2016 in Review

2016 year in review

2016, you know you haven't been bad to me at all. Leaving out the celebrities deaths and politics alike; this year hasn't been the best in those terms but I have definitely made the best of my own life this year.
I turned 21 (I'm in the prime of my life you know) I travelled abroad for the first time ever, I know! I loved it so much I went back for more.
 I went to the festival I said I've wanted to go to since I became an indie fanatic and ticked off so many bands I've wanted to see for so long. I started my internship year! I've worked with some really wonderful people and got to learn so much.
I've had really wonderful moments with friends and moved house.
This post I take a look back at some of those moments and I've complied an 2016 After Movie too which I had a lot of fun putting together. 

reading festival 2016

This was always the first festival I said I would go to, it wasn't. Instead I went to parklife then Latitude as my first actual festival. This year Reading had one of the best line ups with Foals, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Biffy Clyro headlining how could I not?? It was 4 amazing days spent with Jay seeing bands I've wanted to see for a very long time so I got to tick quite a few off my list!

paris at night

If you'd had asked me in all the world where would I want to travel first I'd say Paris every time without hesitation of course I wouldn't pass up a chance to travel anywhere but Paris always seemed the place to be for me; somewhere I truly felt excited to go to.
 So come February, 14th to be exact - Valentine's Day! I travelled off with my friends and the rest of my uni to Paris.
I went by coach which I felt personally more happy about there's one thing conquering going abroad, then another getting a plane. One step at a time I told myself.
 We go by coach because 3rd year fashion students go fabric shopping and can bring fabrics back. Being 2nd year me and my friends just wanted to sight see. Explore the city and take in its beauty. I think one major moment that stands out for me this year is the moment we stepped off the metro and walked up the steps and in front of us there was the Arc De Triumph that moment felt like something out of a movie I couldn't believe that it was there right in front of me. Surprisingly I didn't feel quite the same for the Eiffel Tower don't get me wrong it still blew me away but especially so on the last night when we want right to the top and looking out across Paris despite being freezing to death that is a moment I will cherish for a very long time.

aeroplane in the sky

I loved going abroad so much come summer we were off on our first holiday together to Gran Canaria and this time by plane. I've suffered with anxiety pretty much all my life so as you can imagine a moment like that I didn't take so lightly I was surprised at how calm I felt and even ended up eating on the plane too which I still laugh thinking about now that, that was me doing that. I feel so nostalgic about this holiday because me and jay equally adored it, the place was beautiful, the weather even more so the moments we made on holiday is ones I won't ever forget

couple kiss

Super soppy but I couldn't imagine doing any of these things without my love, this year we've celebrated our 2nd anniversary together. We've created so many more moments that neither of us will forget.


 I think that if I could think in the summer that I would be happy and I had secured an internship I wouldn't have half the worry and wouldn't have felt so down about it but it's the way things go. It's life and sometimes it gives you a good kick in and sometimes you struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm so excited to see what this year holds both education and career wise I'm planning on going to a lot of events and really just getting out there.

opening door

As you may know we moved house last year I did a whole blog post about the change and everything here. But this year we moved again finally where we feel more settled, I never thought I could call this home I'm in now, home. But everything feels in its rightful place, and for now everything I could want.

Of course this post wouldn't be complete without going through my outfits from January through to December, I like to think I've become braver with my fashion choices! And continue to do so over this year. 

year in outfits

year in outfits

year in outfits

year in outfits

My resolutions for 2017

I've not been massive on my resolutions this year to be honest, usually I draw up a list as soon as I can but this year I am quite relaxed. I don't want to set unrealistic goals and ultimately I'm happy with life which is the important part. 
However there are a few things to think about this year, for one I go into my 3rd year at the end of the year so I know with that will bring lots of big decisions and time to get real serious. I think this is going to be the year to really discover who I am and come out my shell more (hopefully)

1. Meet more bloggers- I think this will be a resolution for as long as I blog. Last year I think I got a bit lazy with it. But there is so many bloggers I adore, ones I've known for a while and ones I've just discovered. I say to myself all the time I'd love to meet them! So this year it needs to happen, more on that...

2. Go to more blog events- again last year I got really lazy with it. But having the time this year whilst being out of uni I want to travel down to London go to events. See, and discover things that are ultimately going to help me out with my blog.

3. Get a blog domain- something I've wanted to do for so long, I've had my blog almost 7 years now so I'd like to make it a serious thing (though I should have done that a long time ago) now I feel more serious than ever. Plus at the moment I am pretty much full time with my blog so I would like to push it more. 

4. Start yoga again- It made me feel so good last year. I was thinking about it only last week and realised that when I was fully into it I was more relaxed. I began doing it before my panic attacks got better and it made me think about if maybe that may have been the reason for why (it might) of helped to ease them off a little 

5. go on holiday again- man I need a holiday

Really hope you enjoyed reading this post if you did enjoy it make sure you check out my Youtube video below of my 2016 After movie

Until next time take care! 

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