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Between me and Jay we're pretty huge music fans. Jay loves finding new music and I love being given new recommendations. So I'd say we make a pretty good team. Jay is always coming to me with new bands to listen to. So when I came across a subscription box a couple of months ago before Jays birthday I thought it would be perfect. The subscription box is called 'Flying Vinyl' whereby you get sent 5 7" records each month (some of which are coloured which makes me squeal with excitement) of cool upcoming indie bands.
 I wasn't too sure initially on buying him it I don't like signing people up for subscription boxes which are obviously an on going thing you have to pay for (even though you can cancel at any time) so I later I suggested it to him where he decided straightaway that it was a done deal. 
I don't own a record player which is why I don't have no Urban Outfitters style photos in the post below and why I don't own the subscription box cus that would be pointless dur.
But finding myself quite looking forward to what bands are in the boxes each month is exciting and when I'm at Jays house we like to sit and listen to them which is a little favourite thing of mine to do which is also why I decided to write this post and pick out my favourite bands from the boxes.

For fans of: Wolf Alice, The Vaccines, Spring King 

They feel so grunge with a real carefree sort of vibe. These are actually another band that feel really old school. Bitter Town actually sounds like something that belongs at the end of a 80's coming of age film. They are just the right kind of grit when your having a bad day. They give off that Vaccines sort of feel definitely some bangers amongst their music.

Listen to: Baby's Alright

Sugar Thief 
for fans of Haus, Jaws, Jamie T and The Kooks 

I'm not sure why but the first time I listened to these I dismissed them I hate to admit but listening to the next time I was like WHAT HOW?! How did I dismiss these so lets try again. 
I listened to these yesterday and I fell in love, hey its not always love at first sight. 
I love the whole carelessness to his voice its very, Jamie T esque. I can see these going really far, honestly and I'm not just saying this because I found out their from Birmingham and hey I'm totally going to blow my own trumpet. Birmingham have produced some pretty outstanding bands such as Peace and Jaws. So I can definitely see those following suit. This is pure indie the kind I bloody love.

Listen to: Joy Affair 

Listen to: Ring Ring and Drunk

I have to admit firstly that I'm not a huge fan of bands with girl singers. Obviously I do like a few but I don't know why I always tend to opt for bands with male singers. I don't know why that's the case, Jays always like I don't get it?? Neither do I. So it is a surprise to me that I do love these. I think the minute that I heard 'Drunk' it just makes you want to strut into a rock and roll bar and dance honestly it feels so bad ass I love it, definitely gives of that bad gal vibe and man some days do I need that. 
 Oh yeah this is also the band that I upon coming across their other music I found one ep cover had a banana on and the other egg so that was pretty much a winner in my eyes, that sounded better in my head. 

For Fans of: Tame Impala, Empire Of The Sun

I fell in love with Sports straightaway probably about 10 seconds into the first song played. After I kept asking Jay 'whats that band I really liked called?'
A soon as I listened to these they just make me think of summery evenings. They have a very chilled laid back vibe with a real 80's feel. The vocals feel very empire of the sun esque which is something I really dig. I think there is something really nostalgic about them it definitely has that old school feel. 
Really groovy but with a very easy listening, upbeat vibe. I'm kinda obsessed I have to admit.
Also their vinyl was see through red so that was a straight winner for me.

Listen to: Whatever You Want and Panama 


For fans of: Peace Foals, Palace

Upon listening to these they remind me of Peace a lot, more like their '1998' vibe. The sound of the guitars and everything really gives of that vibe. Again these really remind me of summer one I can imagine listening to on a sunny day cold drink in hand. I'm sure you can see a pattern here. (I love summery bands) A lot of their songs are quite slow and easy to listen to again much like the previous band, but not slow in a depressing way more of a real indulgent moment a band you could get lost listening to. A lot of their riffs/guitar pieces remind me of Foals and the Maccabees which I adore. The lead singer has quite a gritty tone to his voice too, which in contrast to the tempo is a real nice play.

Listen to: Spotless Mind 


For Fans of: Metronomy 

Okay I have to admit these are quite a strange one. Well not strange to listen to I think its just because   every time I think of them I think of their vinyl cover that makes me chuckle a little. Straight off they seem like a group of cool people and their music does sound cool to listen to as cringe as it is to keep writing cool they definitely have a groove to them. (okay I need to work on my vocabualry)  Listening to them his vocals sounded very David Bowie esque I have to admit but there is just something about this band I really love. I can't put my finger on a genre but they're weird and I love weird. 

And that's your lot, if you enjoyed that post let me know! And if you like the sound of Flying Vinyl you can visit their website here and check it out for yourself! Let me know if you listen to any of the bands. Until next time take care! 

Also this wasn't an AD or anything, I just fancied doing it. 

What's your opinion?

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