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2,613 total minutes and 163 artists discovered in 2016 that's without the stats from my boyfriends account (which I frequent quite a lot) so in total thats a lot of music in one year!
I couldn't leave 2016 behind without doing a little round up and talking about some of my favourite bands and the songs I've been listening to this year as well as talking about some of the bands I'm massively excited to hear from next year.

Twenty One Pilots 
Top Track: Lane Boy

I never could have predicted that at the end of the year I would be saying that Twenty One Pilots are possibly now, one of my favourite bands. I would hear of them and I used to speak about them to a friend at work who told me 'You need to listen to them, they're so good' but I could never bring myself to, so I had another listen when I found out they would be headling one of the stages at Reading.. still then I just couldn't make it happen. They one day a week whilst my boyfriend was away I had another listen thinking this time I would understand the hype. I did, and fell and I mean massively fell for Twenty One Pilots, to the point where I was utterly obsessed I'm not talking like fan girl levels here but one point over the summer I literally did nothing but listen to them, and would listen to no one else.. which is bad I know.

I chose my top track Lane Boy for obvious reasons, this song is a mega banger. 
From the point it drops and goes full drum and bass it just gets me. Im a sucker for anything with a beat anything upbeat and makes me want to dance. 
One thing that I adore about TOP is the combination of different genres they combine. Rap, pop, rock, d&b with a bit of acoustic they feel like every guilty pleasure combined into a band. 
AND I promise i'll stop gushing my love for them in a sec, the way they preform on stage is something else, something you really need to see! I completely buy into it, the story they recreate and the antics they get up to on stage is truly something. 

Top Track: Honey Sweet

Blossoms have had a mammoth of a year, to where they were from the beginning of the year to comparison at the end is insane, to think at the beginning of the year I barely knew who they were they did a gig at my local venue which I 'um'med and 'ah'ed about, I didn't go but I'm still regretting that decision to this day. Still I got to see them at Reading which made up for that and you could see then, the support they have and how much the fans really love them was so wonderful to see. Im sure they have a lot of fans like myself that have followed them from the beginning and watched them ahem blossom into a band that is really going somewhere. 
I can't mention them without saying you have to draw a comparison to Arctic Monkeys, __ the lead singer has a real Alex vibe about him but one thing that I love about that is (unpopular option alert) he has half the amount of ego (in a good way) and you can tell is completely down to earth much like the rest of the band, i really hope that, that doesn't get taken away from them amongst the fame. 
Still they have bloody good music, I chose Honey Sweet (sorry I'll stop being punny now) as my top track because ultimately this is what made me fall head first in love for this band the whole sticky sweetness sound to the song is so dreamy, it sounds nostalgic almost.
I predict that this band are just going to only grow and grow. 

Two Door Cinema Club 
Top Track: Lavender and Ordinary

4 years I waited and I waited for Tdcc to bring out a new album or even just give a little teaser of anything and this year they finally graced us with this absolute beauty of an album, still I'm not sure if it is my favourite of theirs but everytime I listen to it I find myself saying 'wow I didn't think this album could get any better' yet it does.
 Its certainly a grower, however I didn't even need to get half way through the album on first listen to know how much I was going to love it. 
I knew this because partly it hints of Hot Chip, a real disco sort of feel to it and the tones in Alex's voice is just something completely new and different to anything we have heard from them before. 

I couldn't honestly choose a top track because my love for this band is something else and to wait for new material from them when a whole album came around it completely over whelmed me to be honest. I chose Lavender because I love the combination of the chorus, the chords from the guitar and the beat of it. I don't know what it is about but I feel like its got a real hit to it. 
Ordinary feels familiar from their last album and their last (for me) was my favourite I loved that it had a real summeryness about it and I feel like this track carries that warmth through with it too. 

Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Top Track: We Turn Red 

I got into The Chilli's a huge amount over the summer, they are a band I've loved for years and danced drunkly to at the end of the night to By The Way but never have I properly listened to them so as they were headling Reading I decided to go back through their archive and fully immerse myself in their music. 
I fell so much in love for their new album because 

Fickle Friends
Top Track: Cry Baby

I didn't realise how much I loved this band until I realised how much I kept going back to them every time I was stuck for someone to listen to. If I'm honest its not often that I like bands with a female vocalist I don't know why that is, I don't know if it comes down to the music or what but something about Fickle Friends I love, her voice, everything. They are so upbeat too and they have this real feel good to their music. 
I chose Cry Baby as my top track because from the minute it starts it makes me want to dance, from only really getting into them towards the end of the year this song has fast became my favourite.
 What we do know is they are making new music so fingers crossed for an album in the new year!

Top Track: My Only Friend 

I don't even know how I discovered this band, but I remember as soon as I heard their song My Only Friend I was like wow these are brilliant. I listened to them loads over the time I was on holiday and I think they are perfect to listen to when your getting ready to go out. They feel so indie but at the same time they have this real dance-y again disco vibe to them which I love. 
The girls tone to their voice is so different something totally new and fresh.

Which then brings me onto..

Bands to get excited for in 2017

Royal Blood

I found out these were bringing out new music in the form of a teaser trailer (below) New music was definitely expected but a band i'd sort of forgot about for a while if I'm honest so it got me really excited to hear new stuff, definitely very intriguing to see what its going to sound like and what route they might take from the success of the first album.

For fans of: Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age


Kasabian are going to be big in 2017 I'm sure of it. What we know so far is a album is definitely in the running with more of a guitar sound which is very different to their last so that could be interesting to hear whether they'll go more back to their roots or continue in a similar direction. Oh and there are so many rumours surrounding them headlining Reading and Leeds which I think is pretty much a signed sealed deal.

For Fans of: Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand 


I think this is mainly because I want something big to happen to them. The first time I heard Haus was a week before Reading, I listened to see what they sounded like and if they were worth checking out before properly seeing them at Reading on the Introducing stage. I was mesmerised by the lead singer he whole persona on stage just pulls you in, I felt like the whole performance I couldn't take my eyes of him. He had this real eery-ness about him yet at the same time, insanely cool. If that makes sense. His voice is something very different and new which I think completely sells them to me. They definitely have a real grittiness about them

For fans of: Foals, Royal Blood

Sundara Karma

When I first got into Sundara Karma I already thought they had an album out honestly, I heard so many different songs and they have realised a small amount. So when they do realise their album (January) it'll be interesting to find out what songs they do include.

For fans of: Jaws, Clean Cut Kid

Theme Park 

Theme park for me are a band that have sort of been in the pipe line for a while, I loved their first album but thought maybe they didn't get the recognition they deserved.
This year they put out a new song, which I really loved. So I'm excited for new music from them.

For Fans of: Friendly Fires, Swim Deep, Egyptian Hip Hop 

The Shimmer Band 

Last but not least, a band which I sort of refused to like for a while. This was probably down to the fact I seen them with my boyfriend and his mates after a really long day with a banging headache. As you can imagine not a good combination. But this band do have some absolute bangers, the kinda that sort of just grows on you.

For Fans of: Blossoms, The Amazons

Hope you enjoyed this post! I had a lot of fun writing it!
Until next time! Take care! 


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