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I had SO many Lily Allen 2k6 vibes when editing these photos. I have a slight fear that my style both in life and on my blog are edging more towards Chav Chic than Sporty Chic but anyhow I am REALLY digging this outfit. The whole location and such just came together real nicely.
I got my skirt and sunglasses from Hotel Shower Gel (which btw I think is the best name I've heard from a vintage store!)
Upon receiving both I had straight away an initial idea of how I wanted it styled. I wanted it to be ALL about the pink, if I'm honest I was a tad lazy with the top, but in my defence the day we shot these it was SO, hot mid heatwave which comes about once in a blue moon in England.
So I had no choice but to go out in as minimal clothing as possible. The white pieces worked perfectly to be honest, and if you know my style will probably say actually Paige this is the first time we have seen you not wearing black??

I know miracles do happen.

So in this post I kinda wanted to drop in some Vintage tips for shopping vintage.
As like I mentioned most of my outfit is vintage and its nice to show that in a cool way, you know?
Not all vintage has to be frumpy and floral.
I've not bought vintage for a long time, so instead of showing you my expert tips I wanted to talk tell you my tips for little things I have picked up along the way, or learnt.

Try everything on before you make your decision 
(it on may look rubbish on the hanger but styled well)

 I have been a victim of this many times. And admittedly not bought something because 'it didn't look good on the hanger' In the last month or so twice I've realised this mistake. 
When I got got this skirt I wasn't too sure if it would actually fit or look good on me, even though I loved it from a far. Would it actually suit me? I was pleasantly surprised obvs.

Working at Bottle Blonde has also taught me this lesson. The girl I work for buys vintage and initially seeing some vintage doesn't blow me away, at least to see on a hanger but styled in the right way with the right pieces it works. Personally I believe if you have the eye for vintage, you have the eye. 
Vintage can look amazing and as good as new.  Recently we did a photo shoot from vintage clothes from a Kilo Sale and they look SO good! Don't always judge a book by its cover I guess is the lesson here.
Even at vintage fairs they will have somewhere to try the clothes on-there's no excuse. 
 Take a few things in an armful, and style them in different ways. If none of them work, at least you know, but maybe just maybe you might be surprised.

 Go for the gems and not the stuff you can buy anywhere 

So many times I've came across pieces that 'claim' to be vintage. Or are vintage but who would really care if they were or not?
 Finding vintage is all about the gems the pieces you pick up for next to nothing for something no one else will have, or something that is that bit special. 

 Items to avoid: plain tshirts I mean really just go to primark, go. Some vintage denim just because it's Levi's doesn't mean it will look good and chances are you can find a pair of cut of Levi's shorts at pretty much any vintage place/ shop you come across.
Vintage shoes, unless they are in great condition or a brand worth buying. Leave 'vintage' converse as far as I'm concerned you're better off buying a new pair. If you think I'm joking the last vintage fair I went to they were selling muddy converse to be honest I wish I was joking. 

 Much more on that point don't just buy it because it is vintage

I'll admit it a few occasions someone has asked, 'wheres that dress from' to my reply, 'oh its vintage' sounds quite good. But in theory why do we like telling people its vintage? Because its cool?
Buy something because you like it, because you will wear and because it looks good on you!

 Buy from trusted places 
Trust they know their stuff. Do they often get one of a kind really good condition pieces in? Do you know you're getting a good deal? Would you find it anywhere else?
My favourite places to shop vintage are:

The Savage Sister 
Hotel Shower Gel 
Cow Vintage
Bottle Blonde Studio 
Beyond Retro 

  Take your time to shop

 If you're in a rush or in desperate need of an outfit for an occasion don't do vintage.
 Take your the time to shop, browse through the rails start at the beginning and work to the end. Those gems? They aren't always that obvious. Like normal clothes picture it as an outfit.
   Sure it's one of a kind, mint condition but will it go with that girl about town style you don?
If not give it back to that lil vintage heaven for another person to love.

Oh and one last thing before I go? THE SHOES! How cute are my shoes? I'm a sucker for fluffy things, and the colour is SO cute. I couldn't resist. 

Sunglasses & Skirt: Hotel Shower Gel, Earrings and shoes: Primark, Necklace: Miss Selfridge, Top: Topshop, Jacket: Photographers own


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  1. Such a stunning look - the location is perfect for it too! I totally agree with your first tip, I always try everything that catches my eye on! I always think, well, it's caught my eye for a reason, gotta give it a fair chance off the hanger (even if I move up close to it and it's not what I thought it was)! Great post x

    |Georgia Megan|


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