Lush Blogger Event 2016 & Haul

lush blogger event

Last wednesday I attended a blogger event at Lush. I’ve wanted to go to one for ages, but most of them seemed to be too far away for me to go to so when I found out one was being held in my city it was a no brainer.
I especially wanted to attend because my favourite time of year at Lush is when the winter stock is coming in, I’m a sucker for the whole halloween range and the christmas range is always exciting.

What was also lovely about the event was getting to hear about all the product ranges, a lot of the time I just pop into Lush for the things I need, I go in get what I need to get and go. So it was really nice to learn about some of them and get to try them. Its always nice to hear the stories behind them too and learn about some of the benefits to using them. 

To kick it all off they showed us a lot of shimmery products one of which was the Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar and another the Fairy Dust, dusting powder which I loved, it smelt so nice and we got to try a bit on our hand. It seems the perfect thing to use before a night out for a bit of shimmer, the lady in the shop suggested using it on your shoulder blades, which I think would look gorgeous! 

 Then on to some of the Shower Gels and things for the body. One of my new favourites is the Snow Fairy Shower Gel which also comes in a Body Conditioner yum! I smelt it a few weeks before the event and fell in love even then so it was nice to hear a bit more about it and get to try a bit. It's definitely on my list for Christmas, I wanted to buy it but I've been told my boyfriend to wait so I did, didn't stop me buying other things though, but more on that later. 
They also showed us some other shower gels like Rose Jam, Lord of Misrule and Bubbly. I have to admit i'm not a big fan of the Lord of Misrule scent it smells very minty and its not really a smell I'd go for, however I know it is a big favourite. 

Then onto the soap, which you'll hear me speak a little about in my haul. I'm not a massive fan of soap however there is one they spoke about which really caught my attention. Called Shooting Stars, I really like the sound of it because its stars, ovbs and you all know how obsessed I am with them at the moment but it smelt gorgeous and not only that but the girl told us in the shop that if you turn all the lights out the stars glow in the dark! I really think I might buy it purely for that reason. I got at the event the Santas Postbox which you'll see me talk a little about in my Haul, so I won't go into too much detail now, but it smells gorgeous!

bath bombs lush shower gel

lush soap

lush lip tint lip scrub

I also tried at the event some of the lip tints and lip scrubs, I've been tempted to buy a lip scrub for a while but I've still got one thats lasted me ages so I haven't really felt it necessary to buy one. The one out for christmas is Santa Baby which also comes as a Lip Tint as well. 
The lip tints seem really highlight pigmented, which was quite surprising they also look moisturising enough to be really nice on your lips too.

Okay so last but not least, the bath bombs. I've done a haul at the end of the post where by I spoke a bit about them but i'll just do a little run through of some of the new products such as the monsters ball which you may have seen about quite a bit, I didn't get it though however because I'm not massively keen on the scent of it, also the Lord of Misrule, Autumn Leaf and Pumpkin
Christmas wise Father Christmas smells amazing, which sounds hilarious to say. But that ones also on my list for Christmas. Snowie which is so cute, a little snow man but a ode to Bowie which I love and also Ruby Red Slipper that we also got to make at the event which was a lot of fun i've wanted to do that for ages!  

They also tested out the Northern Lights Bath Bomb that I NEED! They tested it out in the shop, you'll see pictures of it below, it smelt so good and the colours were amazing to watch! 

I could talk about the bath bombs for days but there are so many to go through so i'll leave it at that. Some last products I wanted to talk about though is the Reusable bubble bars, I love the idea of these and they look so nice!
You might be able to spot them in the pictures below but the Pink Magic Wand was shown to us at the event and smelt SO good if I remember rightly it smelt like the snow fairy? but I can't be sure so don't quote me on that. Also another one is Santasaurus its a Christmas Dinosaur need I say more??
This one smelt so good, so again another one for the list. 

Lets hope or not hope that my friends and family are reading this post...

lush bath bombs

lush bath bombs

lush bath bombs

lush northern lights bath bomb

lush Northern lights bath bomb

lush bath bombs

I can't thank the staff at Lush enough for this event, for being so so lovely and welcoming.
I can never complain when going into any lush store, the staff are always so helpful and enthusiastic about the products so its always an experience. 

If you enjoyed this post then make sure you check out my haul below. Or if you skipped all the text and went straight for the pictures then still make sure you check out the video. 

Until next week take care! 

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  1. Aww I attended this event too and for my first Lush event I really did love it! :D It was nice to be able to just have a look around and find out about all the new goodies coming out this year.

    I picked up Bubbly shower gel and I absolutely love it. ^_^

  2. sounds like so much fun! love your photos too xxx


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