Do people in Fashion cry? Damn right they do

I've always grown up with a love for fashion, watching films like The Devil Wears Prada, the straight-faced, sunglasses wearing, head held high Miranda Priestly look was embedded into my mind pretty strongly and weirdly something I guess I always aspired to. Even watching films like 13 Going On 30, I loved the idea of a fast-paced job, the image of assignments stacked to the top of my desk in a coffee-stained sweater seemed somewhat appealing though that is me talking about the characters portrayed in fashion films.
 I always warmed towards the new intern in them- though I guess that's what those films want you to do. The one 'crying because she didn't complete an assignment on time' or 'the one unable to get her boss to fully appreciate her drive and stamina.' 
I never aspired to 'The Miranda type' and it makes me think why people would want to become that way in the industry in the first place. Does covering up emotion and becoming a pretty tough egg to crack really make you a powerful person, or someone you'd like to work for in fashion? Because for me, it really doesn't hold any desire like it used to.

I went into fashion with that image still secured pretty tightly in my head. The expectation of big egos, huge personalities and people who wont give you the time of day. But let me tell you that isn't entirely true. (This is me speaking from as a Fashion Student and someone with experience in the industry) 

There are a few reasons I wrote this post and I'll get to them all one by one but the first one is a lesson to not tar people with the same brush.

 Don't get me wrong there are still plenty of those egotistical, know it all, people you just won't get on with. But one thing you should never do is let them make you feel any less than you are and you shouldn't put up with anyone's behaviour for the sake of a job. You're a human being with feelings. I have been extremely lucky to work with amazing teams of people, really friendly and passionate people which again emphasises the fact for people wanting to break into fashion to not be put off by thinking you don't have the same confidence as everyone else. There are friendly people in the industry like myself, though I'm biased. I don't even know if I should hype myself up like that in a post. Can I?? Well, I guess it is my blog.

 So onto phase two of the post. The whole reason I started writing this post at all was because of a presentation we had about a week ago now at university. A presentation for 'boosting our confidence', I mean yeah we'll leave that there I'm not for anything involving confidence before 11 in the morning.

 Towards the end of the presentation, a certain issue was raised that didn't sit right with me somehow again not before 11 in the morning (this is this posts equivalent of not today Satan, not today) it annoyed me so much so that it prompted me to write this post. 
In a time where the stigma of mental health, the need to talk about our problems and our emotions to others as a pose to bottling them up is a big is a huge, important, ongoing issue. Even more so with guys which are inevitably on my course too. Baring all that in mind we were told in the fashion industry, we shouldn't cry. I'm even scoffing just writing that sentence so you can imagine my thoughts when it was said. 
We as stressed weight bearing down students hoping to go into the industry shouldn't cry. As a fashion student or as a person working in fashion deadlines are unfortunately close friends, I don't want to be the one to try and make people for sorry for us or say we are any different to any other job because I'm sure those reading nowhere close to the fashion industry feel the exact same about deadlines and pressure to suceed any field of work but especially creatives im sure will relate. From my perspective working in fashion is hard though it is rewarding it is much harder than people on the outside may think (that is more aimed at the people in the bank who make casual 'so what do you study? chat' To when my reply is Fashion and they say what does that entail,  just going shopping?? Hilarious BRIAN.

We were also told we shouldn't show emotion to the more powerful, we should work with people we hate- which is, of course, unavoidable 'get off my case, Brenda' but like I said at the beginning we should not tolerate people who treat us any less than we are. 

I guess it annoyed me so much so being in a pressured and highly stressed environment it isn't unusual to see people upset or even crying. And it definitely doesn't make them any less of a person for doing so, it also doesn't make you at all weak. 
The sad reality of being in fashion is that when you do see someone cry, it is comforting to realise wait we are all stressed, we are really feeling it. But shouldn't be like that no?

This issue doesn't just sit with being in fashion I spoke from that perspective coming from a fashion background. But in any industry you work in, the same issues apply. To be told like I said in this day and age to not cry, to suck up whatever is in front of us and keep going is of course in some ways true but I will not be told not to cry or to hold my emotions in. When damn do I need to let someone know how I feel. I hate this whole stigma of crying makes you a weak person NO IT DOESNT. It makes you human. Boy or girl, if you want to cry goddamn just do it. And for those that judge you or make you feel awkward for crying aren't worth your time or energy.

We all should when we need to, I cry, we ALL cry. And I know that some people are better at hiding it than others, which I too think is fine and completely understandable. Don't worry I'm not about to go shouting CRY in peoples faces but the issue I'm trying to get at is being told we shouldn't cry, or get upset when really that's what you feel the need to do the most.

Okay, I feel like I'm beginning to repeat myself. I really hope that this post helps people in any way and if not its just another of my rants I still hope you've enjoyed reading. 

Until next time you lovely lot. 

What's your opinion?

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