Why we should champion our bad-ass selves and all the badass bloggers

I am the first person to admit I (used to) hate blowing my own trumpet. Showing people work I've done, talking about what I've done and in all talking about my achievements.
I've learnt over the past year or two I would prefer to listen about other peoples achievements than my own. I still struggle with it now people say what about you? What have you done? And I'm like me, little old me oh nothing. When hell I've done LOADS. I work bloody hard on a lot of things.
I'm a fashion student that you probably already know and part of being a student, any student really in art or design is having a portfolio and showing off your work, your best work that you want to showcase.
Only a couple of weeks ago I was going through my portfolio to the girl I work for at my internship to ask her advice and she said 'where's all the amazing stuff you've been working on?!' 'This isn't a reflection of you' (Granted at the time I hadn't filled it with that yet) but I knew in myself that ultimately I had been sort selling myself.
So another side to that is being a blogger. I see people or other bloggers talk about bloggers being self obsessed/ or self absorbed but a big part of being a blogger is doing exactly that. Cringe as it may be you have to sell yourself and in a big way. You are the face of your blog so its down to you to sell it in the best way you can.  Of course you can write about important issues which is obviously huge but I believe yourself has to come in there too, your personal take or experience on it. At the end of the day it is your blog you aren't spending your time promoting someone else. If you've wrote something bloody amazing let everyone know promote the hell out of it.

This post came to me last week when I got some amazing feedback from my tutors at university on my blog that I have to keep over my placement year out. Some things were said that just really made me smile made me cry. Not only things about that blog but also this one too, and it was so nice to hear some positive things about my work that meant a hell of a lot to me. It made me realise that I work really hard. I know that I do I just think I need the reminder every now and again which I think is the case with most people. We'll all admit it's nice to be noticed for the work we do.
As a blogger we all have our lil corners of the Internet! We all put all this time and effort into something we love doing so we need to champion ourselves more for it!

After the dramzz the past few weeks on Instagram/Twitter I'd be right in saying bloggers are feeling a little deflated for not getting noticed enough being overshadowed by fake accounts, fake followings or our just comparing ourselves far too much. I'm not saying that's the case for everyone I've seen those that aren't fazed by it at all and in fact are working hard on their content; bursting at the seems with new ideas so you go gurrrl/ boys
Which ever one you are it's time to start championing al the hard work, the passion and the effort that we put into our blogs. Cus let's face it we aren't going anywhere. We love what we do and ultimately do it for a good reason. We're all stepping up our game working harder and pushing our content constantly- us bloggers we are badass. So why should we champion our bad ass selves and all the badass bloggers?? Let me fill you in. 

W E  W O R K  E X T R E M E L Y  H A R D  

Damn do we work hard. 2 hours in the cold just to get the perfect photos, then the 36367 hours editing, trying to describe my new so perfect pair of jeans, changing my layout for the 100th time, arranging flatlays, promoting, scheduling posts/tweets... I'm getting breathless just thinking about it.
And the best thing? We aren't forced to blog unless we do it for a job or as part of a business. We blog for ourselves; we do it because we love it. 
I've spent nights up till the early morning and totally regretted it the next day but i've done it because I'm proud of what I do and I want my post to look and sound good even if just 5 people could read it.
One little thing to remember when you're next reading another bloggers post, share it, comment on it spread it all over the place- if you loved it of course because theres a real person behind that post and they'd love to know if you really loved something they'd done.

W E  W I L L  A L W A Y S  H A V E  S O M E T H I N G  U N I Q U E  OR
  I N D U V I D U A L  T O  B R I N G  TO  T H E  T A B L E

With the blogosphere constantly becoming oversaturated on a daily basis, thats either to some people a really big threat or how I like to think of it hugely exciting. This blogging world needs fresh faces, to keep things new and updated. Don't get me wrong I have my favourite bloggers who I have followed for ages but I keep seeing new and completely amazing bloggers who deserve that recognition too. 
I'm constantly in awe over what people bring to the table, seeing a bloggers post and being like woah thats pretty cool I've never seen that before is really fun.
But on the other hand there are a lot of bloggers or really stick to and know their shit, blogging mental health or beauty say and doing it well. We are all individuals and from one blog to the next they all vary. If they are similar and I mean like copycat, then thats blogging done wrong. You do you, boo. No one likes a carbon copy.

Also don't be afraid to do something different and DONT think that your work isn't good enough because it isn't like someone elses. NEW IS GOOD. I think we're all at the point of being sick of seeing the same thing over and over, white walls (even though they look good I still do) marble surface, gucci shoes are so over.
 We are all constantly learning and developing our work/our content so just don't be afraid to try something new.
You may not always like your own work, but the last thing you should do is compare because we all do it differently and that ultimately is what makes this all so fun. 

K E E P  B L O W I N G  Y O U R  O W N  T R U M P E T 
because honey know one else is going to do it for you.

Sure like I just mentioned other blogger babes/ friends or even your mum (my mum loves a good Facebook share of my blog) can or will share your posts. 
But its YOUR blog and you've done something amazing right, thats why you've posted. Took some banging photos share them, wrote something your proud of tell people. Don't let those things go to waste. Within reason obviously, I mean there is sharing and oversharing which is a whole different story. Don't bombard people with your content but just kindly push it in people's faces every so often. And say hey this is me this is what I do.
It'll be hard to begin with but once you get the hang of it, your confidence will grow with your own work anyway. 

W E  A R E  A L L  I N  T H E  S A M E  B O A T 

This post is super positive and right now thats the way I feel about blogging in general. However its no lie that we all get deflated from time to time and need to take a step away. Its not ideal but it is hugely important. 
Don't think that people won't understand, because they will. Most importantly you put you first.
I have times where I compare myself far too much and thing my blog is utter shit. I've complained about it on Twitter and pretty much whined to the world. But the moment someone pops up and says 'GURL I loved the post you did last week' or 'I loved those photos you did' that tiny as it may be gives me a huge boost. Maybe its not as bad as I think it is after all. Bloggers benefit from that a great deal, people in general in fact. All I ask is that we all be a bit more nicer and understanding of one another.

We are all badasses whatever niche we choose to blog for or blogger or not now more than ever is the time to raise each other up notice one another's achievements because we're all awesome.

   Until next time take care babes

T-shirt: Zara, Mesh Top (actually a dress): Urban Outfitters, Sunglasses, jeans and shoes: Primark


What's your opinion?

  1. Totally love this post! I love the outfit. Bloggers totally need to blow their own trumpet and realise it's not 'bragging' and it's just being proud of our achievements!!

    Robyn / www.phasesofrobyn.com

  2. This post was such an amazing and positive read, absolutely loved it!!

    I was a fashion student and can totally relate to having to keep the portfolio up and not always selling myself and my good work. I think we all judge ourselves differently and comparing is what we sometimes do.

    Same goes for the blogging world as you've said but I think spreading the positivity is always there in the community! I enjoy giving bloggers posts a read, commenting and engaging via socials. We all like a support group haha.

    Also absolutely in love with that tee and mesh dress! zara have some awesome tees lately :)

    Gem | gemsupnorth.co.uk xx

  3. cool look!


    It's so true- we really are champions of our own brand and have to make it the best it can be. With me because I'm constantly changing sometimes I find my blog identity hard, but I think as long as I'm confident with how it is I think that will shine through :S hehe

    I am always up for supporting my fellow blogger- no-one is a competition and I have a blog post scheduled all about that blogger drama and how it was so stupid to be calling people out!

    The issue Im having at the moment (and maybe there's room for a blog post hehe) is whether im too old to blog? Im almsot 27 and the other day a friend told me she thinks it's 'too late' for me to be thinking about blogging which I found soooo weird!

    M x

  5. I totally agree with you! People bring up my blog to me and I react by saying "oh it's nothing, just a little hobby" and then I feel like smacking myself because it's not! It's just my automatic reaction to say that and I need to stop. I work really hard on my blog, as we all do, and I need to start acknowledging that! Great post, really honest and relatebale xx

    |Georgia Megan|


@paige rhianne_