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I was really feeling a music post this week so thought why not? Tuesday night me and Jay booked Reading so it was kind of a given. I can't actually believe we're are going to Reading again but hey, I can't bloody wait! Nearer the time I'm planning on a 'bands I'm looking forward to at Reading' but until then I fancied doing my current favourites songs I'm loving. 
And I hope you do too!
Liam Gallagher - Wall of Glass

I wasn't excited when this first came out as much as, say I was for Noel Gallagher bringing out his own stuff. *hides under table from Oasis fans*
 I really have to hand it to the man. This is an absolute tune, one that you can help but find yourself singing to. Its actually really exciting to hear some solo stuff from Liam away from Beady Eye (I wasn't a fan) now this is all about him and his time to have a moment and I think I'm going to enjoy more of whats to come. 
Not to mention I'm seeing him at bloody Reading Festival YASSS!

Arcade Fire - Everything Now 

Oh man do I adore this band, I honestly think that everything Arcade Fire bring out is pure magic. 
Its always so current of the time, I always feel like they have such an awareness of the world which is really refreshing to hear.
I love how uplifting this song is. Every time I hear it, it just makes me happy and want to dance. 
This is definitely one made for festivals. 

Wolf Alice - Yuk Foo

I have to admit when I first heard this song, I wasn't blew away. It wasn't what I expected from Wolf Alice if I'm honest. But after a few listens it definitely grew on me, or has now grew on me.
It feels like with the arrival of their new stuff, they're are saying: we are here. We have arrived.
And that is what I love about this. Its definitely a song to listen to when you've had a bad day or split or with your ex. One to play on full volume and scream from the rooftops. I am so excited to hear more from them. Especially as I will be seeing them at the end of the year. Double YAS

Everything Everything - Can't Do

I ADORE Everything Everything and I totally believe that they are one of the most underrated bands. The music they make, the sound they create and the vocals Jonathan can perform with his mouth is insane. They never fail to excite me when they bring out new music. Each time it always sounds like a new sound. This one sounds more dance-y in comparison to their others, but still stays true to who they are. 
Its so catchy, by second chorus you'll be singing 'I can't do the thing you want' 

Also i'll be seeing them at Reading, at the end of August Triple YAS. 

The Killers - The Man 

I AM IN LOVE with this song. 
It sounds so different to anything I would expect from The Killers but everything I kinda want from them. 
I love how cocky it is and self assured it is singing ' I got gas in the tank, I've got money in the bank' 
It feels very familiar of Brandon Flowers own music which for me is a real plus point because I love Brandon Flowers own stuff. This song feels really plays up to the frontman that Brandon is. I'm excited to hear more from them, and hopefully follow in a similar sound. 

Foo Fighters - Run 

I am so happy to have The Foo's back. I love the way this track builds up, the husky vocals at the beginning they seems soft but then MAN does it pick up. 
The heaviness of the track really does it for me. They still well and truly have it,  I think they proved that at Glastonbury. This song is definitely a rollercoaster of different levels but still stays true to The Foos sound. 
Cant wait to hear more from them.

Don't Care Enough - HAUS 

I feel like I'm always shouting about how good this band are. I really really hope they get bigger and appreciated for how good they actually are. His voice is something really new and usual and every time I listen to them they sound so reminiscent of Foals. 
Its hard to quite place your finger on what kind of style or genre this song fits into at times it feels like you want to throw a fist to the sky and shout other times it feels calm and quite sincere. 
If you haven't listened to these before, I really do urge you to do so. 

Oh also I'm seeing them at Reading too Quadrouple YAS

Sorry I'l shut up now. 

Until next time!
OH and also its my birthday next week, so I'll have a special lil birthday post up! 

What's your opinion?

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