Those great whites they have big teeth, hope they bite you.

Before I took these photos I had shall we say maybe a 'minor breakdown' one that occurred again just this weekend. Whereby I realised my wardrobe is FULL off black clothes.
I packed for my boyfriends this weekend and every piece was either black or white. Luckily I've started to be more drawn to actual colours.

I think I am always trying to slowly add pieces into my wardrobe that make a break between the black but with Spring on the way really I'm going to try; not even just buying new pieces but customising old pieces to bring them to life shall we say, in colour form. 
I love pieces that add slight accents or are more of neutral colour to black like the top here. This outfit I actually wore to London fashion festival (read my post here) I loved it so much I wanted to snap some photos of it for 'me' blog. 
 The outfit ties nicely together of all the things im really loving at the moment, mesh, silver (which has tbf been a firm favourite for a long time) and dusky purple collided with this whole grunge feel.

 The shoes, shall we talk about the shoes?? I've bloody adored these for ages (since Christmas to be exact) I just haven't really had the opportunity to show them off since then, or the occasion to to be honest! I have a big deal with that wearing clothes for the first time on an outing but anyway more on that another time. 

 Okay lastly I'll touch on the mesh, I love this whole deal with mesh and I buying this dress for LFWFESTIVAL I knew that it wouldn't be the only time, this piece is so versatile to just throw over the top of anything really just to play up to that layering trend.

Jacket: New Look, T-shirt: Primark, Dress: Monki, Shoes: Public Desire, Sunglasses: Quay Australia

Until next time take care! 
Also I'm off to #BlogConLDN this weekend! Im so excited but so nervous! 


What's your opinion?

  1. These photos absolutely rock!! I loved this outfit at London fashion week festival and the shoes were just so sassy!! :D

    Heather Xx

  2. I'm so in love with your shoes! They're perfect with this outfit! My wardrobe is all black too don't worry, you can style things well with a monochromatic theme. If anything, it looks way more sophisticated! I looove this look! x

    |Georgia Megan|


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