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If you've followed my blog a while you'll know my style has e-volved god has it changed. 
And still now I'm trying to find my feet with what is me, what is my style? I'm not sure I will ever know. I find when I'm getting rid of things from my wardrobe I'm asking Jay is this me?

Having a conversation with my friend a few weeks ago he said your style is honestly nothing like it was when I met you. Well besides the fact apparently I walked round wearing the wrong foundation for about 2 years of knowing him but hey we will let that slide...

You'll know if you followed me rightttttt from the beginning: floral dresses, Peter Pan collars, pastel colours and pretty much anything girly, slightly childish was my jam. Much to the fact I cringe about still even now, not that I'm saying anything is wrong with that style, but trends change and I know now that, that truly isn't me it doesn't suit me and quite frankly I've grew up. 

Starting university I pretty much wore anything black. Anything to detract people from batting an eyelid. On the occasion I branched out to burgundy or green colours claiming 'but it goes with my hair' or 'it matches my eyes' still I kept black as the main centre focus. 
Gradually going into my 2nd year of uni I feel like thats when I started to find my feet with my style, hey it still needed a little polishing but I was learning what I loved and what was me. 
I strutted out the house one day in a leopard print coat (still an absolute favourite of mine) and wearing a hat I was like hey I could actually get used to this. 

I still wear black now, I still love black most of my entire wardrobe is black but HALLALUJAH I found colour!

I knew it existed, I knew it was there but it was more like something I'd like to ignore.
 I'm sure multiple times whilst I've had this blog I've said I want to introduce more colours to my wardrobe or just experiment a little more with them. But over the last year I've really decided to actually put more effort into doing so and actually finding myself loving adding colour into an outfit. 

This summer I've really grown to love colours, I mean this could just be a summer thing and I'll be back in black by winter but I'm pretty sure it's here to stay. 
Hey I might push the boat out and wear a full colour outfit, miracles do happen.

I can't change someone else's style over night though, we are all each our own person but I'd like to think that this post would inspire you to think actually maybe I could wear colour too.

 Never did I imagine wearing red and orange TOGETHER. I mean I joke about wearing a full outfit in colour and do you know I might but that is little steps at a time. I'm in no way saying throw colour at your outfit and walk out like Joseph and his amazing technicolour dreamboat though that would be pretty impressive I have to say, and yes I would like full credit. 
But what I am trying to say is red and orange are colours I absolutely despised a year ago. Orange especially you would't catch me in. And in fact orange is my new favourite colour. Crazy eh?
And I mean some colours you just know, you just know you will never wear or love or be interested in but it could take a piece of clothing in that colour or just a strike of a mood that may make you think differently about it. 

I wasn't planning on including or even writing about this when I took these photos for my blog, but well if you don't know me I like to make more work for myself. 
So I decided to include a few lil tips for those who maybe a bit scared like myself I was scared to enter the world of dreaded colour. (Its not dreaded anymore, actually its quite nice) And just give you a few little tips for how you can include them in your wardrobe without going full out. 

Give your outfit a pop

The oldest trick in the book, this could be anything from your bag to your shoes, to a jacket you want to throw on top of your outfit. A pop of colour is a perfect way of just adding a hint of colour into an outfit without it really being too loud or distracting. 

Say it with a slogan 

Again in the same way with a pop. Slogan tees come in so many different colours I've seen a lot of red about at the moment like I have pictured above. And I find its a really easy way of it tying in with an outfit without again being too much or wearing a red tee out right. A tee with some red, blue or orange writing is more subtle and wearable. 

Dye it

Okay so your not quite ready to hand over a bright pink top to the cashier and commit to actually wearing it. So you know that top you've had laying around for ages that you aren't quite keen on the colour of? Dye it. 
I had one laying around that had gone a slightly discoloured white, unless its white white it annoys me so I took to the dye and made it pink and do you know what I think I'd wear it more than I would being white. Its unique and no one has one like it so that too is a bonus. 


Stripes are alwaysss in fashion. But one of the most subtle but so on trend stripes is the ones down your arms on sweaters, on the side of trousers. That one line in a colour is a perfect way of having colour in your outfit but you know me I love a spot of sports luxe.
In the same way Breton stripes work perfectly too, if you tend to always drift towards the same colour navy and white/ black and white stripes opt for a different colour.

If all else fails

Colour on your lips or nails is a fail safe way to make sure to add some colour too an outfit. If you're not quite ready to wear colour yet. Baby steps work best.

Denim Jacket: Hotel Showergel, Culottes: Zara, Earrings: H&M, Shoes: Primark  

Just before I leave ya, just wanted to touch on my outfit and my smoking jacket which I am obsessed with. I've been after an orange jacket for a while and even thought about dying one of my own but then this baby came along from Hotel Shower Gel and I just had to have it.
This outfit if I'm honest I kinda threw together and thought god it actually works, like I said at the beginning I never thought I could pair together red and orange and actually like it but I do.

And that's it until next time, also make sure you're subbed to my youtube channel I have a new youtube video up tomorrow on my monthly favourites where I've featured this jacket there.
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Until next time huns take care! 

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  1. Love this so much - great tips gal!

    Your photos are forever a fave of mine x

    Iamfoxxtailz | alternative style diary

  2. great look

    Mrs. Aa

  3. I can totally relate to this. I used to dress quite eccentric almost, then wore nothing but black. Now I'm somewhere in between, but I'm happier in colour than I ever was before.

    Love these pictures too, amazing!

    Tie Dye Eyes fashion blog

  4. I've followed you for such a long time now and your style has always been amazing, it's incredibly inspiring to see how it's evolved! <3

    Love Vicki ♡ victoriajanex


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