I am in love with the idea of love

*  items in this post have kindly been gifted by Missguided. Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not reflect those of the brands I may be discussing*

Every year when Valentines Day rolls around, or Galentines day whichever day you choose to celebrate. I rack my brains for something to write. I don't have to write anything, nothing at all. I could choose to ignore the day and carry on as if I never happened. But I am a sucker for a bit of commercialism and I am a sucker for love. 

I always have been in love with the idea of love. I remember watching Twlight in my teens and the quote: "I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.” cut me like a knife each time I watched it. Quite closely similar to those 14-year-old self: memes going around at the moment. This also reminds me I need to watch Twilight again sometime soon hey it's not a bad film

Where was I? Yes, I am a sucker for romance and I love a good love story. Countless times Jay will ask what do you want to watch and my answer is mostly always Romance, something almost borderline cheesy. Unless I say 'oh you pick' in which case we then watch something he chooses and I'll swear I don't like but I actually end up enjoying it- much to Jay's satisfaction because that usually means he gets to pick again next time. 
My favorite film is About Time a film I think I've mentioned a few times on my blog. The perfect romance, complete with posh British accents, Bill Nighy who I always say I want to be my grandad- that's not weird no? And my two favourite female actors Rachel McAdams and the goddess herself Margot Robbie but this isn't a film review so I'll keep it brief (if you haven't seen it you most definitely should.) The reason I love it is that it romanticises life growing up in a raw and honest light- it's not all perfect. Not only that but the film allows you to dream and a dreamer I have always been too. I'd lay awake at night and make up scenarios of bumping into a guy I liked at school and him saying actually I've always fancied you too. Of course, it never happened much to what I'm very grateful for today.

I think many times I've blamed something on being a typical cancarian in other blog posts, but I think my love, for love and my loving nature comes from that. I guess both a blessing and a curse.

I didn't plan on writing a post on being in love, in fact, I will be honest and say I didn't really have a post in mind at all. I don't like to write too much about a subject so broad, so many of your now reading this you will be at completely different parts of your life, with love playing the front seat or at the very back. And I think it's important to remember that love happens for everyone at completely different parts of their life. I guess I ended up writing this post more than anything to acknowledge the love we receive and the love we are able to give.
I'm not about to go all preachy on you. Or write about how grateful I am for Jay (as much as he would love that) I'll save that for his card. He gets an essay every year, as well as for our anniversary.

I am forever grateful that I am able to love. I'm not talking just specifically boyfriend or girlfriend here. I'm talking the feeling of love.
It could be that glass of wine on a Friday night or that new jacket you just bought. Love is ultimately love. It comes in all variations. You can love whatever or whoever you want. And if you're single self-love is always the way forward by the way.

For Val/Galentines you might be just hooking up with that glass of wine (do I have wine on the brain or something?!) or you might be choosing not to celebrate it at all and that is okay too.
I remember when I got to my early teens my mum my mum used to buy me a bunch of flowers or a card every valentines. I think she felt she wanted me to feel loved whether I had a significant other in my life or not. She was saying 'this is enough, you will always be loved' It always made me smile. And even now I can see she is grateful for the love someone truly shows me. 

I could be mushy in this post for many reasons. But I wanted to finish up by talking a little bit about my Valentine. Jay, who without him I don't know what I would do. We joke all the time about him being my Instagram husband, but truthfully he makes these posts happen (along with Tomas my best mate who I'm always grateful for) but Jay usually gets the wraith of my moods, when I'm stressed when I'm tired when I'm hangry. He somehow just knows how to make it all go away he's always there no matter what. Like I said earlier I'll save the rest for his card before you all start reaching for your sick buckets. But honestly take the time to think about what you love and who loves you. Even if its just the love for the pancakes you've indulged or yet to indulge this evening. 
Love whoever and whomever you like, love unconditionally and wholeheartedly. 

Finally, I've fallen head over heels in love with this Trucker Jacket* which I have wanted since Christmas. A few times its dropped into my basket and finally a couple of days ago. I received one kindly from Missguided and it is a dream. It's so unbelievably cozy, and warm- though not warm enough for these photos. But still an absolute dream. Paired with this bag I got at Christmas it makes all my faux fur dreams a reality. 

Until next time!

Jacket:  Missguided 
Jeans: Zara Similar (Asos)
Boots: Primark Similar (Asos 
Earrings: Syd and Mallory Similar ( Monki)

Photography by: Jay


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  1. Well I'm in love with these photos! The lighting is so soft and perfect - very fitting for the subject haha. These could be stills from an indie romance film (which I would totally watch!).

    Happy Valentine's Day gal!

    Sinéad xo Fabuleuse Du Jour

  2. What a bloody beautiful post Paige!! And you look amazing!! xxx

  3. These photos rock girl, Jay has done an awesome job! I love this jacket and well done for working with Missguided, such a cool brand. Also yes,I agree with everything you've said in this post, love comes in all forms, shapes and sizes and it's important to recognise and celebrate this love!

    Heather Xx


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