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If you love Home DIY's/ Home Decor or in general just like to be nosey, hey there is no shame in that! 
You'll probably love this post. 
I take so much pride in my bedroom, I think I always have done since a child. Every room I've had I have strived to make it my own; make it me.
I have a huge love for Home wear and in particular just making and doing little things here and there for my room.  

When I first decorated this room I did a Room Tour on Youtube but since then I've changed, added and moved things around. Instead of doing another Room Tour as I didn't see much point. I thought it would be nice to just do an update on here and give me a chance to take some pretty pictures too. 
I thought this tied in nicely together because I put together a DIY a few weeks ago and thought I could have made this into two separate posts I thought I'd roll them into one. 
So this is quite a long post, but hopefully one you'll find enjoyable.

I thought it would be a good idea first to show you the DIY as it will make more sense when you see the piece in my room. 
It is a magazine holder! 

I came up with the idea for it, because I have a bookshelf in my room that does have books on but it gets used more for storage. The books I do have on there, I don't have a lot of space for. I also have another bookshelf underneath my desk and still there isn't a lot of space. 
On my book shelf it has too started to get filled up with magazines and I really didn't want to keep them in that place so what better place than on a magazine holder. Of course I could of just gone out and brought one of them but where is the fun in that??

To do this DIY you will need: 
Tacks (or screws, if you use screws you will need a drill)
A Hammer 
Spirit Level 
(Possibly a ruler, if you need it)
A saw 

First begin by rubbing down the wood, this is hugely important especially if you are standing it in walk way or somewhere, where someone might be walking past. 
Even if you are just moving it getting a splinter in your hand isn't nice at all! So rub it down with some sand paper and get it all nice and smooth!

Next measure how big you'd like the pieces of wood to be. I had 2 long pieces of wood which I put either side, they were the right height for what I wanted obviously if they aren't for you cut them down to size accordingly. The same for width: to do this I took my biggest magazine I had and placed it between the 2 longest pieces of wood and checked its width and spread the wood accordingly. 

I marked on the wood where I wanted to cut then got to work with the saw!
Be extra careful when sawing which is a no brainer to say! I actually got Jay to saw it here because some of the pieces weren't very easy to get through!  

Once you have that first piece of wood, next measure the other pieces from there so you have all the same size pieces of wood horizontally. Simply place the piece on the wood mark, cut, mark, cut and so on. 

You can do as many or as less as you like. I spread them out evenly down the length of the longest pieces of wood. So it looks like a ladder, which is obviously what you are aiming for! 
Also keep measuring against the magazines, at this point I placed the magazine to see the difference from one piece of wood to the other to make sure the magazines didn't overlap each other. 

For the top piece of wood (I would advice this)
 Hammer in what I like to call a 'support piece' so this is your first bit that is going to hold the 2 pieces of wood either side together. And that begins 'the ladder effect' 

I was planning on using screws for this but instead opted for just simple tacks, use whatever you feel comfortable using. As the wood I used was very thin it worked well and the tacks were long enough. As long as they go through the wood its fine!

Hammer in on both sides the tacks. 

So it should look a little bit like this..

Just make sure that it is straight to do this I used a spirit level. You can and probably should do this step before hammering in the tacks to save you having to take it out again! 
Then continue to do so down each piece of wood so it holds its stability. 

Do that all the way down the ladder. Spacing it out as evenly or how ever you would like. I was placing the wood on top because I liked the look of it, if you want to put it together more seamlessly then by all means. As long as it is sturdy and resembles a ladder, you are all good! 

And it should look a lot like this!

Next if you need to sand down the wood again.
 If you did it well before skip this step. I just found there were pieces I'd missed or didn't feel smooth enough so I went over them again. 

As soon as you have done that, take the paint brush and get paining (if you want to that is) pick any colour you like and go crazy. You don't even have to do it one colour if you don't want to. I just picked copper because I felt it was still quite similar to that wood colour, and of course tied in well with my room! 

Like I said at the beginning of the post I probably could have made this into two posts, but I felt they tied in together very nicely. 

First I wanted to talk about this bed cover I picked up recently. I have become quite obsessed with anything leaf printed as late, I think I've mentioned this quite a lot on various platforms recently. Honestly I can't get enough of it. I tend to find that a bed cover really ties a bedroom together as it is probably the largest item you have in there.
 I have a few different duvet covers, but most that are old now and most likely need to be chucked so recently I have been slowly but surely replacing them. This one is such a gorgeous new addition and it goes perfectly with my decor. 

Becoming a plant lady too of course means I have to have actual plants. I have 2 new little additions to the family along with my little cactus's. 

Another new addition and one I've been itching to put up since Christmas is this scratch map. I'm still yet to find a frame for it and put it up permanently.
 I have to admit I put this up for the purpose of the post but this will be its location and I'm aiming to get a frame in the coming weeks so I can scratch of the places and get started properly on it! 
Again I mentioned in my youtube video on What I got for Christmas that I love this map because its copper, it looks gorgeous in my room.

A lot of things get changed in room mainly down to convenience and finding what works best for me. I have 2 bedside tables so I used to have my makeup on one side, but I do my makeup by the window so it made sense to have it on the table nearest the window. 
I sprayed these twigs I had copper some time last year and they look gorgeous as a little piece on my table. It creates a lovely little shadow on the wall at night too, which I love. 

Prints are too ever growing pieces in my room, I picked this meow one up from Ohh Deer for literally like 50p its actually a greeting card but who would know?! Again it ties in so well with my room, my boyfriend tells me: its very me.

Finally you may be able to notice my bedside table layout. With my stunning Paris lamp, which I fell in love with and surprisingly got brought for Christmas along with some date blocks and my cute little elephant candle that will probably never get burnt. Its too pretty!! 

I really hope you enjoyed this post, as much as I had fun putting it all together! If you'd like to know where I got any of the pieces you can see, let me know and I'll do my best to direct you to where you can buy! 
Until next time take care! 

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  1. Your room is so gorgeous! I love all the little prints and the cacti are awesome. I have that same bedding myself!

  2. Those magazines look amazing on the board! I love all this d├ęcor so much! x

    |Georgia Megan|


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