5 Vintage Staples you need for Autumn/Winter in collaboration with Rokit Vintage

* some pieces in this post have been gifted as part of a collaboration with Rokit Vintage but does not affect my own opinion* 

This post feels SO good but oh so bad to be writing.
A blog post or some sort of announcement is in the works to explain a little bit about everything happening in my life right now which if you follow me you'll know my life has mainly been taken over by university right now and whilst writing this post I should probably be asleep preparing for another long day tomorrow. But this is me and well I'm not. Instead, I'm chatting with you about a fab collab (oh little rhyme there) with a brand I've adored for many years called Rokit Vintage. So when they approached me asking if I'd like to do a vintage style guide around some of their pieces I was VERY excited to get involved.

I've always loved vintage mainly from my early teens, I liked to tell people I wore it a lot even if it wasn't vintage- because it made me sound cool OK? But over this past year vintage pieces have been making their way into my wardrobe a lot and I've found more pieces that fit with my style, pieces I can have fun with and mix with high street clothes. Once I got over the 'vintage is floral, old tea dresses and brouges' I started to have fun with it and find pieces that actually are better than somethings you find in high street shops.

 I think I've definitely become savvier about what is a good quality or a worthwhile piece to have in my wardrobe. (I spotted a New Look piece at a vintage sale at the weekend, vintage I think not) 

So for this post I wanted to chat about that really- give some advice if you will. 

About finding pieces that fit with you, key pieces that are vintage staples, pieces that perhaps should be making their way into your wardrobe this winter and pieces that are worth digging to the bottom of the pile for.

For this post I was kindly gifted a jumper, a pair of jeans and some rather jazzy sunglasses to play around with. I did just say Jazzy yeah, now I feel like the uncoolest person ever. 
Not to blow my own trumpet but I asked for the pieces not really knowing if they'd work well together but some how it did. 

So in true style I'll give you a quick run down of the pieces I kindly got gifted for Rokit Vintage and  why they're key pieces to build up for your vintage wardrobe. 

Bootcut Blue Denim Jeans:

Okay, so Jeans are a staple. ALL. YEAR. ROUND. And one thing you cannot go wrong with is a vintage pair of jeans. Because A) most of the time they are high waisted which is by far the most  flattering on food babies- key around Christmas time, little tip there. (Did I just say the C word already on my blog? Damn.) but also B) a lot of the time they are really cool brands too like Levis or  Wranglers the kind that they try and recreate in high street shops now, but really don't compare. Whether you are at a kilo sale, vintage fair, market or store you're guaranteed to find vintage jeans.

The pair I was gifted from Rokit I chose because I have always wanted a bootcut pair of jeans in a  typical blue jeans colour. They look very chic, girl about town grabbing a coffee. Not to mention I've seen Megan Ellaby in countless pairs and thought I really need to own some like that but I've always put off getting any just because I've been a bit worried they wouldn't suit me, or be very flattering on my pair shaped body.
So when I came across this pair I fell in love with them and gave into temptation I thought hey I'll give it a go.
When I received them they were actually more bootleg cut that I imagined but I'd had the idea in my head to style them with boots which worked really nicely to give me a little bit of height and not make me look so short. And actually, I found that they were a really great fit and dare I say it? Really quite flattening. They're just a piece that make a change to your usual typical skinny jeans, and give the look a bit more of a grown up, dressed up approach. 

Roll/Turtle Neck Jumpers:

Jumpers are the key players during the colder months. I quite frankly couldn't imagine being without them- I hate the cold you see. But also jumpers make cold mornings feel that bit more bearable they're just like a big hug in the morning (as cringe as I just made that sound.)
I don't know if anyone else agrees with this, or it could just be a cancarian thing. But I kind of feel like I'm taking a bit of home with me when I go out wearing a jumper because it feels so cosy and warm.
What I love about Roll Neck/Turtle neck Jumpers is that they are kind of like a scarf in one too and they are huge this season. So if you aren't already on that, get on it. I'm not a huge fan of scarves so its a perfect trend for me. If it means I don't have to wear a scarf and I still get to stay warm and cosy, I'm here for it. (she says wearing a scarf in some of these- ill get to that later)

Not only Roll/Turtle neck jumpers but vintage knitwear in general has a lot of character, whether that be down to certain details like sleeves, the neck or embellishments.
I should note at this point that Rokit has a fabulous collection of Christmas jumpers every year. (I just mentioned that C word again didn't I...)
The quality of vintage jumpers is usually very good too with them being quite thick and well made, something you can buy without having to worry if it'll be in holes after a couple of uses. This one I have is made of wool, so the only downside is it can be quite itchy around the neck which is expected of course but the reason I went for it was because I'm such a sucker anything with a sporty edge to it. Oh hell yeah we know I love a good bit of sports style. It worked well with the jeans to create a sort of 90s vibe, I for sure was loving. 


So I know someone is going to argue this point with me. I chose sunglasses to style with this outfit and you're probably thinking? but its winter? But my answer is its an accessory darling. Technically they aren' sunglasses, in fact, they are really just tinted glasses. And the reason I chose to style them is really self-explanatory, is it not? Just look at the colour and shape of them! I couldn't say no. Accessories are timeless too and I think that's the beauty of them. They're transferable pieces that can be worn across all seasons. When buying vintage you are almost guaranteed to come across real gems, pardon the pun. Real stand out, one of a kind pieces which can take quite a plain outfit and transform it into a different style or era. And with vintage sunglasses there are endless and really quite unusual shapes and styles, or as gorgeous as the last. I actually have quite a few pairs of vintage sunglasses just because they are so easy to just pick up when at a vintage market or so, I always end up trying some on and saying oh another pair wont hurt.

Party Pieces:

So we all know party season is upon us. And actually you may find that when shopping for that perfect party piece you might not think to shop vintage but really that's where the party is at.
Most vintage places start from around the 20s when that is the era known for partying. Vintage places stock glitzy, sequined pieces maybe a bit aside from the norm and a piece that you aren't going to bump into anyone else wearing.


And finally the biggest staple of them all during the colder months is the coat. And whilst browsing vintage for them, you are guaranteed to come across the most cosy and beautiful fur coats - just make sure they aren't real please!
Along with some really thick fabricated pieces that are again a little aside from what you'd come across on the high street, if not thicker and a lot cosier!

You'll notice like I mentioned a little earlier with this outfit I styled it with a very cute fluffy scarf I picked up recently which is one one my favourite accessories right now. I'm not like I said a fan of scarfs but this one feels less restricting and I found it tied the outfit nicely together giving it a bit more of a chicer edge along with the boots.

*whole outfit kindly gifted from Rokit Vintage* 

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