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 Last weekend, me and Jay had a really lovely, Christmas-y few days. I didn't plan on writing a post about it, but I took some nice pictures and thought that instead of bombarding Instagram with them I'd be nice to put them into a nice blog post instead because really they are nice to share and not only that but I also thought it'd be nice to have a chat about what it was we got up to over the weekend.

So on the Friday night we went to what was called Digbeth Dining Club which basically is street food, drink and entertainment. 
The food is outside (and bloody delicious, but ill get onto that in a second) then inside one part there is a bar, a giant disco ball (obvs) In another part that sort of lead into that part I think if I remember rightly was a different room again with a bar but this one I totally fell in love with. 
It felt proper cosy inside with the fairy lights and what not, but upstairs they had this bit which had a Gin Bar and some tables on like a balcony. It was so dark though I couldn't get a nice enough picture but the ceilings were like decorated with draped fabric, and the decor was really rustic. 
It took a while for me to put into words what it reminded me of but when it came to me, it totally made sense. The inside looked like the inside of a gypsy caravan, so pretty and quaint but it had this real mysteriousness about it. 
We opted that evening food wise to both having like wraps, mine I called more of a sort of Posh Donor Kebab, it was a lot nicer than that though. Pork with salad and some sauces it was greek and it was really nice, Jay opted for more of a 'healthier' version going for a wrap with chicken on in sauce and like topped with seeds and yogurt I really liked it! Then taking more advantage of the food we had some what was called 'poutine' this was the first time I tried it but it was SO nice it is (if you've never had it before): chips, with cheese curds, gravy then we had the Tex Mex version which was topped with guocamole (stay with me) salsa and jalapenos. You'd think on paper it wouldn't work, but it SO does.
After our evening there, we went to a pub which was a lovely little pub. 
When sitting down for a drink I overheard a boy saying 'It feels like your in someones house' which really is the best way to describe it. It has again this quaint feel to it, little bookshelves, a fireplace and they even had a well.

the german market birmingham

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the custard factory birmingham

Saturday was quite a busy day if I'm honest as it was Black Friday weekend (its more than just a day now you know) we popped into town to have a browse round a few shops, I was more looking for clothes for myself- awful I know!
Then we went to Digmas at The Custard Factory again in digbeth, it was so lovely. They had little stalls with gifts and bits and bobs, I actually found some really nice independent sellers which gave me loads of inspiration for a blog post I'm putting together (watch this space)
There was also really gorgeous food here again, if your getting the main theme here we had a lot of food over the weekend. I had some churros which was just so delicious, the man said he loved my hat which just kinda made me love the churros even more. 

After we finished up there we heading back into town and wondered round a few more shops or should I say the same ones. I have to say me and Jay were quite wise in thinking what we were buying before actually buying anything.

We then headed onto the German Market which is currently in Birmingham and will be for the next month right till Christmas Eve I believe! It was packed but it's looking so stunning again this year. We then went for some dinner before heading onto the Electric Cinema to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them. 
I'll give a little brief review on it here if you didn't spot it on Instagram, I'm honestly still a bit up in the air about my opinion on the film. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either. I think because I had no expectation about it when it began and it seemed so 'Harry Potter-ish' I really got my hopes up, it was good.. but I'm really kind of not liking the fact that they are trying to Americanise the wizarding world now. Anyway it was still a good film.

the german market birmingham

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the custard factory digmas

the custard factory digmas

So this year I'm doing blogmas BUT I'm not blogging every day just every few days, if I'm honest i haven't worked out a schedule yet, but of course if you read my blog a lot and/or follow me on Instagram i'll keep you updated here/there! 
I am also doing Vlogmas but again I'm not doing it everyday I have now switched to weekly vlogs as a change to monthly ones so I'm super looking forward to doing that, well I have already begun so I can't wait to show you all. I'm thinking the vlogs will go up on a Sunday night fingers crossed make sure your subscribed here
And until next time take care! 

p.s massive apologises for the bad quality photos! Bad blogger!

personal style street art blogger

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  1. I know people that went to the market in Birmingham and they said it was absolutely beautiful! Sounds like you did so much! Beautiful pictures x

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