It's the week of love so, here's some things I've currently been loving

Love is in the air, every sight and every sound. Everywhere I look around and all that. Yep, valentines day is just around the corner which if we are being precise here, is tomorrow. Instead of writing a piece this year about love, romance or relationships I decided to just speak about the things I've been loving just lately, as its a post I've been writing every now and again for a while. I thought what better week to do it than the week where ultimately love is in the air. 
I am planning to do a post nearer to mine and Jays anniversary related to love and our relationship- (really it's not as cringe as it sounds.) but it's something I want to take my time over writing so I thought I'd hold off with that until then. 

But now for this post like I mentioned I just wanted to have a bit of a chit chat about a few things I've been watching, reading, listening to and things I wanted to share with you guys, so that it's something you can love too (if you like).

Foals // Exits 

This is the year for new music mark. my. words. And certainly, something I'd proclaim more given the return of my forever favourite band- Foals. If you haven’t listened yet to exits I insist you go and do it now even if that means you stop reading this- though please do come back.
I feel like with every return Foals make they bring something new to the table. Though somehow managing to stay similar in some aspects and still stay true to their roots. Me and Jay have actually booked tickets to see them in June which I can’t wait for but until then I’ll be awaiting their new music.

Current monthly favourites playlists 

About 3 months ago now I curated a monthly playlist of my current favourites on Spotify, which I now put together monthly. Most months are a mix of new releases I’m loving or could be an oldie that I’ve revisited and decide to pop in there. I also do some special editions- though I make that sound special, they are more the ones I tailor to festivities or occasions. Much like I’m planning to do for the big V-Day. You can pop on over and have a listen here 

Sex Education 

I can't even begin to put into words how much I utterly and completely adored watching Sex Education (as strange as that sentence sounds) it really has been the surprise series of the year for me- I’m saying that in February but watching the trailer in the lead up to its release I was certain I’d be one I would avoid. However, I heard so much talk about the series and how incredible it was so I decided to give it a go and honestly half way through episode two I was hooked.
The characters, Otis, Eric, Maeve and of course a special mention to Jean honestly make this series.
 I cried, I laughed (hysterically) and cringed hard. From the topics, the issues covered, the clothes, the love letter to Americanisms are all a collection of things you will love about this series. Even if you are unsure give it a go, I’d recommend it to everyone who’d allow me to right now to be completely honest. 


Much like Sex education I watched the trailer for this and thought meh I’ll take it or leave it but actually, this one surprised me. The first episode is in your face with Marines intrusive thoughts which are in a nutshell, her sexual thoughts or intrusions but once you get past that and understand why they are there this series has a lot to learn from it.
Touching on subjects like depression, love lives, work and friendships. I found myself cringing at some episodes and almost crying at others. The series is really quite an emotional rollercoaster even if it is just 6 episodes. 
Also, I found myself developing a little crush on Joe Cole whos in it (Peaky Blinders/Skins) 
Give it a go and see what you think.


Something else I wanted to get into this year was podcasts. I touched on them last year whilst realising I didn’t really fancy listening to music nor sitting in silence so went for a browse on the podcast section on Spotify. Alas I opted for a Riverdale podcast called Dial M for Maple but sort of dropped it once I also kinda gave up on Riverdale (I’m so behind on it, yet can’t seem to make myself watch it atm) anyway I wanted to get into podcasts more about life, careers, mental health, blogging that kind of thing and actually randomly ended up stumbling upon an Instagram post for a podcast ran by Alyss Bowen and Lotte Williams called We are Offline. Immediately it appealed to me for its entire theme but listening in on one of their most recent episodes 'The Truth behind dressing for Instagram' with the beautiful Megan Ellaby I was hooked and decided to listen to them all in one night. It’s the perfect podcast for Instagram/ online addicts (myself included) I think its something we can all admit to. It’s incredibly relatable- at least for me, I found myself going YES I do that alll the time.
One of the episodes also worth a note is 'The Truth behind Comparision' whereby they speak to guest and comparison specialist Lucy Sheridan where she gives some really great tips on how to deal with comparison. One thing she mentioned which I loved was a tip about scrolling, on whether that be Instagram/facebook/twitter in the mornings, she speaks about reclaiming mornings for yourself and taking time for yourself before picking up your phone- which of course is harder said than done but honestly they have some fabulous and insightful guests even at 6 full-length episodes in. So I'm super excited to hear more from them. 

Another podcast I’ve been wanting to get round to listening to is That Millennial Girl created by the lovely Abigail from Blush and Noise. Who is not only is super lovely but also has an accent I adore, and I mean what’s not to love about that when it comes to podcasts?? This podcast she and her guests talk careers, millennial problems, blogging and general life problems. For me, it's another podcast I really relate to, the first episode especially whereby Abigail and Sophie Rosie chat about finding a job and give some really insightful advice about applying for jobs and changing jobs. For me with my current life/job situation its really reassuring to hear people going through, or having gone through the same things. Both podcasts are really just perfect for putting on whilst you potter around the house, or like me fancy having something to listen to whilst editing.

Investigating conspiracies with Shane Dawson’s 

I became hooked on Shane Dawson’s videos towards the end of last year after watching the mind of Jake Paul and from then I’ve really admired the content both him and his cameraman Andrew create. I think most reading will know who he is and what this series is about but for those who don’t this series is about a variety of stories and conspiracies on various topics which if that’s your kind of thing you should definitely have a watch off. He previously did a number of conspiracy videos but this documentary opens up the opportunity to dive deeper into them and sort of explore more avenues. 
I do warn that it is quite triggering in parts, the first episode of this series had me not only questioning everything but actually really scared me, honestly. But what is really cleverly done within it is the editing and the final build-up of it all especially the second episode, you'll see what I mean if you give it a watch.  

A coloured eye

In which I mean eyeshadow not the colour of your eyes. 
I received the Crayola palette for Christmas which I’ll be honest I was a little apprehensive to use as I’m usually one to shy away from colours. I usually opt for 50 shades of browns on my eyes but since going blonde it’s allowed me to be more creative. I’ve been loving a good blue and like you can see in this post lilac. I think it really just adds that pop of colour to your outfit or just warms the face in a way. But also it’s perfect for the long-awaited arrival of spring.

Which whilst we are on the subject of brings me to this divine jumper that Jay actually bought me for Christmas (not gifted) from Nobody's Child. I've been really into lilac as of late again a colour that I never would have worn when I was ginger and this one is so cosy, I love the almost bubble-like sleeves and high neck on it, perfect for this sort of in-between weather at the moment.


I have been lusting over so many bags over the past few months. Granted I haven't bought any, but I have been lucky enough to receive them as gifts at christmas. This one in this post Jay bought for my graduation which I just utterly adore. It's so classy and adds a little playful element to an outfit. It kinda makes me want to go for some cocktails and dress up with it.

I've also been lusting after a few bags I thought I'd link here (affiliate links) the first one being this Cow Print Bag which I just think is bloody fab, I love how tiny it is, I'm really into tiny impractical bags at the moment very 2000. And also this  Faux Croc Asymmetric Saddle Bag which looks very much like a Dior Dupe though I love it because of its Croc-like texture and unusual shape. And finally, I've been lusting after getting a beaded bag for SO long because I mean look at this Beaded Tote Bag how cute??


Last but not least I wanted to name drop a few bloggers/instagramers that I'm currently loving because honestly, it's something I don't do often enough. There are always people who's feeds I'm scrolling through or people who just pop up on my Instagram that I adore but I don't shout about and like I said being the week of love I'd say it's about time to do that. They are all beautiful creatives who definitely deserve a stop by on their Instagram/blog. So alas, I shall leave you with some links.

Megan- Megan Ellaby
Peaches - @stylepeaches
Caitlin-  @caitlinporter_x
Alice - @alicecatherine
Lotta- @lottaliinalove 
Izzy- @izzycarmeliarose

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day however you choose to spend it.

What's your opinion?

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