You and I, we were born to die | Outfit Post

I planned a Valentines themed outfit post (honest I did) but my wardrobe seems to be mainly black with a hint of dark hues at the moment, that doesn't seem to be changing any time soon. 
As a matter of fact I've got into red so much lately, I don't have hardly ANY pink in my wardrobe, I think apart from one jumper and a shirt. Not that I have anything against pink, its just not really my colour. So a valentines/date night this year was really of the cards, my apologises. 
Instead it kind of took a anti-valentines day approach, not intentionally honest!

 Me and Jay are great in fact! Still I actually think this outfit has a real hint of a romantic feel to it. 

I actually loved so many of these photos I struggled to edit them down, my Mum and Jay both do my photos for me, which I really need to mention more because really without them my outfit photos, well wouldn't even exist. They both put up with a lot to be honest, I'm quite the 'model' or shall we just say 'blogger' to work with, I know what I want how I want it to look, I hand them the camera and we shoot till we get it. I thank them so much for that. 

Anyway lets get into the real nitty, gritty of the outfit. I fell in love with this T-shirt as soon as I seen it, a photographer I know Jess (check out her insta cus her photos are 💣) she shot some photos of a model wearing some pieces from Olive and Frank and instantly my mind went 'WHERE CAN I GET THAT?!' Slogan t-shirts have been an absolute fave for some time, I love the whole indie/Tumblr feel and this one has aallll the feels. 

I'm massive on layering at the moment too, I remember when I was younger I went through what I called a 'skater' phase, listening to Avril Lavigne (she was my idol) you know the phase. I kept wearing T-shirts over long sleeved tops and I just wish I'd of kept some of those now because actually they were cool AF. I just didn't think at the time.
Funny how fashion rolls back around and now here I am probably 10 years later (god that makes me feel old) doing the exact same. This time with more of a sheer layer, I am massively lusting over mesh and lace pieces, if its remotely see thought I want it. 

P.s If you love photos you'll love this post. I tired to edit them down really I did 

*Tshirt: Olive and Frank, Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Tights: Primark, Boots: brought at Clothes Show, Lace Top (actually a dress): Boohoo, Fur Coat: H&M

Until next time beauts take care! 

What's your opinion?

  1. Love this look! The lace under the tee is a fab idea as well.

    Meg | Elmpetra

  2. I adore the photos so much, you look like such a babe!! Also loving the lana lyrics xxx

  3. Girl you are giving this post ALL of the S-A-S-S!! I love everything about it, from the clothes, right down to the location, so cool! :)

    Heather Xx

  4. wow this outfit is lovely!! You look grogeous!!!

    Lauren.x -


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