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I haven't wrote a good lengthy written post for a while. Most of the posts I write are usually based around my outfit, what I'm wearing and where its from. And when I do other posts such as DIY's its basically a lot of explaining as to why I wanted to do it and how to do it. 

I don't and haven't wrote for a while either a personal, from the heart or opinionated post. I'm very annoyed at myself for it, because it was something I used to do a lot and enjoy. I actually think I've had writers block for a very long time, but have just chosen to neglect it, I haven't forced myself to write to really admit to it. 
Sadly it takes me a lot longer now to not even just write the post but bring up the effort to. I love writing too which is really sad. 
So partially to myself and you, the reader I apologise for not doing this more often. This is hugely on my list of things to do more of this year. 

Today I forced myself to write purely because I really wanted to do a valentines day post. 

The last few years I've done an outfit post, being an personal style blogger I love to plan outfits and talk about style except this year I raked through my wardrobe to find nothing that resembled Valentines, call it a change in style I'm not the girly girl I used to be so I don't have a lot of 'valentines' themed clothing, hell I don't even own anything Pink or Red in my wardrobe right now. I know it doesn't have to be themed in that way. It could just be styling a black LBD, honestly this year I couldn't bring myself to do it. If you read my previous post here I explain more there, it kind of went a tad anti valentines?

I thought about valentines day gift ideas, date night ideas; honestly the list is endless. All of them didn't seem to suit me, or my blog content so for that I couldn't lie and pretend I enjoyed writing a post I felt forced to write.

So don't write about valentines day at all then, I hear you cry.
I'm stubborn and I really wanted to write one. I'm a romantic you see, but I also believe in a bit of good old fashioned love whether that be for yourself or someone else; you know why not even both?! Its a topic i've wanted to write about for a while, the idea of just love really in general but mainly self love. Like I mentioned before I kind of put it on the back burner because I wasn't sure where to start, so here it goes.

Before I get into the whole moral of the what the blog post is about I'll talk a bit about what my plans are this year.

Me and jay decided to not really celebrate Valentines Day this year. Its tomorrow and we still don't even have any plans. I know we will do something, but it wont be all love hearts, roses and chocolate fondue. (Though that last option sounds tempting)
We've been together almost 3 years now and man that is hard work, of course like any relationship it is! 
We both equally love each other to bits yet life gets in way, work and anything else in between.
You find that you have to set aside days/nights that you take time out for each other to really focus on the relationship. 
Like date nights for example.

 So part of me thinks, why do I need a commercial, promotional day to celebrate our love for each other. Of course we won't not celebrate it because for that reason it gives us that excuse; an extra day to solely focus on us.
 You find when you are in a long relationship date nights are hugely important. It means putting everything aside, for that one person who means the world to you. Its also good for your own selves too, its refreshing and ultimately makes you both feel good. Happy selfs = happy couple. 

Okay for the single guys, and gals. The same applies to you, yeah you!
You may think this sound intimidating coming from someone in a relationship, but i've been there we've all been single at some point in our life. Thinking back to valentines day now when I was single I don't think its ever really bothered me, some people it does to some people it is the be all and end all. But it shouldn't be, my mum used to always buy me a card to just let me know I was loved regardless of whether I had a boyfriend or not, she even once brought me flowers.

And that, that right there is why I believe Valentines Day is important for those who chose to acknowledge it. 

Love, is ultimately love. It doesn't matter where it comes from, we all need love. 
I mean I get the fact that Valentines Day is surrounded by the whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing, but I think that puts way too much pressure on an individual. Unnecessary pressure too, instead think of it as a holiday just like Christmas or Easter in a rather more underrated way a little date put in the year to just to love someone or be loved. 

So hey maybe we shouldn't be so scared of a day that either lets you share your love and affection for your boyfriend/girlfriend or maybe just someone you're just really fond of whether that be a sister, your mum or even your pet. 

There maybe some, single reading this that think well I'm not even worried about having a date or so for valentines day and for that i say you go girl/boy. 
A little self love goes a long long way, regardless of status or not, and true to the saying you have to love yourself before you love any body else. 
And ultimately this is really what this post is about, though I maybe have gone round the houses a bit before (give me a break this is the first time I've wrote in ages) 

This is something I think we should be doing more. You could call me a hypocrite because on a daily basis (ask my boyfriend) I moan about my hair, my weight, my skin the list is endless. But when I do have those days where I'm like HELL YEAH, my hair looks damn good today, you know what my ass fits into these jeans perfectly you can completely see the reflection on the relationship, my boyfriend hates seeing me that way much like, I'm sure many of those reading this's other half hate when they speak badly of themselves. We all have hang ups, but its about either loving those or finding things that we do love about ourselves, and yes think about it there are things you could think of.

I'm not saying in anyway lets all go find the nearest mirror and shout 'I am friggin beautiful' though thats not such a bad idea. Life and self reflection isn't all happy clappy, thought I'd love it to be having just seen La La Land i am in that musical state. It takes time, man it takes time. 
Writing this now, I still have SO MANY things I can say I strongly dislike about myself, but I can also say that there are too a lot of things that I do. I can't even believe that i'm saying that either. 

So finally to put this post into a kind of conclusion. (Finishing this now I'm not entirely sure if it made sense) 
here are some ways to spend your valentines loving yourself or letting someone else love you. 

This is more for the girls, but buy some lingerie or something you feel sexy in. 

Or if you don't fancy that just treat yourself. Buy yourself that lipstick you've been lusting after for ages, that skirt that you put off buying until payday. I say lingerie because I could buy it all the time, there is so much around this time of year too that is so beautiful! Its one thing you can wear and feel SO sexy in. Regardless of anything put on a lacy number and you will feel like incredible. Put some on for your partner and well, I think they'd agree along those lines. 

Pamper pamper pamper

Like I said earlier, loving yourself starts with you. Grab that facemask, paint those nails do what ever it is that makes you feel good in your own skin. Take a bath and relax or take a bath with somebody else... it is valentines day after all. 
Lush have some amazing and fun bath bombs in atm! 

Do something you/ your love, love to do

This is one you can do with or without someone. At the weekend me and Jay baked some valentines day themed jam tarts. Well I more told Jay he had to, it would be fun. I know he secretly enjoyed it and the most was we made something together we spent quality time doing something fun. We love to get together and watch films or just listen to music, last night we lay whilst jay showed me some new bands, and honestly it was so peaceful. 
You can do anything you love on valentines, even if that means doing nothing. If its what you love to do, do it and if you like to do it with someone else then bring them along too! 

Last but not least 
Tell someone you love them in a romantic sense or not and hold them close. Life is far too short. 
Appreciate everyone that walks into your life and sticks around, they're the ones you need. 

Until next time take care
(I really hope you all enjoyed this post)

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  1. Love this post, I didn't have the best Valentine's day due to being ill but I did try and practice self care with my doctors appointments and nap in between. I love that Valentine's day is (at least form what I've seen) becoming more about love for friends, family, yourself, your pets, and your significant other rather than just the last

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