Head in the clouds but my gravity's centred + Saying goodbye to Summer

It dawned on me whilst editing these photos ready for today's post that next week is September - SAY WHAT?! University is starting again in October and well the weather is nodding its head hugely towards Autumn which can only mean one thing we are almost at the end of summer (sob) and for those who know me, know summer is my favourite time of the year. 
This is probably the last time there will be a 'summery' outfit making an appearance on my blog for this year... though I say summery this is literally a basic t-shirt and jeans outfit but I will move onto that later. 

Its nearing the time to pack away the little dresses, shorts and vests and make room for cosy jumpers and those dreaded tights, any blogger you see not wearing tights through-out winter lies
How do your legs not get cold!
 Still any hint of cold, annoys me. I'm not an autumn/winter person. Not one bit. 
Which maybe makes me an odd bod in the blogging world I guess. Whilst those are thinking about snuggling in bed on dark nights and thinking about drinking spiced pumpkin lattes (though I am rather partial to one of them) uttering those words before the end of August makes me feel a little uneasy. 
Don't get me wrong I do love Halloween and occasionally Christmas. I much prefer the warmer weather, the light nights and long days during summer. Before you say anything I am fully aware I live in the UK and warm weather is a rare occurrence. All of this could be because I am and always have been a summer child through and through.
Not just bloggers but friends and family tell me a\w dressing is their favourite. 
Which to some extent I do too love. Last year I found my love for sweaters and layering t-shirts over sheer long sleeves but perhaps I love summer for its effortless, okay I mean my lazy attitude to dressing. 
Hey it might mean having to bring those legs out; my lumpy and not always shaved legs on show. Shorts that claim they are high waisted and comfy to wear but are so clearly not. You find yourself saying I'm sure these came longer on my leg last year and didn't flash my behind off to every passer by. 
Getting my arms out for sleeveless and bikini tops though I swore I would lift more tins of beans to tone my arms up. Summer dressing I still enjoy. 
And after all we are in 2017 now I think... I mean this year has gone so quickly I wouldn't even bat an eyelid if it was already 2018. Beach bodies or summer bodies are about just having a body to start with, forget the ideal. Anyway that is another subject. 
In light of saying my fair wells to fewer light nights and preparing to go back to University for that dreaded 3rd year. I thought I would put together a mini list of things I love about Summer Dressing and what I'm going to miss into the winter.

If you have followed my blog over the summer, I think it would be a hard task of finding a post where I'm not actually wearing a pair, whether they are on my eyes or on my head or to hand they are there. Finishing off an outfit, or for the practical case of actually shielding my eyes. 
Of course you can still wear them throughout autumn but is it still really acceptable?
And this too could be because of my blog photos but again they're another lazy piece that, whether you have no eye makeup on/minimal makeup/hangover/off day or you know its just a Monday. Sunglasses make you look that bit chicer and lets be honest you don't need to worry too much about the rest of your face. 
That is of course if your boss doesn't ask you how your Monday is going.. 


Some days I even leave the house without one at all during summer because hey, I'm a risk taker. Theres nothing I hate more about the cold weather than wearing a coat 'to keep warm' then sweating to death on public transport. Not to mention I get sick of the same coat 2 weeks deep into the cold weather because it doesn't bloody go with everything 


Like I said I mentioned this at the beginning. Wearing tights has become the bane of my life. More to the reason if the weather was warm and sunny always I'd happily watch them go up in flames.
 Its probably the reason why I wear dresses less now. If its a little chilly tights are a given with a dress, perhaps not to some people but a touch of a slightest bit of cold I can't stand- call me a wimp but I really hate the cold.
 Some people reading this will say just don't wear them then, so honestly I'm open to suggestions freeing my life of those fabric snakes.


Who invented Culottes cus' seriously and honestly I think they are one of the greatest inventions. Just popping out today I threw mine on, comfy, cosy and most of all allow you free your legs without showing them off too much.


Though I have vowed this year to keep adding more colour to my wardrobe and continue to do so throughout the colder months. There does tend to be less of a selection of colour about during a\w. Tans, beige, black (which of course I'm okay with) berry colours and greys. I'm not quite sure I'm ready for it all again. 

Today's outfit is perhaps a little different to most recent posts but I have to admit I am at the end of my tether with outfits at the moment. For many reasons, one being that I need new pieces in my wardrobe. So at the moment I have turned to styling up old and timeless pieces a little differently.
Admittedly this is Jays t-shirt he's really got into vintage pieces just lately, whether that be actual vintage or pieces that look vintage. 
It has took me a LONG time to get to that stage with him, I'd show him something vintage to which he would put his nose up to. It took my best mate (who takes my photos) to wear a vintage shirt to which Jay really liked now the rest is history. 
I took a liking to this one though but I have to admit it gave me lots of Cady Heron Mean Girls 'we wear pink on Wednesday vibes' when she borrows a Pink top from Damian. 

I tried to style it up true to its vintage style by pairing it with some of my Cheap Monday high waisted jeans that are to date the best pair I have owned. Popping on a belt and kept it nineties. 

I threw in my ring bucket bag for good measure because these are in this season I've noticed. Its perfect for when I want to carry my camera inside. 

S H O P   T H I S  P O S T

Jeans: Cheap Monday (ASOS)
Bag: Primark (ASOS Alternative)
Shoes: Primark (Ebay Shop Alternative
T-shirt: Vintage Umbro (Pretty Little Thing Alternative)
Sunglasses: QUAY (Zalando


What's your opinion?

  1. I haven't had enough sun yet :( I hate working indoors haha, I want to summer to stay pls!
    Love Vicki ♡ victoriajanex


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