House of Holland x Cadbury | Having fun with Fashion but staying in your comfort zone

*This post is in collaboration with House of Holland x Cadbury but all views and opinions are my own*

I'm a huge lover of chocolate, especially this time of year anyway. Is it me or do you just crave chocolate during the colder months, any reason deadlines, stress, long day, dark nights you just feel you deserve a piece of chocolate.. just me? Anyway, I'm an even bigger fan of House of Holland and that's saying a lot! So when the collab between HOH x Cadbury came about and they got in touch with me asking if I'd like to work with them on this collab. It was a done deal. 

The t-shirts are designed exclusively by creative director Henry Holland. Taking inspiration from both the taste and the texture of Cadbury’s singles range with a choice from Twirl, Crunchie, Double Decker, Boost and Wispa. I went with Twirl as it is my absolute fave, plus it just so happens purple and yellow used to be my go-to colours, and 2 colours I'm actually really loving at the moment.

What also makes these T-shirts super special is all the profits from one T-shirt goes directly to The Prince’s Trust! A trust who I know has personally helped brands reach their full ability and get their businesses off the ground. So amazing all round, you can look cool and for the right reasons. What's not to love?

S H O P  T H I S  P O S T 
(or similar) 

With that being said, the T-shirts are bold- Though very House of Holland and for that I love! I'm not going to lie though it was hard to style. Bold pieces are hard to style! For me anyway.
 So for this post, I thought I'd give some tips on how I go about having fun with Fashion but still stick to my comfort zone.

Stay true to your style 

Whether you are trying a new trend or a new piece of clothing that you aren't entirely sure is 'you' ultimately when styling it overall you make the style 'you' almost like signing your signature at the end of a document or so. You put that icing on the cake so to say. Most days now, I put on my eyeliner flick and hooped earrings and that look is signed off by me. So wear something that scares you, but make it feel less scary by fitting it to you.
With this T-shirt, I toned it down a tad, by pairing it with a neutral or my safe colour of black and gave it that edge. A look I feel is very me.

Play dress up 

On the other hand, if you don't mind moving a little out of your comfort zone. Think of each day or each opportunity one to dress up and try something new. Think to yourself 'Who would I want to be today?' There is no reason why you even have to stick to a style at all. Go with what feels good, have fun with it that's what it's all about.

Don't over think it 

Similarly to the last one. Try not to over think it and try not to take yourself too seriously. Sometimes it just won't work. If you try too hard with an outfit sometimes you can end up hating it. Ever been rushing one morning and threw on a banging outfit you've ended up absolutely loving. This is the kind of situation I'm talking about.

Confidence is key 

Sometimes fashion is all about just styling it out. Using that confidence to really work an outfit. Much like the thinking to yourself who do I want to be today when dressing up. Think inside that persona of how you'd like people to think of you. 

Wear your heart on your sleeve 

Or much like in this case on your chest. I've always been a huge lover of Slogan tees and t-shirts that really give out my personality for people to see. And that too about having fun and letting people see your personality. The item, in particular, doesn't have to be loud or garish and scream in your face THIS IS WHO I AM but instead tie it into your personality and tailor it to your comfort zone- BUT it's still fun! 

Apologises for wearing this skirt two posts running. But really can you blame me? Give me all the vinyl right now I'm obsessed! 

Skirt: Primark (similar Pretty Little Thing here)
Long Sleeved Top: (Similar Monki at Asos here) 

Photos by Jay

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