London Fashion Week Festival

This is a delayed post I apologise, sorting it out I realised that it happened 2 weeks ago?! 
I've been really busy, and this week has been a little crazy. So thats why it got pushed back so much. 
Anyway 2 weeks ago I went to London Fashion Week Festival. It was the first time I went so I didn't really know what to expect. This year it had moved to a new location (previously being at Somerset House) I was a little upset to have not visited there but this venue (in no comparison to the first as you know this was my first time)
 The venue was extremly cool, very urban but also clean and keeping to that luxury feel. Even down to the food I called it 'blogger food' I mean avocado on toast? You can't get more blogger-y than that.

The event in all was mainly based around shopping which was surprising! I expected more talks and showcases an exhibition type feel. 
We did book to go to a show I say we because I went with the lovely Heath Chambers from 100 Ways to 30 as so nice to finally meet her after a long time of chatting, we had a such a laugh on the day and something I really love is hanging about with a blogger, taking photos of everything and of each other  because thats just what we do, so its really nice to hang around with someone like minded. 

The catwalk show we chose was Trend, as on the day we wasn't too sure on the designer. 
Trend was a combination of designer pieces placed into trend categories. Florals frills and cold shoulder. All hosted by Laura Jackson which was a lovely surprise, having watched her on the brits after party a couple of days before. 
The trends were beautiful too so dainty and elegant. I've hugely brought into the frilled trend already. And started building my wardrobe up for spring nicely! 

I discovered on the day so many cool pieces, brands and exciting bits! but 2 brands in particular caught my eye on the day so I just HAD to talk about their pieces and take a million and one photos, not all included in the post (obvs) otherwise you'd never return to my blog again. 

The first: Sarah Baily I could spot the metallic colours and leopard print pieces a mile off, I was like a hawk. So coming round to the stand I couldn't wait to ask to take photos, because honestly I wanted ev-er-y-thing. And honestly the pieces looked so familiar little did I know after going on Instagram a few days later they were worn by the beauts Confetti Crowd. The combination of colours and patterns was just so up my street I can't even explain! Oh and stars did I mention she had a star pieces too! 
Honestly the loveliest lady and so interesting to hear she just stumbled into Accessories! Make sure you check out her website because honestly it just has all the life!

And next, Florence Bridge. And she was just awesome (did I just say awesome) because she had pink hair and was yet another designer just so lovely to chat to! 
Straightaway her bags caught my eye she told me they were called 'The Ice Cube bag' I have to say I was even more thrilled to see she sells triangle versions of those too, which are equally so very cool. 
The bag which you'll see pictured below I loved the whole idea of, I mean to start off with it was metallic silver so need I say more but I also loved the fact you could wear it any way and clip lots of accessories onto it, like pom poms or such basically anywhere and everywhere you like on the bag. 
Her clothing is also massively worth a look, the pieces are gorgeous!! I wanted to squeal quite a bit when I seen her super fluffy fur coats honestly they looked so cosy!

And last but not least I put together a mini LFWfestival video which is sort of a short blog/mini montage of the day if you fancy watching that its down below! Enjoy! 

That is all from me for now, i'll be back next week with an outfit post! 
Until next time take care! 

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