Inspired by Bloggers | Favourites for Fall- Part 2

I had so many of you telling me how much you loved the last post I did on my part 2 of: Inspired by Bloggers- Fall Favourites. So i'm so pleased to be able to do a part 2 for you all.

I really enjoy planning and putting together these posts so I think i'll make it a regular thing throughout the seasons, I just think (for me) its more of a fun way to put together wishlists.
After the last post I felt like there was more bloggers I could have included, along with other fall favourites I have that I didn't mention so they are in this one, enjoy! 

amy bell the little magpie bomber jackets

Bomber jackets are HUGE this season, bigger than I expected if I'm honest last season they were still big but this season they are a key staple. The bolder the statement the better. The one I've illustrated above is made up obvs. If someone can find this one though I NEED IT, quoted from The Vaccines FYI. I may or may not give chocolate for an award for finding it. 
Amy Bell is the blogger I've chose to show you all how to style it. She is undoubtably one of my favourite bloggers ever. She somehow manages to look so elegant yet SO badass, how is that??

Oh also plus points for having flowers and embroidery on your bomber this season! 

sarah lauren see the stars chloe plumstead the little plum becca rose embroidery

Which brings me onto the embroidery which is e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e at the moment. I honestly can't get enough, keep it coming in my opinion. 
I've spotted various shirts that I need want in my wardrobe from Zara. BUT I think the real peak of my obsession for this trend is when I seen Sarah from See the Stars blog in one looking stunning at the Bloggers Blog Awards!

 I've really got a lot of time for blouses at the moment if I'm honest I find myself going through phases with them but just lately I've been styling them with pretty much everything if not on their own then layered over the top of something. 

Embroidered jeans are also something that I need also. I'm really into jeans just lately for some reason I just can't get into wearing tights so these would be welcomed into my wardrobe with open arms. 
I love the pair Chloe Plumstead has, along with pretty much everything else she owns. 
AND last but not least if you couldn't put embroidery on anything else, boots! Oh my god I could buy all the boots with embroidery on, this pair Becca Rose has are absolute beauts! 

laura byrnes lauraslittlelocket megan ellaby pages by megan fringed jeans

So like I said jeans are a real favourite of mine at the moment and I really have a thing for getting a pair with a fringed hem.
I seen them a few times on insta and initially thought that they had been DIY-ed. However they are a trend right now and being sold on a lot of different places, I think it really just adds that edge and quirk to a simple pair of jeans. It also just looks really effortless, yet also a statement at the same time. 
I'm torn between a pair like Laura's and the more frilly sort of pair Megan Ellaby has both equally gorgeous. 
I know I mentioned Megan in the last post but check out Laura, her outfits are so on point I've been loving her wardrobe just lately!

sophia rosemary hannah allinson star print

I'm sorry I had stars in the last post but honestly I can't get enough of them. I've just brought 2 new pieces in a ditsy print that I can't wait to wear. I just recently spotted Sophia Rosemary; a blogger I continually love to follow. In the dress I nearly brought but instead opted for a blouse and jumpsuit in the print instead. In fact I might go back from the dress still...

I'm also beginning to think that manchester is really where my heart lies for fashion just like fellow mancunian Megan Ellaby, Sophia is also from there and I love love both of their styles. 

I also know I included Hannah Allison in the last post too but I love to follow her style for inspiration, I've pretty much came to the conclusion she does effortless chic to a tee! She has 'those' public desire heels that I just need. I know, I know by the end of the year i'll pretty much be in full star print head to toe 

Iris Dijkers a dash of fash velvet

And last but not least this is quite an unexpected trend that I thought I was over the last time it came around but having seen a different take on it; dusky colours. Pink in particular I'm adoring! I think its such a versatile and transitional piece to have in your wardrobe in autumn. 
Iris has styled it perfectly; look her up for her pictures of her recent trip to Paris, she looks a dream! 

The bloggers mentioned from top to bottom: 

Sarah Lauren-
Chloe Plumstead-
Laura Byrnes-
Megan Ellaby-
Hannah Allinson- @hannahallinson 
Sophia Rosemary-

See you next week, with a recipe post! Until next time take care! 


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