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Let me kick this off firstly by saying: a) finding your own style is a longgg journey and b) I am in no means an expert in doing so. I have said many times on my blog I still haven't completely conquered it. Which is rightly so. I'm 22, I'm still young. I'm still yet to discover new styles and experiment; as much as I'd love to deny it I still have many fashion disasters to make. I'm still trying to find exactly what my style is. 

I don't think that anyone does truly has a style they stick to through and through. Though if you do, I take my hat off to you. 
But chances are you dabble in a lot of styles that all in some way get placed under the same title. Whether that be, grunge, sophisticated, girly, gothic whatever it may be there's something that gives you some sort of order when it comes to your own style. Or it maybe a combination of a few things or instead feature pieces that you're known to wear like that signature pair of jeans or jacket that makes it uniquely you. 

Point is eventually you will come to a point where it'll become more easier in knowing exactly what is you.

Over the past few years my style has slotted into several categories and had several identity crises over time but the reason I'm writing this is because over this past year or two my style has began to find its feet - or at least I think it has. Once you come to that it all becomes a little bit easier. 
And don't worry if you haven't found your feet yet. This post is about this post is about finding that confidence in your style and owning it.

I think the reason I wanted to write this is mainly because a lot of people have said to me recently: 'you look SO sassy in your photos' or 'how do you get that sass?!' and the key to that is being comfortable in my clothes and my style. I wrote a post here about finding your aesthetic and that was more in terms of your work, your Instagram theme or general style. But this is about you, whether you are a blogger or not. 

So I thought I'd include some tips (why? Oh because I'm Paige and would this even be a post if it didn't have any tips in it??) Tips on how to channel that inner sass- if you like. 

How can you own your style if you don't feel comfortable in it?

Have you ever had one of those days where you leave the house in an outfit you just feel awkward in and can't wait for the second you are back home to change out of it? 
Clothes give us feelings and when an outfit feels good/looks good. You feel comfortable, you feel good. 
They say give a girl a the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world. And it's true. 

When you feel amazing in an outfit, it reflects on your mood. You get power to your confidence and in the way you hold yourself. Instead of that hunched over, awkward feeling you get from an outfit you are unsure about.
 I don't mean every outfit has to be 'bang, bang' sassy AF. Though if that is you, take it and damn well run with it. I just mean it could just be that comfiest pair of jeans that hug your shape in all the right places, styled ever so casually that just makes you feel comfortable and most of all confident in your style. It gives you that feeling like you can take on the world. 
And by comfort I don't just mean wearing a pair of flat shoes as a pose to heels. Comfort is what makes you feel like you. Whatever you feel comfortable in is what gives you that confidence, so if you love to wear heels, OWN IT. 

Have fun with styling 

Once you find that comfort you find the confidence to start having fun with your styling. Fashion should be fun, that's the beauty of it. Push your style in ways you never thought you could. I never would have imagined to wear a pair of trousers like this because I'm short and a pair of long, wide leg trousers petrified me where as they actually they make me feel like the bomb . com. It also made me feel like I could pull from style influences to give it that real sports luxe feel that has fast become part of my style. 

Know what works well on you 

This one may require a little help from friends or if you are far ahead enough you could do this one all by yourself. And that is finding what works well for you. This one is slightly different to being comfortable in something- though that does go hand in hand. This one is about working to your shape, height or anything else. One thing you must keep in mind is what works well on one person doesn't work for all. So many girls out there at the moment are wearing hats; it is coming up to autumn after all so hats are a key wardrobe piece. But I see so many people saying 'they aren't hat people' hats don't look good on them and whilst I could say oh of course they do. Ultimately not everyone looks good in hats (I'm just using this as an example) like not everyone looks good in high waisted jeans or leather jackets. Sad but true. 
Though I perfectly stand by, wear whatever you want. Sometimes you have to take a step away from something you really wanted to like, but sadly it just doesn't work. 
And that is something I feel that is on-going. Each season I get faced with a new style where I am like, really could I pull that off?! And if I can I bloody well do. 

In the same way don't let people tell you what you can and can't wear 

I mean in a job okay. But I'm talking dressing for you and nobody else. If there is something you absolutely love but your friend or significant other is like no I can't see you in that or even I don't like you in that. Shout it from the rooftops if you have to ' I AM WEARING THIS, NOT YOU' 
If there is a new trend you really want to try, go for it. Because you won't know after all until you try.

S H O P   T H I S   P O S T
(or similar) 

Now onto the outfit which I have to say I am IN LOVE with. I've been lusting after a pair of popper trousers for a good few months after seeing them about a lot and on various bloggers. I decided I needed a pair. I was reluctant however as I'm not the tallest of people coming in at a v average 5'5  (yes really.) I say that because people are always telling me I look tall. (its all about the camera angles baby)
So when Shein approached me asking if I'd like something from them, I spotted these Contrast Snap Button Side Culotte Popper Trousers* and ran with them. 
Firstly they are SO cosy, they almost feel like lounge pants. The waist is super stretchy- perfect trousers for meals, you know what I mean?? And they're super versatile you can have them fully buttoned up, half buttoned up or without the buttons at all. Though I have to admit I felt that option to be rather risqué. I asked Jay several times through this shoot, too much leg?? 
There is no denying though they are extra AF, you better believe that if you just want to take a step in these you're going to take a big step because the trousers flare out. I kinda feel like I'm a fashion week every day in these- and I love it. 
I also love the contrast in colours, though I have to say don't be as stupid as me before you leave the house and say oh my god you can see so much skin on these?? Before realising that is actually the beige panel not your skin colour. You'll look at these pictures and think how did you mistake that for your leg. Well I did- best not to ask.

Without intention this outfit felt very Rihanna to me. Not the mention my hair has got SO long over the past few months wearing it down I can't help but keep stroking it like the Rihanna Gif of her at Harvard, I'm sure you know the one. 
Then with the sportswear influences and doing the Rihanna style of: wearing your denim jacket off of your shoulder. And by the way I'm not complaining about any of those. 
Sass central.

Until next time babes take care! 

* an item in this post has kindly been gifted by Shein. Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not reflect those of the brands I may be discussing. 

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  1. Yes yes a thousand times yes. Such a freaking awesome post! Completely agree with you finding your style is a long journey that is never truly completed.
    As for the outfit, well gal you look amazing. I adore you style, your shots, your sass everything. You ALWAYS nail it.
    P.s kinda want some popper joggers now so I can be half as cool as you

    Iamfoxxtailz | alternative style diary

  2. LOVE this post so much!! I always think I've found my personal style but it's constantly changing because I'm constantly changing and growing as a person - the key to it is definitely being confident in what you wear and ignoring others opinions! These photos are amazing, loving the outfit x



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