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I'm definitely a playlist type of person, I make one for most occasions if you were to see my Spotify there's one for pretty much everything: Christmas Day, holiday, summer, feel good, sad days there's even a bath playlist (I know) so these types of posts I love to put together because I love music and choosing a soundtrack to my life if you will. I also love Cd's, I love to collect albums so for this post I thought I'd go through my archive of CDs and find the ones I always listen to this time of year (Autumn/Winter) and talk about why it is I listen to these this time of year, what it is I love about them. 

I also want to mention that music is a new adventure for me on my blog, I did used to blog about music on a separate blog because I wanted to keep a little niche of just doing mainly fashion here but with this being my blog and all I want to blog about things I love music is massive part of my life so i'd love to have it all included here, if that's okay with you all. 
So for those of you that might have been following my music blog, that will be no more soon and most of the posts will be moved here. I personally just find it easier and more enjoyable that way.

So that sorted, lets get into my picks..

Ben Howard- Every Kingdom 
Perfect for: Roasting your marshies round an open fire 

Kicking of with the most perfect ode to Autumn the main man himself Ben Howard. He is alone purely my A/W soundtrack his music was truly made for this time of year. 
He makes me think about sitting round a crackling camp fire, roasting marshmallows or curled up by a log fire on a fluffy rug. (Hey look I can dream okay) 
His music really has this Autumn crispness about it. The whole album is very acoustic and Ben's voice has always been one that I'm very fond of. This album very happily holds one of my favourite songs ever written: 'Only Love' its such a beautiful song and one that means a lot to me. 
Honestly this album really makes me just feel all warm and cosy inside. 
I also adore his album 'I forget where we were' that album really is something else, I only didn't photograph it because surprisingly I don't have it! It's one I've been planning to get for a while but haven't gotten round to it, I hold the same emotion for that album and I think actually that, that one is a lot more raw and emotional there is something about it that has a lot of open wounds in it, I think that one is very dramatic so works well with those dark nights. 

ben howard every kingdom

Lucy Rose- 'Like I used to' 
Perfect for: your bath playlist 

This then leads me on nicely to Lucy Rose because I hold the same feelings about this one. To me this is massively a break up album; for me anyway. So maybe not so great for this time of the year however Lucy's voice is truly beautiful. I love that her songs have a lot of meaning behind them, theres really emotion in her voice and her words.
 I tend to listen to slower more sadder songs this time of year which again I guess is sort of a bad thing because I always feel more down this time of year but this album has been one I've frequented quite a lot in the bath on cold nights; got out the bath and then snuggled up in bed. Yes Lucy Rose is firmly on my bath play list. 

lucy rose like i used to Bombay Bicycle Club- A Different Kind Of Fix 
Perfect for: listening to in the morning

This album is completely and utterly charming really it is. So upbeat definitely one that you can sort of lightheartedly dance to. I think its got all the elements from previous album 'Flaws' having a lot of that very acoustic and quite vocal pieces but then get completely absorbed by this uplift in the songs. Its got this really nice rhythm running through it, again its just a perfect easy listening album. 
You will probably be questioning why Flaws isn't included in this albums, one of reasons being I couldn't find it. And another I'm not massively into my slow songs, I don't like songs that make me feel down unless I choose to. So a lot of the time I at least listen to things upbeat and I find that album quite sad not in a bad way at all and don't get me wrong I do think its a beautiful album however its not one I find myself listening to a lot. 
From this album: A different Kind of Fix. Shuffle is always going to be one of those songs that completely wakes you up and gets you going for the day, the beginning immediately makes you want to start dancing! I challenge you not to! 

bombay bicycle club a different kind of fix

Dog Is Dead- All Our Favourite Stories 
Perfect for: sipping on mulled wine with friends

Again another break up album, wth? I guess my break ups used to happen mainly in the winter I don't know but anyway. 'Get Low' was almost an indie equivalent to a real emo song that you could completely ball your eyes out to or get real emosh. Its not because its slow but because it really makes you feel things. 
Dog Is Dead really are a sweet and what I like to call quaint band. Whenever I think of them, I always think back to their gig I seen them at in Coventry where by it was really intimate and they did a really cute bit in the audience singing with everyone, that for me is really what Dog Is Dead are about. They just have this real warmth in their songs, its very upbeat and friendly yet at times quite reflective it comes across to me as though they are gathering up the negativity and acknowledging that but saying hey you know what it happens now lets move on. 
If your a fan of this band, go have a listen to their new material that's just been released I think they have 2 new songs out! I'm so excited to hear more from them, its been too long! 

dog is dead all our favourite stories

The Maccabees- Given To The Wild
Perfect for: walks in the snow 

The Maccabees are as you know, no longer a band which really deeply saddens me to say. This album holds yet another one of my favourite ever songs: 'Feel To Follow' I used to listen to this on repeat for quite a while the song in itself I feel just take you on a journey, I love how on this album a lot of it is very moody and slow and sullen yet it picks up and gets quite gritty. The guitar riffs are so special on this album. Really the Maccabees are my Christmas band, honestly they did the best cover of 'Walking in the air' I shamelessly downloaded that on iTunes 3 years ago best decision ever made.

The Maccabees given to the wild

Of Monsters and Men- My Head Is An Animal 
Perfect for: Nights in

I don't know if its because this band are from Iceland or I guess it probably is that this sounds perfect for this time of year. Its almost like they've practically sprinkled snow over it. I think its very enchanting and very magical. The song of this album 'My Head Is an Animal' is another one of those journeys in a song, telling a story. I've always thought that about Of Monsters and Men that there music sounds very much as though it has came straight of a childs story book and I love that. The music feels very illustrated, even down to the way its sang whereby they share male and female vocals. 

of monsters and men my head is an animal

Bombay Bicycle Club- So long, see you tomorrow 
Perfect for: giving to someone whom you love

'Eyes of you' is really a song that really stops you in your tracks. The absolute beauty in that song is something else the voice of Lucy Rose and Jack Steadman are really a marriage made in heaven. This album is one of those I find myself going, oh I love this one, oh and this and this one before realising this album is a bloody good one. I really do think its a love album, its got a lot of lyrics about being in love and relationships. I kind of get the vibe its one of those albums that would work well on a girl your trying to woo. 

bombay bicycle club so long see you tomorrow

Vampire Weekend- Modern Vampires of The City 
Perfect for: listening to on your morning commute  

This album always has me dreaming about Autumn in New York, I think from where a band comes from really reflects on the music they make, from Vampire Weekend being American I really get that vibe from their music what I find so wonderful about them though is the way they tie it in with the other contrast and make it sound so British. Its got this really quite upper class vibe to it. 
One thing I really do love about this album is really how playful Ezra is with his words. His voice will always be one of my favourites, the notes he can reach really is astounding. 
This album is I think very fun and definitely very light hearted, its kinda the album you can just pop on when your on your commute in the morning. 
One song I completely urge you to listen to off this album or if you come away only trying maybe one song from this post make it 'Hannah Hunt' Completely a song I forget about but when you listen to it again and hear that drop in it, it truly is something. 

Vampire Weekend modern vampires of the city

Zulu Winter- Language 
Perfect for: walks in the forest

Zulu Winter is one of those clues in the name. I really do think they had an inkling their album would be perfect for this time of year. I went through a phase of when the album came out I kept playing we should be swimming on repeat during a time when we seemed to have a lot of snow so again this is why this one makes me think of winter. This is one of those songs I utterly adore it's one of my favourites. I think the whole album has this wild beast sort of vibe about it it's very raw and emotional yet very upbeat and quite powerful.  

Zulu Winter Language

So that is all from me until next time! Make sure you let me know what you think of this post, if you like my music posts let me know so I can do more of those. And until next time, take care!

What's your opinion?

  1. Perfect pics! I always listen to Every Kingdom when it starts to get chilly... such a nice rainy day album. And it's true, Modern Vampires of the City is the BEST album for Fall in NYC. Listening to it after I moved here is a completely new, beautiful experience.

    xx Alyssa
    VISIONS OF NYC // @alyszsa

  2. Yesss love this post so much! When I was at uni, I would play a different kind of fix every single morning, as I did my morning yoga and got ready for the day, such a good one! You have described these albums so perfectly and have suggested the perfect settings for them. I love your music posts! :)

    Heather Xx

  3. We have such a similar music taste! I love all these albums espixally bombay bicycle club! They will always be some of my favourite albums to listen to! Great post lovely xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion


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