect for. You can style them with dresses to toughen up the look or keep it simple with jeans or trousers it's pretty much a go-to.

Neutral Jumpers 

Much like with what I’ve spoke previously about finding pieces that can easily be styled with everything has very much became a must for me and throughout the autumn months I also enjoy cosy and easy dressing, for example grabbing a jumper to pop with a cute skirt or patterned pair of trousers and much recently over the last year I’ve been into neutral colours A LOT carrying that into the autumn I’ve been on the hunt for an oatmeal coloured jumper. My wardrobe is defiantly making a shift so I’m trying to find pieces to swap out and change in order to go with older pieces in my wardrobe. I’ve had my eye on a beautiful one in and other stories.


If you've walked by the windows in Claires recently you'll know headbands are back and in full force. I've already nabbed one or two and paired them with a few different outfits, though I'm definitely regretting throwing a few of them away from when I was younger. They are perfect for bad hair days, days where your roots are looking verryy questionable or just to add a little something, something to finish off an outfit.

What's your opinion?

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