Hotter Than Hell | Outfit Post

I used to avoid double denim like the plague I don't know why. It wasn't that I didn't like the trend. Okay I did for a while but that was when baggy flared jeans with baggy denim jackets just didn't work- for me at least.
But I think I always had this I wasn't cool enough or fashionable enough to pull off.
 I remember the first day I met Jay he was wearing double denim and I was just like damnnn son. Never could I pull anything like that off, for a start I didn't have the confidence.
 Maybe at times I think I still lack in that confidence. I asked my friend Tomas (photographer for these photos) a million times before taking these "does the double denim work??" To which he couldn't understand why I have such a elephant in the room feeling about it.
Jay always wears his double denim two different shades, which works every time. I think matching too looks great, but I guess it depends on the individual.
 Walking to the bus stop after taking these I seen 4 people- I kid you not. Wearing double denim; straight up and down matchy matchy same colour double denim. I thought oh hey perhaps double denim is on trend (is it?) I don't actually know why I am asking that I am a fashion student after all.

 Something that I know is on trend however is flames hell yes give me alllll the flames.
 I've had this strange urge since the trend began to just paint/ patch flames on everything and I can't really think of anything else I could do instead. Water? Earth? Somehow it just doesn't look as cool?

 When I thought flame print just couldn't get any better, then you add glitter. I am obsessed with this Syd and Mallory top when I took these photos it was really warm and I kinda half expected to just die from heat but actually the top felt really cool much like the ascetic I was trying to keep throughout these photos...
 The tee is an Amazons one (a band in case ya didn't know) which coincidentally I was listening to whilst writing this post. I'd already decided that before I went to the gig I'd leave with this T-shirt and Jay told me not to get my hopes up that it would be there. But it was, so there I grabbed it.
 Honestly I don't think its often that bands actually have good merch and I seriously think that needs to change. At the current state Justin Bieber has better merch than all of the bands I listen to put together so sort it out ladsss. (Foals I'm looking at you)

Seriously though how warm has it got? I actually took some photos since these without tights- honestly my favourite time of year. So apologises if these are a bit too warm too look at, still though theres flames all over them after all, so you can't ignore the heat. 

Boots: Primark, T-shirt: The Amazons Merch, Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Top: Syd and Mallory 


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  1. I'm so in love with that top! And you can never go wrong with silver boots, can you?!?!?!


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