Girl you think you got it bad | Getting brave and doing things before the moment passes

I went blonde! 

And though you probably knew that already this post is not a big reveal or anything, I just wanted to address this properly. 
 Since I got it done I had one day before returning back to university, one day spent getting used to it. Weird to say the least. Then the following day I was back at university to embark on my 3rd year and well you know if you've ever been a student the rest is history. Have I had a minute to myself? Of course I haven't. 
 I could have let this slip under the radar and not said much on the situation but I wanted to. Because for those who have followed me for a long while or maybe only recently, I've been a redhead my whole life. I've always been a proud redhead, I was never really bullied or picked on for my hair. 
If anyone had anything to pick at it was usually, instead how quiet I was or from time to time people stating 'you're ginger' which is funny because people don't go around shouting 'you're blonde' like yeah thanks for the reminder. 
 I had a brief phase during secondary school where I thought will boys like me if I dye hair (other than that period I never really doubted my hair colour.) I thought will boys notice me more? Thank god I woke up. To young girls reading this don't ever ever change yourself to suit or impress anybody else. Thankfully I didn't, I would have known deep down it was the wrong decision and one I'm glad I never followed through with.

 And you know actually boys have a real soft spot for girls with red hair. They deny it all through school and then send you messages asking if you want to go prom or hang out- god forbid they do it in front of friends.
Other than in that one moment of madness I've never ever really wanted to dye my hair- not that my mum would ever let me.
Coming out of school and growing up I found men do actually really like red hair. So why did I change it? Because really and quite obviously guys liking my hair really has nothing to do with it of course not. In fact it has nothing to do with anyone but me. Being with Jay he supported my decision no matter what, telling me I'd love you if you had no hair for any reason which was sweet but also I think he too was quite excited for the change, not that he didn't love my hair because I knew he did but change is as good as any.
 This post isn't actually about me dying my hair blonde and what led me to do it though I will explain that. Instead I felt inspired to write this post all about being brave and doing things before the moment passes. 
 Dying my hair blonde wasn't spontaneous and this too isn't what I want to talk about because being spontaneous is something completely different. Getting brave is doing things that do scare you but in the back of your mind you really want to do them.
Have you ever been in a group situation where someone has said who wants to do this, or that. And you've quite fancied doing it, but someone jumped in front and got the thing you wanted to do and then you regret it. Much like An Apprentice situation.
That's exactly it, its about doing something you really want to do, but it scares you but you know it'll be for the best or something you'll really enjoy. 

Dying my hair blonde I'd actually had it on my mind briefly for maybe the past 2 years? 
Starting foundation my best mate told me I should go blonde. Though he tries to make everyone go blonde... hopefully he'll laugh if he reads this. 
 I was still very much set on staying a redhead but over time my hair has definitely changed becoming more brown rather than ginger so I started to get a bit fed up of it. There was only so many times I could go ombré and I craved change. 
 The past few months it was on my mind a lot. I thought about doing the cliche thing of putting it off until new year. You know 'New year new me' and all that. But starting back at uni I thought it would be nice to have a fresh start. A new look for a new chapter which is probably equally as cliche but we're just going to roll with it.

S H O P  T H E  P O S T
(Or similar)

People will always say grab any opportunity that comes your way, take it and run with it. 
Ultimately this is what this post is about. Had I never changed my hair at all I would never know what it would look like or feel like. You can't have expectations of something you have never done. So it's always important to try something. Try something you think you might like to do, or something that you've been meaning or wanting to do for a long time. 
 The same situation applies for a lot of times in life and in particular my life. 
 Just to think if I'd never pushed myself away from my back garden and into the street or public situations to take blog photos I'd never EVER be where I am today. It scared me SO much. People staring at me whilst someone took a photo made me cringe. Or even people just wondering who I was and what I was doing. Sometimes I even thought people must be thinking 'who exactly does she think she is?!'

 It made me feel awkward and uncomfortable but it was something I REALLY wanted to do. 
It played on my mind at the time, looking through Lookbook which was pretty much my bible for fashion when I started blogging. Seeing these amazing outfits in amazing locations- I mean Instagram even more so piles the pressure on now. I thought I want that. And do you know what, now I love it. I don't mind having photos with people around, a lot of the time people just smile and are curious to what I'm doing rather than a sort of wtf?? Situation. And if they are it makes me play up to it more because your confidence begins to grow with practice. 

 I mean not to say I haven't had the occasional comment or much recently I got 'is she famous?!' Which did make me laugh but you take it all with a pinch of salt.

The same applies for when I went abroad for the first time, I knew if I didn't do it sooner rather than later I'd stop pushing myself and the moment would pass. I had always wanted to go abroad, I dreamed about it, so to make it a reality was a big thing. But I would never have done it if I hadn't got brave and told myself, Paige: you want to do this, so make yourself do it.
If you have a fight or flight situation always try to fight. Granted it doesn't always work but try focusing on that end goal.
Like I said this post isn't about being spontaneous because those decisions require quick thought and you throw yourself into something. Which I equally support- life's to short after all.
 But this is the less scarier version of doing something that's been playing on your mind then acting on. 
But think on it too long and you'll talk yourself out of it guaranteed.
Think of something now, something you really want to do; you've always dreamed of and DO it. Maybe not today, or tomorrow or even in the next few weeks. But act on it when you've grown the confidence and I guarantee you won't regret it. And hey if you do, its changeable, just like my hair- it can always be dyed back. 

T-shirt: H&M (similar Asos here)
Skirt: Primark (Similar Topshop here)
Fur Coat: Bottle Blonde Studio

Photography by: Jay 

Onto the outfit now which is actually all my favourite pieces I am loving right now- which was something I didn't realise until I put it all together. I'm a HUGE fan of yellow, cobalt blue, PVC and fur for A/W so this outfit ties it all in together perfectly. 
It also gave me such Kill Bill vibes- and you all know I love good bad gal vibe.
And I mean this coat, oh my god this coat. I was awe over it when it got made during my time at Bottle Blonde. This blue has fast became a favourite colour of mine so perhaps thats what gave me the influence in the first place.


What's your opinion?

  1. WOW!!! You look amazing this colour blonde!!!!! Next you should do like a really bold yellow colour.. your grunge style would totally rock that colour. Fab style as always xx Imogen

  2. I love this post and definitely agree with what you’re saying. Sometimes you’ve just got to go for it! Loving your hair this colour and these photos are fab, killer outfit as always x

  3. I loved you as a red head, but I love this just as much - maybe even more?! In love with this look! x

    Georgia Megan


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