Reading Festival 2017 Photo Diary | + My Highlights

This week me and Jay arrived back from Reading Festival for a second year running. I have to admit this year I 'umm'ed and 'ah'ed a lot about going. Was the line up good enough? Did I have the money? Could I actually camp again? (I get awful backache at Festivals and treasure my sleep time you see)  However after much persuasion and puppy dog eyes a plenty from Jay. My arm was firmly twisted into going- though lets be honest it didn't really need that much twisting in the first place anyway. 
We drew up a list of the bands from the Line Up we really wanted to see (we take this stuff seriously you know) and the list was surprisingly longer than last year Jay took one look at me and well the rest is history, tickets were booked and off to Reading we went.
The real selling point for my this year was the mighty Kasabian heading on the Friday night. Which for me have been a band I've wanted to see for a long time, after missed opportunities or lack of money it made sense to see them here. Along followed Eminem who I said I definitely wouldn't say no to seeing, I mean its Eminem?? And finally the headliner for Sunday: Muse. Who for everyone who spoke to me beforehand I told 'I'm not really that fussed about them, they aren't my cup of tea' let me get onto them later. (spoiler alert: they surprised me a whole load more than I expected them to) 

I did plan on just doing a Vlog for Reading this year, in fact about 5 minutes before I began writing this I'd already scrapped this blog post but I'm not amazing at Vlogging events. Though this year I did manage to squeeze in a lot of talking about the bands and etc, and not long a lot needed explaining. I kind of just wanted to do a blog post talking more in depth about the bands I loved seeing that I may not have mentioned on the Vlog or talking about the moments in my vlog that I didn't reflect upon. 

I also though it might be nice to put my photos to good use from the festival so here we are. 

P O N D 

I didn't include these on my vlog and I don't have any photos from them. The reason for that, the day we seen them was Sunday and we didn't have many bands we really wanted to see on Sunday. So at any quiet point in the day in between having a little rest we went to check out some new bands, or bands that we thought we might like. One of those being Pond. I had heard of these before they kind of rang some bells from their name so I said hey lets go and check them out.
Little did we know, and a little after seeing them we found out 2 of the guys from the band are ex members and associated with Tame Impala- a band I am HUGE on.
It was one of those moments I spent seeing them that I just completely zoned out, I put my phone away and just focused on that moment instead of feeling the pressure to get a good video or record the moment. I danced and watched on whilst they performed and honestly it was one of my favourite memories from the weekend.
Beforehand oddly, a girl came over to me and told me she loved my hair and my play suit. Which was SO sweet and unexpected. It made me think that, that's something we should all do from time to time for no reason at all just compliment one another without having to have a compliment back. Just simply telling someone something nice, it made my day.

D E C L A N  M C K E N N A 

He was one of my highlights of the weekend because I listened to his album before going to Reading and fell in love with it and the way it flowed. Looking at the lineup it wasn't certain that I would get to see him. But by some miracle it worked out perfectly. I doubt I'd get to see Declan on his own on tour or so. So I was really happy I got to see him at Reading. There is something I find really intriguing about him I love the way he sings and the what his songs are about. He came on stage in a dress and looked like he was having the time of his life and I think for that he just made everyone else enjoy it too.

M U S E 

So when I did my last post on bands I was looking forward to seeing I didn't mention Muse, much only to say I wasn't a huge a fan. But after coming away from a mighty set of theirs on the Sunday night, my god do they know how to put on a show. Though I still stand by the fact there is something that doesn't make me invest in Muse or why I don't really listen to their music. In terms of performance they were incredible. I think the real stand out moment was when they brought out AC/DC's Brian Johnson for 'Back in Black' you could see how much it meant to him and Matt Bellamy and that is what I love so much about seeing bands live is the enthusiasm some bands feel for playing and just seeing how grateful they are to be there and being in that moment
 (some bands not all, looking at you blossoms)

E V E R Y T H I N G  E V E R Y T H I N G 

I don't know why but I always feel like a proud mum whenever I see these and I think its because I was a early fan of them and I've just watched them grow. I have old gig videos of watching them front at the barrier for a small set in my hometown.
 The slot they got on the Line-Up was huge for me, as it must have done for them.
To see them pull in the crowd they did, was a wonderful thing to see and the energy during the set was something else. I loved them so much we booked tickets for their tour when we got home and already I'm counting down the days.

G L A S S  A N I M A L S 

This was my second time seeing these this year. I've always had a HUGE love for this band, from their quirks (I mean their drum kit is a watermelon and they have a huge pineapple disco ball amongst cactus's on stage) to their music and always high energy during their sets.
This moment felt really special both for me and Jay. For one we'd just seen Everything Everything before. Then the crowd was the loveliest for both- which I always feel like is such an important factor at gigs and festivals. + both times I've seen them this year their music just sounds incredible live. Like I don't know if many feel like this when you go to see Live music but I love to hear the guitar riff in the songs, or the little bits in songs that you can only really hear in your earphones. Its hard to explain but I love songs sounding incredible live like they do on record. Glass Animals I feel like they go and then some.

On top of the bands this year the weather was beyond perfect. Like I don't class myself as a lucky person whatsoever so to get the sunshine all weekend was glorious (even if I did get burnt) not a single drop of rain all weekend!
Not only that but our camping spot, was too perfect among great company.
Roll on 2018??

S H O P  M Y  F E S T I V A L  S T Y L E 
(or similar) 

Until next time, take care! 

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  1. Aw Paige I'm so jealous, I did five years of Reading festival but it's been years and I miss those days! Can't say the line up was for me but so glad you had an amazing time and look fab as always. I did think of everyone at Reading last weekend, the weather was absolutely perfect for it! xx


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