The LBD Styled 3 Ways in collaboration with Nicce London

Nicce are a brand I've followed for a long while. In fact I think my boyfriend more put them on my radar. Jay likes to think (which is true I have to admit) he's had a very big impact on my fashion choices. My sporty vibe has came out since I've met him so that does make sense. 
 So when I find myself shopping with jay or my best mate who is too a boy. I find myself shopping for me in the men's sections. 

Nicce is one of those brands I wondered into and Jays had or has worn a few pieces from them. That I've tried to steal from time to time I'll admit. I've then go on to buy some pieces from their womenswear range. I've always loved their understated chic sportswear. 
 So when Nicce London got in touch and asked if I'd like to be gifted a black body con dress* from them to style in 3 ways it was a no brainer. 
Now I'm going to be completely honest with you I haven't worn a LBD since I started foundation at university and was trying my best to look hot whilst trying to pull  (That certainly isn't the way I came to meet Jay or the way I'd suggest meeting anyone FYI.) But I've always been a fan of the LBD and how versatile it is. 
This to me felt more of a challenge and I love challenges. 
 Because the LBD has and always will be a ultimate staple to any wardrobe its perfect for when you have nothing to wear. Whether that be for a night out or for everyday styling.

 I was challenged to style the LBD in 3 different ways. So I have chosen all styles that I love to don from time to time to show you how I'd go about styling it up!

Under the titles Sassy, Classy and Bad-assy I mean did you you expect anything less. 
I love love love to get dressed up for a night out- not that it happens much often anymore but when I do I love spending time doing my makeup. Which if I'm honest usually gets rushed when I decide to get ready 2 hours too late. Damn sitting in my towel for hours after a shower. 

For this look I really wanted to capture the the 'getting ready for a night out' vibe. 
Styling the LBD this look was a given. I wanted a look that screamed elegance. 
The cross over back detailing on this dress with branded straps- which I have to say is probably my favourite feature about this dress. It looks sporty whilst allowing you to show off a bit of back and still looking quite elegant. It plays to my style and I love that. 

Along with its figure hugging feel and velour fabric that really gives it that classy feel.
 Styling up the black dress alone, with tassel earrings (seasons must btw) and paired with a red lip and my leopard print coat. This look is an instant classic and much more its easy to do for a night out. 
I think you can probably tell from the pictures this was my most favourite to capture. 

S H O P  T H I S  P O S T 
(or similar)

This look was a given to try and achieve. For my style at least. I just love love love a good sporty look I don't know how many more posts I can say that in but I really do. 
I've also became quite the hat person just lately and if I'm honest with you this baseball cap I don't wear nowhere near enough as much as I should. 
With that sporty vibe that the dress has and definitely plays homage to the brand with I had to pair it with some pieces that we're sporty but also to show that this dress is also something you can wear everyday and in a slightly more casual way.
Who says the LBD you have to wear alone, pairing it with the high neck worked really well. And also works for those colder nights that are drawing in *sigh*

S H O P  T H I S  P O S T 
(or similar)

Sass is so in right now. So in. With any style just add a dash of sass and you're good to go- well thats my motto anyway... yes I probably do watch too much Ru Paul.
 Mesh and sheer layers are also something I was loving last autumn and something I know will continue into my wardrobe from now.
 Sass is also all about confidence so pairing the orange denim jacket with a choker works to really give it that edge. 
The LBD works perfectly in that way that its something that can quite easily be styled to be really edgy. Ultimately its a piece that you can style to make work for you in any way. 
I'm known as sassy Paige at my internship placement so well 'Sass style' is a given. 

All photographs taken by: Jay thank you babe

Mesh Top: New Look (Similar Pretty Little Thing and Miss Selfridge
Choker: Bottle Blonde (Similar Topshop)
Orange Denim Jacket: Hotel Shower Gel
Baseball Hat: Topshop (Similar Asos)
T-shirt: Adidas (Similar Asos)
Leopard Print Coat: Asos (Similar Asos)
Tassel Earrings: Primark (Similar Nordstrom)

S H O P  T H I S  P O S T 
(or similar)

* This post was sponsored by NICCE LONDON but all views and opinions are my own 

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  1. Looove the classy look! These images are gorgeous, love the editing too! x

    Georgia Megan


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