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last minute christmas gift diy

I don't know about you but I'm definitely not one of those people who get Christmas shopping done early and out the way in fact even as I write this 5 days until Christmas I still haven't finished my Christmas shopping and you get to a point where things in the shops just aren't cutting it. 
So if your a crafty soul like myself you make your own gifts to give to a loved one or wait... let's put a big spin on this say you are one of those people that does get all the Christmas shopping done early this DIY is perfect to make whilst watching a Christmas-y film with a hot chocolate and it looks so pretty as piece to put in your house. 

Without further a do lets get started. 

You don't need a lot to make this DIY just means perhaps doing a lot of rummaging to find some good sticks!
You will need..

card sticks brush glue spreader glue gun cotton glitter jar

First with your jar you can either decorate it first or cover it, whatever you like or just leave it plain. I'll let you into a little secret I actually tried to do something different with this jar, it didn't work out so I decided to stick the sticks to this one. 
Begin by gluing the sticks all the way around, spread them out, put them close together what ever you wish to make it the way you like.


glue on sticks

sticks on jar

sticks on jar

sticks on jar

sticks on jar

You don't have to although I would recommend to help preserve the branch I sprayed it copper you can do it any colour of course this is just what I had lying about.
Spray all over and wait for it to dry 30-60 mins  

spray paint

spray paint

Whilst you are waiting you can start cutting the stars out I'm sure you can buy the stars in cardboard form however I couldn't find any so I cut some out of shiney gold card, for this step you also don't have to cover them in glitter again I couldn't find any glitter paper so I decided to cover some in and leave some without. This choice is completely down to preference! 

draw stars cut out starscut out stars

glue on stars

glitter on stars

Once that was done using a pin I pierced through the star to place the thread through to hang off the branches. I used cotton because it seemed more dainty and less visible, again use what you like! And in any colour you like!

glitter stars

Once I had done that whilst the paint was still a little tacky I sprinkled glitter all over and that was literally it! Easy as that! 

last minute christmas gift diy candle holder

last minute christmas gift diy candle holder

last minute christmas gift diy candle holder

last minute christmas gift diy candle holder

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post, please do let me know if you gave it a try! And until next time take care! 

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  1. This looks so pretty and your images are so creative - love the post.

  2. This is so cute ! I made something similar last year and it lasted me so long! I love how festive it is yet so easy to make! Your pictures are amazing too girly !


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