Tell me I'm your National Anthem | Forget trends I'll dress how the hell I want

This post was either going to go one of two ways: A post about nineties fashion and why I adore that era or why in fact I haven't intentionally followed ninities fashion when styling this outfit and actually  couldn't care less for following trends.
 I chose the latter.

Funnily enough when editing the photos for this post my mum caught a glimpse and said 'oh are denim culottes like that back in fashion now then?' to which I replied 'to be honest mum I couldn't tell you' 
Truth is I no longer really care for or follow trends anymore. Which if I'm being honest is nothing new, I've never really followed trends all my life.

Well okay that is kind of a lie, I did used to buy things because 'my friends had them' or because I'd seen someone who looked cool in them and thought hey maybe I could pull that off (most times I couldn't) When I was younger I did in someway follow trends but not intentionally.
Now I come to think of it I was probably wearing them for all the wrong reasons.

A lot of the time I did make up my own trends though. For example: layering vests over vests? I don't know what that was all about (if you did any of these please let me know because I rub my head and question marks appear whenever I see a photo some very questionable fashion trends I used to don)

Another trend\phase I went through was wearing yellow ALL.THE.DAMN.TIME.
Much to why its probably a colour I don't wear to so much any more. Wearing those 'disco leggings' that I actually seen a throwback to of Zoella wearing recently so I feel a bit better and less alone in that one.
Layering t-shirts over long sleeved tops (Avril Lavigne style) which as you know came back last season in a bigger and thankfully much cooler way. 
So an intentional trend or not they were\ still are a big part of fashion whether we choose to ignore it or not.

 Nowadays I'll pick and choose pieces from within a trend that will suit my style, or just because I really like it. Do I really need an excuse to wear an item of clothing? I think not.
Thing is you can never really avoid trends unless you shop vintage or 2nd hand. Shopping high street everything you see in store is in trend in some way, but like I said its finding what works for you and ultimately wearing it for the right reasons.

I went more with this option to write about this because a few things fashion wise have been bugging me of late. One being to do with those roll-your-eyes-so-far-back-in-your-head-articles you find on twitter from those god awful magazine/news websites telling you whats in trend. Even worse what men want women to wear and these things your wardrobe just needs.
I get it, they're doing their job but they drive me insane much as I know those reading will say they drive you insane too.
Okay so the ones where they highlight this seasons trends aren't so bad I can deal with those but one I seen recently really annoyed me.

One that you will have most definitely seen too about 'boobs being back in fashion' I mean where do you even begin with that one?? Boobs have aaallllways been in fashion we don't take them off for a couple of months put them at the back of our closet and wait till they are on trend to get them back out again. And that's what I find so frustrating why places like that think its okay to dictate what we wear and if we choose to have our cleavage on show?
I for sure didn't need to see Rihanna wearing a revealing dress to be like, okay I can wear a dress like that now.

Of course we don't listen to any of this, none of this is new in any way whatsoever I think trends have been over for ages. Its 2017 and we wear what the hell we want- without having to be questioned.
We might think differently about wearing certain items of clothing because we've seen a trend that's made us think that way. For example: sure if you seen Rihanna in 'that' dress and think damn she looks good in that I think I'll wear something like that. That in my opinion is the right way to think about it.
Sure if I like a trend I'll follow it but I won't wear something just because its in trend.

So and finally this then brings me onto my outfit for this post which like I mentioned at the beginning wasn't intently styled more towards the 90s trend, double denim and all that, this outfit was very accidental giving a nod to American fashion as well.
I could have chose to tell you all the ways you can style 'the 90's' and why I adore a lot of the nineties trends but this outfit for me is fun. Its not about following a trend or anything in particular it was about putting together an outfit that I love and playing about with it.

I mentioned a couple of posts ago here that I was always too afraid to do double denim about a year ago because of the 'rules of the trend' (sorry I'll stop saying trend now) Do you pair a light denim with a dark denim, do you match the denim? Should I wear double denim with that? Or, most of the time I just simply didn't wear it because I didn't think I could pull it off.

Once I got over it, and stopped caring what people thought of me in double denim or if I should be wearing it, now its actually fun to wear.
Also completely helped by the fact that I'm a nighties child through and through. 

I've had these culottes about a year now. I brought them because at the time I was having a real thing for culottes- I still do. I too love high waisted denim. 
They're quite a quirky little pair for me and though they don't always do me favours because of my height (they do shorten me a little bit.) Paired with a pair of heels (I think) they do the trick.

This jacket is too an absolute dream Tommy Hilfiger has fast became one of my favourite brands for a while now and comes in as an ode to American fashion (I love the American flag inside which obvs I had to get in the photos some how)

And lastly some how honestly I didn't plan this with the stars but the stars too, tie this look all together. And that for me is what styling your outfit is all about. Forget following the rules and make your own. Over and out.

Denim Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger, Culottes: Zara, T-shirt: Vintage, Vest and Shoes: Primark. Badges: Pin Pricks & Pin Game 
Thank you to my absolute bae of a boyfriend for taking them for me. The lil photographer he is.

What's your opinion?

  1. I totally agree with you here - what's the point in wearing something just because someone else is? Whenever it comes to shopping for new clothes and putting an outfit together, I always go with what I'm personally comfortable in. If I'm not comfortable, I won't be confident.
    Also you look incredible in all these shots! (You definitely rock the double denim).
    -El x

  2. I absolutely love seeing your various styles, you work it all so well! Who wants to look the same though really? Shows so much more personality when you dress the way you want to!
    Love Vicki ♡ victoriajanex


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