Heres to the women doing their own thing in 2019 and to starting my own online magazine

I’ve been a bit out of sync for a while with my blog (she says every time she hasn’t written in almost a month) but the reason for that being I’ve started my own Online Zine or Online Magazine as it were. Which you’ll know about if you caught my 'I want to fall in love with being a creative' blog post. I have in fact grabbed the bull by its horns, took the plunge, seized the opportunity, all of the above and wound up with Everytime Zine
I don’t know why I was holding off writing this post, I know I kept getting told off by Jay for not shouting about it more often and before writing this I thought actually why don’t I do that? It’s something I own, something I’m passionate about and something I hope that I will carry on far into the future so that is worthy blog material right? Of course, it is.

For those of you who may have followed me from uni (not literally I mean) through my journey in third year, you may also remember I started an online magazine back then- I say back then because it’s been a year almost (kill me now).
To a point it felt forced, I felt so rushed to have an idea I sort of ran with it which was really kinda my fault for not thinking ahead. I just hoped my tutors would like the work I produced- which they did, but in the long run, I had lots of occasions I wanted to rearrange, change the layout, change the name or the whole entire process in order to be happy with the final result.
Now, Listen up third years your final major project isn’t your be and end all, you will look back and think why the hell did I do that or maybe it wasn't so bad and you just thought 'meh I’d change that ever so slightly if I were to do it again'. I mean don’t get me wrong I was really proud of the work I did do, I had lots of high praise about it but thinking it into existence I really wanted to make it my own if I was going to make a go at making a business out of it, so I did, I made it my own.

I drew from everything I loved and aspired, which almost become a state of mind for a while. It made and still makes me happy so I've fixated myself there and do you know I love it.

For those of you who may not know about it, Everytime Zine is an independent, online, editorial led, submission based fashion and lifestyle magazine. So for those creatives among us, you can get in touch and submit your work if you like! (I'd love that in fact) I produce (at the moment) 3-4 issues a year each with a different theme to follow. The issues run for approximately 3 months with work being released throughout that time and it's so exciting to share the creatives and receive amazing work from creative individuals to be a part of it. 

I don’t know why I was waiting to talk about it on my blog, I guess I was waiting for the day when I could say 'Oh hey I’m making mega money now' which may never happen for a while but for now I’m happy. I own something I love. 

 I guess it made me realise listening to a podcast the other day - you know I love a good podcast right now. I was listening to 'Feminists Don’t Wear Pink' with the lovely Zoe Sugg where she spoke about owning her own business as a woman and growing up she never imagined herself doing it. The very thought of it made her think that only bosses are men or big and scary. Which when you think about it, or at least when I think about it I thought that growing up too. Owning a business or going freelance as a woman for me wasn't really something I could imagine doing.
Definitely worth a listen if only to gain another perspective on another woman owning her own business. In fact, the whole podcast is especially worth your time in order to hear the different perspectives on feminism from different people.
But back to what I was saying it really made me think, well shit, we’re in 2019 and doing whatever the hell we want to do. As women, we still have a long way to go but the length in which we’ve come is really something.
And do you know owning my own magazine and curating the incredible content submitted by so many talented creatives both Male and Female makes me proud whilst also creating my own content both for the zine and alongside for my blog, you know I’m going to own that shit. 

I thought it'd be very fitting to tie this post in with the fact it's International Women's Day this Friday and take the opportunity to chat about some Girl Bosses (do we still use that word) and incredible women who have influenced me, in my life, in my style, in my career. As well as including some of my favourite TV Programmes, Podcasts created by or for women. I've even put together my monthly current favourites playlist and dubbed it the 'Let's hear it for the girl's edition', so enjoy! 

Megan Ellaby

It almost seems strange in a way to talk about the reasons why or how Megan has influenced or inspired me just because I feel like I have followed her for so long without realising perhaps that she has in many ways. 
I have been in awe of this girl and everything she does since day zero. From her style first and foremost, her drive, her enthusiasm- especially for fashion and styling and on the whole with being brave, expressive and creative with her choices. She honnes an incredible sense of style; unique with such a playful and fresh approach. Last year she also launched her own clothing line Saturday by Megan Ellaby which holds some beautiful jumpers currently. 

Laura Hayden

Not only is Laura literally the nicest person in music, but she is also among the most badass and one of my most favoured front women in music. Another girl I adore for her sense of style, I don't think she's worn a single thing on her insta that I haven't then wanted in own in my wardrobe. The frontwoman for Anteros, I caught them at Reading back in 2017 on a small stage and was just captivated by her stage presence and audience interaction. She's a joy to watch onstage and off; Laura recently wrote a really great and important piece recently for Bustle on 7 Environmentally Friendly Beauty Products to invest in
Having loved Anteros's sound then seeing them live I think it's fair to say my love then only grew from there.
They release their debut album this year and go on tour, we see them in April which also happens to be mine and Jays anniversary- can't bloody wait.

Lotta- Liina Mikaela 

 I followed her for a good long time now on Instagram and god I just love everything she does, she's an utter joy to have on my feed I am always in awe whenever she posts.
She doesn’t take herself too seriously that’s for sure she has this really refreshing and real sense of belonging in the work she does whilst managing to be raw and effortlessly stunning. 
She's also so incredibly creative with her style and approach with her photos. (You may have spotted her on the Monki website or in their campaign!)
Also amazingly shes among the influencers who admirably educate her followers on the environment and will speak up about the importance of buying second hand and not mass or bulk buying, we could certainly do with a few more people like that.

Sarah Bahbah

Sarah is one of those that you will have seen about a lot without realising it’s, in fact, her work- at least if you’re me anyway. I’m an avid pinterester so her images had popped up for a while on my feed and only until recently with her series Dear Love (Noah Centineo) and more recently 'Think about you' directed for Kygo with the gorgeous Dylan Sprouse (definitely worth a watch even if the song isn’t the best (soz) it’s one of the most beautifully filmed things I’ve seen in ages).
I began to realise ahh that’s the girl behind those incredible, nostalgic, film-like images. Another personal favourite of mine is her editorial shot for GQ ft the lovely Ezra Koenig. She creates this mood and this moment that is just perfect and very relatably captured.

Flicka Elisa 

Again like Sarah, Flicka's work popped up on my feed on Pinterest for a while her film style photography with the subtitles frequented my homepage for a while but until Adam Gallagher posted some of his favourite accounts again I didn’t realise just how incredible her work is. She is continually a source of inspiration and admiration. Every piece she creates is stun-ning, from the way they’re shot to this nostalgic, utterly dreamlike frame of mind you’re placed in, everything she does it breath taking and so inspiring.

I also wanted to briefly touch on some so other things I love created by women or created for women and one of those being Glow

I included Glow not just because it is quite possibly one of my favourite programmes to exist but because after each time I watch it, it makes me feel empowered. From the can I say incredible soundtrack to the wonderful women in it, (i particularly adore Alison Brie) it's a programme that if you haven't seen yet, you should. Don't knock it until you've tried it, I put it off because I thought it was about was about wrestling- which it is but it is so much more than that. It's funny, it's clever, the outfits, the hairstyles, the make-up, the comedy value and the relationship between the characters in relation to the era in which it was filmed all play a part in making this TV Series what it is.  I mean I could go on about this for hours but it is brilliant.


Now most of these you'll probably, more than likely know about, but for those of you like me- being new to the podcast world won't have had your ears blessed by these incredible, empowering podcasts most of which I didn't even realise but all have elements of girls chatting to girls and empowering each other, inspiring and lifting one another up.

One, in particular, I just finished listening to this morning is The Gurls Talk Podcast an episode with Aimee Lou Wood and Emma Mackey which I URGE you to go and listen to now. Like seriously drop everything and go. I can't even explain how much I learnt and found myself going, 'Omg YES, I relate to that' or 'I felt the same, why do we do that?? Or that happened to me too!' This episode, in particular, discusses sex and love in relation to the incredible Sex Education show (that I spoke about in my last post- MUST WATCH!) I just thought what a brilliant episode to hear women discuss openly about things we all experience in life and how those experiences affected them, or how they learnt or grew from them. Both Aimee and Emma have both come major girl crushes in my eyes, hearing them both speak through the length of the podcast made me laugh loud and equally bought a tear to my eye I can't recommend that episode enough. Also worth noting that the podcast is created by Adwoa Aboah an advocate for women. The podcast is such an amazing space to speak and listen to other girls and their experiences.

Like I mentioned at the beginning, the Podcast Feminists Don't Wear Pink I've listened to a lot recently too which has taught me a lot about feminism and it being more than just this one scary word that we (or I) didn't understand or couldn't connect with because I wasn't sure what it meant or stood for and actually as a woman listening to this I found I connected to it in more ways than one and that feminism isn't just a one characteristic or stereotype its something that you can embody in many ways.

Two other podcasts again one I mentioned in my last post being We are Offline which I've already expressed my love for, but is certainly one to recommend again, its another really relatable and thought-provoking podcast. And the other PLT: Behind Closed Doors which is especially insightful to hear many influencers or people in the public eye talk about their journeys to success, really inspiring women who have got where they are today by being and embracing who they are. 

and as promised I've also put together this month's current favourites playlist including some of my favourite female solo singers and lead vocalists Current Monthly Favourites (let's hear it for the girl's edition) 

To finish up I just wanted to drop a quick mention to both Georgia Shipley and Katy Mairs that are two girls I know who have recently took the bull by its horns as it were and plunged into making something of their own. With Georgia writing a beautiful book Girl Drowning which you grab a link to buying here to Katy launching her own freelance, content and social media, copywriting service which you can support by visiting her website here 

Heres to girls doing their own thing in 2019 and infinity.

What's your opinion?

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