Current Favourites | What i'm watching and listening to this autumn

I was planning on keeping this a fairly basic summary of a few of the things I’ve been loving as late, however, me being me I can never keep it simple. I wanted to branch off a little in order to fill you in on a very small but significant update in my life being that *drum roll* I finally have a job, yes really. 
The reason I say it’s very small is that it is exactly that, a job. Don’t get me wrong that doesn’t mean I think of it as something that just pays the bills I am really enjoying it, being in a new environment and meeting new people but at the same time being very aware that this job isn’t what I want to do for the rest of my life, a stopgap as such. Still a job is a job and for now, I’m happy, for now, I’m content. For both my mental health and my frame of mind this is exactly what I needed in order to wake up and realise that I can do it, I can do the things I put my mind to.
It’s not quite the I GOT THE JOB post I had in mind but it’s still something I wanted to keep you (my readers) updated on. I felt like by just touching on certain things such as 'after work, I watch this' or 'I listened to this on the way to work' for example wouldn’t make sense if you didn’t, in fact, know I had a job in the first place.

Okay, now that’s cleared up let’s continue. I’ve been very behind or at least very unorganised with blog posts and creating content in general at the moment, I think I mentioned that fact in my last blog post but the change in season always puts me out for a while, not to mention the dark nights and the short frame of time to shoot content this time of year is always a struggle. Then to add a job into the mix has made it very hard to find the time to dedicate to being creative, something I’m sure many full time and part-time bloggers can relate to.

Very fittingly for this post I have in fact worn one of my current favourites, something I’ve been eager to wear and talk about. Funnily enough my desire to buy a seventies-esque snakeskin coat ran deep through the end of the summer something I added to my list to buy when the weather drew colder. I spoke about my desire to buy one on the way to watch ‘once upon a time in Hollywood’ at the cinema on one of the hottest days of the year. I said to Jay I hope you know after leaving this film my want to buy everything seventies is going to go through the roof to which he replied ‘I know’. Twenty minutes into the film I look up to the screen to see Margo Robbie is donning an ankle-length snakeskin coat embodying Sharon Tate to which I notice Jay looking at me out the corner of his eyes. Fast forward to a week or two after that I pop into Tesco and come across the most perfect snakeskin coat to which I try it on and decide I must have it but alas came to the conclusion that it may be a little premature to buy it also taking into account the price- not that it was that expensive but at £29 I thought best to leave it. A month or two later I walk in again for a browse and find it in the sale for £15 now, it’s a no brainer right??

Other than that, I didn't want to delve too much into current favourite pieces of clothing right now given that my last post was a wishlist of that. I also planned on talking about a few beauty favourites right now but am saving that for another post as I've been adding a few beauty bits to my skincare routine just lately and for now fingers crossed it's paying off so I wanted that to be a post in itself.

So what am I currently loving than other than clothes and beauty, well read on.


 I started watching this after going through the Emmy award winners list. It was a programme that had popped up on Instagram adverts a few times but one I failed to hold in the space in my mind for ‘things to watch’ so eventually I thought let’s give this a go then, knowing that from the description of it, it was fully up my street.
It honestly exceeded every single one of my expectations. I fell deeply in love with each of the characters and the important stories they had to tell. I fell even harder for Evan Peters (more on that later) The show is incredible for shedding light on important and perhaps taboo topics, it’s full of ALL THE SASS and all the shade. The outfits, oh the outfits are everything along with the aesthetic and style of the series. I was hooked from the opening credits followed by the explosion of confetti blown from the title pose displayed across the screen. I found myself looking forward to the evenings after work, coming home and popping it on the tv. It’s an easy watch, it’s not dark or scary, or complex it’s human, it’s warm, it’s sad very sad in parts and it is emotional. I’m already counting down until season 2 is on Iplayer. 


It’s safe to say we powered through this season, every episode just seemed to get better and better as we went on leaving us eager to know what was next. It took a lot of restraint to hold off on a few of the episodes in order to not go full-on binge. I’m very much a saver of good tv.
Season 2 is set in 1980-1981 and covers the Atlanta murders from 1979–81 based upon the true story and case of Wayne Williams. It’s almost hard to say it was darker than the first or at least went there a little more. We begin to learn more about Holden and Bill, a duo that you find yourself willing one on one minute and then the other the next, before settling that they can both be as bad as each other and most certainly at times need their heads banging together. Still, they are both incredibly likeable.
This season was so exciting to see both of their stories with the added extra of Wendy. Me and jay have been urging everyone we know to watch Mindhunter just because it is that good, it’s so clever and yet so unsettling. I love the colour filter used throughout, the dark greens and browns that really add to that murky aesthetic, I also, of course coming from a fashion element love the clothes and style of that era too.

Glow Season 3 

Arguably, in my opinion, the best series so far hands down. The character development in this series is incredibly alluring. This season we got to delve deeper into each of the characters lives, feelings and livelihood all whilst being intertwined in the wild city that is Las Vegas. In particular, my favourites this season besides always favourite Ruth, Sam and Bash. Learning more about Sheila this season was very exciting for both her as a character and within the series. Yes, this season is missing the dominant wrestling element, which personally for me I didn't mind, I think it's incredibly impressive they are all trained as wrestlers and the sequences and equally as incredible but for the whole idea that surrounds the season, I personally liked learning more besides the wrestling. A season highlight for me had to be the outfits in Episode 1 as they all gather into the lift and the complex relationship between both bash and Rhonda and Sam and Ruth. 

Killing eve 

Another series I dodged for a long time. Some part of my mind I thought I wouldn't enjoy it or it wouldn't be my cup of tea. That was until I found Pheobe Waller-Bridge wrote the series which intrigued me a great deal, being a huge lover of Fleabag I wanted to find out the darker side I suppose to Pheobe's writing and what Killing Eve was all about. It's safe to say I was hooked by the end of episode 1, a series that keeps you on the edge of your seat right the very end which episode jam-packing so much into it. It's fast-paced, witty and awfully clever. I'm about to get started on Season 2 and already know I'm going to love it. 

 Harry styles 'Light Up'

Yes really. I'm not afraid to admit that I've had this on repeat for the last week after it's release. Some part of me is always so intrigued by Harry's solo career. That could be because he is one of the most endearing people but also because I kind of like the sound of his solo stuff, is that okay to admit? I don't know. Lights up is just one of those songs to easily get stuck in your head on a loop, but in a good way from the 'la da da da da' to the 'SHINE'. Also if you are Harry Styles fan, I mean if you are I don't need to be telling you this, you already will have done, but please if you do anything today watch the video, totally 100% worth your time, promise. 

Foals 'Everything not saved will be lost'

Foals knew exactly what they were doing when they released this album, I mean, of course, they did. Releasing 'Everything not saved will be lost: Part one' in March and now the release of Part 2 it's perfectly timed for this time of year. For a start, the album cover is insanely autumnal with a hint of Halloween about it and the beginning of the album echoingly so. Being completely honest Part 2 isn’t my favourite over Part 1 but it is still insanely good, darker and deeper than the first, it’s angrier and more eager. Favourites for me are 'Like Lightning' and 'Into the surf'. In fact, the whole album I would argue is perfect for when you’re running late, it gives you that angry, power walk to get you where you need to go on time, honestly give it a go, or you could just not be like me and not always in a hurry and running late. 

Friendly Fires

This one seems (for me) an odd one out for my current favourites given that I associate friendly fires with the summer. However, I never got the chance to include them within a post around that time (I never got round to it). This is possibly one of my favourite albums this year, it was one I had to include. Whether you’re getting ready to go out or just getting ready for your day this album just 100% gets you in a good mood, also I’d go as far as to say 110% makes you want to dance. I also included them because I’m off to see them this coming Friday a gig I’ve been eager for since seeing them back in 2011 it’s been a long time coming. Regardless of the time of year, I’m always a sucker for a summer sound and this is the ultimate summer record. Album favourites are 'Silhouettes', 'Run the Wildflowers', 'Heaven let me in' and 'Lack of Love'


I couldn't do one of these posts without discussing some of my current favourite podcasts. Something which has very much become a favourite past time of mine, whilst putting my makeup on or getting ready in the morning, or even just for when I'm tidying up my room, instead of listening to music I'll put on a podcast.  

Ru Paul: What's The Tee with Michelle Visage

Before the new season of UK Drag Race, I didn't actually know this podcast existed but upon browsing through the podcast section on spotify I thought it would make for an entertaining listen, given that it was in the entertainment section. In the podcast, they discuss topics on culture, advice, fashion and beauty all whilst giving a little insight into the behind the scenes of Drag Race. The last few episodes have been very entertaining for sure if you choose to listen to any make sure its Episode 225: Alan Carr and Graham Norton if not just for the hilarious stories from the both of them, an episode that had me in both tears and stitches. It's been really insightful and exciting to hear them talk about UK Drag Race all whilst interviewing guest stars on the show, Episodes with Andrew Garfield and Masie Williams are too worth a listen. 

Fashion Fix 

This one is on my current faves because it's an easy and sometimes quite interesting listen, a lot of the time podcasts are great to just enjoy as background noise without listening to them too intensely not that this one is bad, but that at sometimes I find it a bit too try-hard, like the podcast is trying to be too many things at once. However, the podcast flags and provides insight into a lot of things to do with the fashion industry, how to improve our fashion footprint as well as things such as body positivity. The podcast is fronting by model and activist Charli Howard, you can listen on BBC Sounds and Spotify. 

American Animals 

Admittedly I'd never heard of this film before Jay placed the Blu-ray on my lap and suggested 'we should watch this' but even from just reading the blurb on the back I was drawn in. The story follows four men who attempt an Art Heist in order to inject more excitement and purpose into their lives. I'm a huge lover of documentaries which is why Jay suggested I might like to watch as the film is done in a documentary style with each person giving their version of the story. It's a true story which is why it makes it all the more interesting and alarming. It wasn't until the end of the film that I realised that the 'grown-up' actor wasn't in fact actors they were the real people from the real-life event. It features both Barry Keoghan and yes, my new favourite Evan Peters. 

The Great Gatsby

No, there's no need to adjust your computer screen, you would be correct in reading this in 2019 where I am only now acknowledging the greatness that is ironically The Great Gatsby. Honestly, don't ask how it's taken SO many years for me to get round to watching this film. It's something that came out at the time where I thought 'oh I might watch that' for it to leave the cinema and to be forgotten forevermore from my mind, that is until it popped up on Netflix and I found myself going heavily (still am) through a Leonardo Dicaprio phase. So I talked Jay into watching it one night and I just fell utterly, utterly in love. Don't get me wrong I think there were many bits about it that didn't make it so perfect for me, the music for one was very strangely mixed with the film and there were certain parts that didn't feel quite right to me. However the whole aesthetic of the film, the idea and romance of it all. It gave me heavy hints of Romeo and juilet, it was dark and sad but wrapped in a delicate bow. It delivered so many favourite pieces of imagery for me, from the parties in the film to the room filled with flowers with a drenched Leo standing at the door, it made my heart flutter over and over. I'm very eager to get stuck into the book now.

Bohemian Rhapsody 

Again another film that has taken me an age to get round to watching. I think because part of me has never been fully into Queen. I love them, I love their music and belting Bohemian Rhapsody at the end of a night out but I wasn't drawn in by it, at least until I watched the film and became obsessed with Freddie Mercury. I had a lot of doubt going into this film just from some of the reviews and from people saying it wasn't all it was cracked up to be, I guess it's just one of them if you don't get your hopes up about something you can't watch them fall. So I went in with zero expectation and honestly it blew me away. It could have been that I was really very ill that weekend that was putting me in an emotional state but I sobbed at so many parts of the film, I enjoyed delving into parts of Freddie's life through a lens. I love the way the songs came about in the film and the outfits, the outfits were incredible. Upon finishing the film I was eager to watch it again, I loved it that much.

What's your opinion?

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