Our Trip to Croatia: Part 1 | What we did and What I wore

The first part of our trip to Croatia has admittedly taken a while to put together for many reasons. For one I took thousands of photos (My SD card currently has over 1000 photos on it, that's not excessive no??) so it's took quite a while to edit down all of the photos and 2) being revisiting our trip and reminiscing over the beautiful memories we made in Croatia has been bittersweet to look back on; a holiday I won't forget in a long while that's for sure and though the weather has been beautiful here nothing compares to holiday right? 

So without further ado let's get into part one of our trip to Croatia and take it from there.

I think I can speak for both me and Jay when I say we didn't ever expect we would end up in Croatia in a million years not that we didn't want to go, quite the opposite with it being a destination we'd only dreamt about visiting and every moment of the holiday felt like a dream. From the moment stepping out of our taxi to drop us at our apartment was a moment I'll never forget the breathtaking views and quite frankly breathtaking heat I'd never lied eyes upon a place so beautiful. I'll admit here that when it comes to planning trips I let jay do much of the work, which honestly I think he quite enjoys. I always trust that we'll end up somewhere I absolutely love and though we chose Croatia together where abouts we stayed in Croatia was much up to him (I trusted he'd pick somewhere we would both love) so watching the taxi drive off into the distance we passed a look as which to say 'wow you've got it spot on' and really from then every part of the holiday felt that way. With every place, moment and memory being completely and utterly spot on. I wouldn't have asked to change a thing. Though perhaps I should've took Jay up on his offer of buying me some hideous sea shoes before going away- the beaches are very stony which meant a lot of ouch going into the sea. Still I've got to keep that fashion rep right??

We stayed in the gorgeous ancient Cavtat, a town that sits on the Adriatic coast of Croatia. A town home to lovely bars and restaurants and only a short trip to Dubrovnik by bus or boat. We chose to stay in an apartment just because it gave us more independence to cook our own meals and have our own space. The first day we landed and made it to our place almost straight away I was out like a light which made it pretty hard for Jay to get me back into the land of living again. (The night before the morning we flew I had 5 minutes sleep, I'll tell that to anyone who'll listen) Then once I was remotely human again we took a trip to the supermarket to pick up a few supplies for the apartment- (which by supplies I mean a lot of food we didn't really need) before heading back to get ready for our first night in Croatia all before an almighty storm we got caught in before returning back. The evening then consisted of cocktails and exploring Cavtat.

So our first official day here we wanted to venture into Dubrovnik and see it in all its glory. We had heard so much about it before going so a trip to there was a given.
We took a boat from Cavtat with us not being too far from Dubrovnik it was quite a pleasant little journey we took most days whilst being here.
On leaving the boat and stepping into the old town in Dubrovnik the views were yet again stunning, Dubrovnik is incredibly classy and stands proud surrounded by its city walls. From the side streets to the quaint restaurants, bars and shops around every corner it holds a little personality to it.

Outfit wise I opted for some shorts and paired it with a yellow vest and accessories, an outfit that I didn't in fact plan but I thought the earrings looked so cute matching with the top. Not only that but its a perfect outfit for getting on and off boats and exploring.

The first day was sweltering so I'd be lying if I didn't say one of our first stops in Dubrovnik was in fact a bar which just so happened to be on a cliff which just has to be done right? Later we made a stop again for some late lunch. I had the most incredible egg pizza which I'm tempted to make at home from now on all the time because it was so delicious (though I couldn't make it as good as that of course) and Jay enjoyed a seafood pizza (seafood is delicacy in parts of Croatia)

Our first day however was incredibly tiring with the walking and climbing around Dubrovnik along with the heat me and Jay were safe to say incredibly worn out. So our evening was pretty chill, spending our time on the rooftop of our apartment with some drinks accompanied by the most glorious sun set.

Day two we thought we would go a little easier on ourselves with a trip to the beach close by. Lucky for us not even 10 minutes away from where we stayed held a private beach for mainly residents of the apartments, so for the most of the day we had it to ourselves. Being both in the sea for a swim and cool down and laying by the sea to catch some rays. 
The beach also gave an opportunity for me to wear my striped bandeau bikini I've been dying to wear since I got it. (Below I've linked a similar one as its currently out of stock on ASOS)  

The evening then took us to watch sundown by the sea with a cocktail in hand (daiquiri was my choice of drink every time on holiday I'm a sucker for frozen cocktails) I also wore one of my favourite dresses I've picked up this summer which complimented the glow of golden hour which is by the way my favourite hour on holiday. 

Later on we then took a walk into the old town of Cavtat and went to a really lovely bar/restaurant that sat on the edge of the sea and devoured struggled to eat a huge plate of mixed meat and roasted vegetables, we ordered a side of roasted vegetables not knowing it came with it. Our waiter laughed and told us this wasn't even the biggest plate either. I think we both felt like we never needed to eat again.

Having had taken trips to Dubrovnik by boat each time we passed an Island called Lokrum that looked both intriguing and adventurous. And much did I know the island brought me my most favourite day spent in Croatia. 

 The Island of Lokrum homes both stunning peacocks that roam the paths along with cute bunnies, breathtaking views, a botanical garden and glistening beaches whilst not only that but it's a Island that has no cars which means it's incredibly peaceful with only the birds for audio. Not even 2 minutes after stepping from the boat to the island we spotted a peacock with its baby walking around. In which time we decided it was time for an ice lolly (those two aren't related they just happened in a short space of one another) 

 The island was a lot smaller than we anticipated which I think was definitely a good thing which meant we could get around it in good time and make it back to the last boat. 
Our first stop was the botanical garden, I've always adored them but never visited would you believe? I couldn't get over the size of the cactus's and the big tall trees. Taking a stroll around we found a little bunny with its mother close by who also popped over to say hello the bunnies were a lovely little surprise to the island as I adore them and they aren't at all frightened by humans whatsoever they'll happily hop by. 

From there we then wandered around other parts of the island including fort royal which gives amazing views over the island (definitely worth the walk) 
 We made a stop off at the restaurant there on the island for some more pizza (pizzas in Croatia are just so good) where we were once again joined by peacocks one of which took a liking to our pizza (don't worry he didn't get any). 

 From there we visited the beach parts which had really cute rocks pools all over. The sun was absolutely blinding at this point but it was just enough for it to catch the water making it glisten magically, it looked absolutely stunning. 

My favourite day also brought my favourite outfit of the holiday a skirt that I picked up last minute but worked perfectly for covering over my legs from not only burning but from getting anymore insect bites on the Island (by this point I was covered) I also paired it with red being one of my favourite colours and found yet another matchy, matchy combination pairing it with my red bag. 

 The end of the day we caught the boat back to our apartment and had the most incredible evening in the hot tub watching the sunset whilst drinking Buck's Fizz.

And with that I leave you with photos from my most favourite day to conclude part one of our travels. Just to note there will be a vlog to go alongside this holiday much like the photos it's taking a while to edit because I want to make it as best I can. So until then and until part 2 take care, I'll see you on the other side.

What's your opinion?

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