6 songs getting me through the end of summer | Music

The past few weeks my blog posts have felt a little heavy and more personal than usual. The reason for that being I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and reflecting about how I feel, where I stand at this point in my life and processing my emotions. Before they then make their way onto my blog.
I've found a lot of clarity in writing more personal posts but I felt like I needed to take a breather, step back and write a slightly more lighthearted post. This ones in the form of music. 

I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately which sounds silly to say but sometimes I have days where I don’t want to listen to anything at all. I'll work my way through a multitude of songs before deciding I'd rather like to work in silence instead and spend some time alone with my thoughts..we're getting deep again, sorry. But recently I’ve found music really helpful in keeping me motivated and concentrated. I listen a lot when I’m editing photos and working on something creative and it keeps my head in the game. Though that's not to say I don't still procrastinate- usually I'll get distracted by having a little dance in my chair or get up and have a dance around the room if I'm feeling adventurous. Sometimes it's nice to just have as background music, when I'm thinking thinking or trying not to think. 

I’ve become a bit of a playlist connoisseur as late shall we say. I'm always creating these playlists that are always popping up on Jays Spotify account from time-to-time which I have to say always amuses him by the names I very specially like to call them. For example 'WERK IT OUT' which is my workout playlist- which some of the songs feature from in this post along with 'Summer let's go' 'Feel good Fri-yay' and 'Who run the world GRLS' (I have too much time on my hands I know).
At the moment though I listen to one I've named 'GROOVAY' which is where for this post pretty much all of the songs I've included are from. As you can probably tell that's my genre right there at the moment. 
The playlist makes me happy, its something I can have a dance to but it's also not too scared to take it down notch and get a bit sleazy- I know that sounds bad but I'm sucker for something that sounds a bit sleazy, if you know what I mean? (I.e something like Redbone 'Chidish Gambino') 
If you know you know. 

Feel\\ David Moon

You'll hopefully know this song from reading my last post as I spoke about having a connection with the lyrics and how it makes me feel about the summer. If not, not to worry. I actually found the artist David Moon through the lovely Charlotte @theclashingleopard on instagram she had another of his songs (another absolute tune btw) playing on her instagram story and I had to know who it was. He has a real chill-dreamlike-poolside-days feel about his music which is what I adore. His whole aesthetic is especially appealing. I'm really looking forward to hearing more of whats to come from him. 

Partners in Motion\\ Wild Nothing

God I've had this song repeat for the past 2 weeks now. I've been going through an eighties phase which if I'm honest with you isn't really a phase. I've always had a love for the eighties and the sound of it, I've been listening to a lot of old school Tears for Fears, Eurythmics, New Order and Duran Duran that type of thing whilst also listening to a few current bands today and found that actually they have a lot comparisons in sound to some of the songs brought out in the eighties. So I've been branching off and finding a lot of artists who sound quite nostalgic with a synth-washed feel to them. 
The guy who sings on this track sounds a lot like Luke Steele (from empire of the sun) in parts of the track which for me I adore, I really buy into a song if the singer has a unique voice. 
There's so many different elements and track changes in this song that bring it together. It just sounds so summery, carefree and alive. 
It's actually quite hard to explain this song at the moment without just shouting I love it, I love it, just listen but really do, it's a good one. 

House in LA\\ Jungle

Another sun washed song I just cant stop listening to at the moment. I feel like my love for Jungle has ironically, grew like a Jungle. I fell in love with their tracks 'Time' and 'Julia' that I used to always have in my head around my supervisor at work called Julia (obvs) I always had to resist the urge to sing because that would be creepy but anyway. 
Their new EP's I adore I feel like its really stepped up a level for them.  Each and every single one of them I love in their own way but 'House in LA' really takes the lead for me with the lyrics like 'I feel alive in the sunlight (all my fears are in real life)' and 'House in LA, you be the sunshine and it's alright now' they sound divine when awashed with the vocals of Jungle it makes me feel like I want to close my eyes and wake up poolside in LA. 

Counting Down\\ Cut Copy 

Cut Copy are another band I've loved for years. They're kind of one that stick out in my mind for being on of the slightly nerdier, disco-pop esque sounding bands I dipped into during a phase where most of my favourite bands wasn't realising and I was craving something new. I delved in bands like Hot Chip and Yeasayer and found Cut Copy. But I stopped listening as my tastes again shifted. But recently I stumbled across their album released last year and fell in love with them all over again. 
I posted this song on Instagram (if you follow me on there @heldtogetherbypins) so you may of heard it. For me I love the sound of the guitar in it I've always been sucker for the sound a guitar makes in a song that I never know how to describe it without making the sound- as I can't do that on here if you listen from 0.43-0.52 you'll know exactly what I mean. 

Jacket: Bottle Blonde Studio
Earrings: Handmade
Shorts: New Look
Vest: Topshop

Photography by: Jamie O'Toole

Take it to the top\\ Lesiure 

Leisure are another band I've sort of hopped in and out of but they make this sort of groovy (hence being on my GROOVAY' playlist) dancy, upbeat soul like sound to them that is just instantly a mood booster. This ones found it's way into my workout playlist recently for both its beat and sort of vibe that pushes me a little during exercising. But this one really is what it is, its got a great beat and I love the sort of 'animal like noises' playing in the background is that weird to say??

 Feels like summer\Summertime Magic\\ Childish Gambino

 Okay so I couldn't choose between these two so I included them both as they were both released together it's almost like the come as a pair anyway. All I can say is ugh the sound of these, just listen they have such a gorgeous slice of the summer which is probably why I adore them both so much but they just sound so incredibly 'vibey' I'm actually quite sad that they got released so late into the season because these would have been played all summer long. Summertime Magic is another that has gone onto my workout playlist so I have been playing that one a lot recently. They're both in their own way mood lifters, I cant get enough.

What's your opinion?

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