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Over the past few months every day I've had off, everyday I've had spare, every evening I've told myself give yourself the night off; I haven't. 
 This time last week I lay in bed, cup of tea by the side. Eating a pan au chocolate ooh fancy hey? Watching Netflix (Glow FYI) which is A-mazing. Anyway I told myself this is okay, this is relaxing, and enjoyable and ultimately I'm giving myself a break. But in my mind, it wasn't okay.
I seen my reflection, that face you see that everyone talks about on the black screen of Netflix asking if I wanted another episode, which by the way I never see. I drag series out for as long as I possibly can don't ask why I just do. 
I thought to myself I should be doing something even if it's whilst I'm watching something I should have a notepad in my hand or be scrolling though Instagram or tidying my room, anything just to be busy.
Now this may be because I am wired to be busy. It's something I've learnt about myself over the past few years I hate being bored to the point it makes me really frustrated. I'll spend days busy out and about, to return home and STILL have the desire to do more. I'll multitask to the point where I'm not even sure if I can take on anymore.

 But is it because I enjoy being busy, being creative, doing something or because I guilt trip myself into thinking I'm lazy if I don't? 

At this point last week I took to Twitter- when in doubt do a poll.
For the first 5 minutes I felt bad the poll (the people) said I should get out of bed and do something with the other option trailing behind to stay in bed. Half an hour later the tables had turned with most saying to stay in bed, relax have a lazy day.
 Fast forward an hour there I was finishing up my face with mascara and setting spray ready to film a YouTube video. One that could have probably waited a week or so. But some part of me felt satisfied that I hadn't had a wasted day.

 In the long run this is actually a really positive thing, I'll be on top of things and it'll save me being stressed or pushed for deadlines but still would one day off not have hurt??

I feel like Sundays are one of the worst days too. Even some Saturdays even if I have spent the week busy at work and doing my blog, YouTube and whatever else is on the agenda. I wake up to people busy on there insta stories, making the most of their day and there I am laying in bed watching the world go by. 

If I'm honest it has to stop, for one comparison is something I talked about in my last post. I need to stop comparing. So what if someone else is having a busy weekend? How are you to know they haven't spent all week in bed? So what if things are happening at different times in different peoples lives?
It's not as though I do nothing everyday of the week. So why should I feel guilty for spending the morning in bed spending the day in bed. I tell myself every weekend I spend doing nothing, but last weekend I went shopping, went for a meal, went out to a party. Today I choose to rest. I deserve this.
Days like this we should actually cherish, they're are special, reflective and refreshing. 

Perhaps sometimes I feel ashamed too. Think of the last time someone asked you so what did you do this weekend to which you replied 'I did absolutely nothing' which is probably never right? Because we are to embarrassed to say when you have done absolutely nothing because it's crucial to have a life right? God forbid you have nothing to put on your instagram story or you aren't doing anything to  to have a story, to have something interesting to say rather than admit to just
being lazy and having a day off.

Do you even need an excuse for a day off? I know sometimes, whether its my hormones or a touch of depression. I have days where I just don't feel like doing anything. I can't even bring myself to do anything. And then I feel guilty, horrible guilt for not being able to do anything.

I keep telling myself you'll be back at university soon which come October I'll be looking back at this post like shut up your whining Paige you should have been thankful for those days off. Those days of doing absolutely zero because they were refreshing, and they were in some ways rewarding too.

So I'm holding my hands up. Do you know what some days (most days) I like to busy. Hell I LOVE to be busy, I live for it. But yes it is okay to take a break from time to time and give yourself time to breathe.
You have to give yourself a break for you own mental well being you shouldn't feel bad for letting yourself off for a day, for an hour, for procrastinating or scrolling on Instagram when you 'should' be working... I mean if you really should be busy doing that essay/dissertation/project then you should probably really do that.
But if that not-so-important thing you aren't doing just for the sake of being busy. Stop it and take those times and enjoy them, enjoy being lazy because lazy is good. There I said it. I love to be lazy. Lazy is good

Until next time babesss, take care! 

What's your opinion?

  1. Love your thought and also your pictures!


  2. Glow absolutely IS amazing! I finished it within like two days aha. And I can completely relate to this, I always feel guilty if I have not had a productive day, I like to sit and reflect each evening on what Ive done and I do kick myself if I've Ive been lazy or not done as much as I'd hoped. BUT Ive been trying to be less hard on myself and realising that having a break is part of self care, oh and I voted stay in bed and be lazy on that poll you mentioned hehe
    Cydney x


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