Just like fire burning up the way

So the big ol' news is if you've probably more than likely noticed by now I FINALLY have my own domain. It's been a long time coming, almost 7 years to be precise.
The reason I haven't done so before?

I started my blog out for the bottom reason I wanted to blog, it was/it is my hobby. 
I've never set out to get free things, be payed or for any other reasons other than I just enjoy blogging, completely and honestly. 7 whole years talking about, sharing my outfit, the things I love the things I've done just because I love to do it and I love my readers. 

I've always taken it seriously but now I'd just like to go that little extra further. I'm not announcing I'm going full time or anything.
I'm not sure if that'll ever be the goal but for now Held Together By Pins is a real part of me. A part of this huge blogosphere I want to call my own. I work hard on this blog, I blog every week without fail. Man I work hard so it's about time I came across more professional on my own little space. 
I guess what I'm trying to say is I just didn't see the point in proving myself by having a domain before, I'm not going to lie I have had a lot of doubts about my blog over the past few months and years. 
So now, now when I feel settled, ready and more than sure this is what I want to do it's time to take this bad boy seriously. So without further a do lets get to it. 

If you haven't seen my recent collective haul video on my YouTube channel where I mentioned the word grunge about 50 times you may or may not know. I fully love the grunge trend right now and have been lusting after a 'fire font' text tshirt/hoodie for a while. I fell in love with this one because I'm almost certain it's a thrasher style dupe. I love it's long sleeves that cover my fingers which was something I used to hate. I'd do it all the time at school because I was shy as soon as I noticed myself doing it id stop but now I kinda like it. Plus I don't complain about a bit of warmth especially when its still so cold out, come on warmer weather! 
Sleeves have been and are such a big deal atm and I'm alllll about it.

The sunglasses I've also been lusting about which you can also spot in my youtube haul. They are a perfect addition to any outfit to really give it that pop and they're perfect for summer! 

I really love this outfit because I feel like its a perfect reflection of my fiery side. Its playful and insanely badass at the same time, I tried to pair contrast it with the pinafore dress giving it a femine edge whilst also completely tearing up with the top. 
This style is pretty new to me, but I'm really digging it. 

Top and Sunglasses: H&M, Dungarees:New Look, Boots: Hypnotise 
Until next time!


What's your opinion?

  1. I love this outfit! Congratulations on your own domain! x


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