Inspired by Bloggers | Favourites for Fall- Part 1

inspired by bloggers held together by pins

This month I'm doing blogtober, not everyday mind. That's too much for me right now, with my internship running at the same time I couldn't promise that to anyone. 
So I've decided to blog every 5 days this month; 5th, 10th, 15th and so on. 

I really wanted to do a blog posts this month that were really themed around Autumn/ Halloween and all that. Fear not it will be! But I was struggling to make the first one work so opted for something I've been wanting to do for a while. 
 I'm stuck for outfit inspiration pretty much every morning and as much as I'd love to admit that I throw outfits together and they look great (actually that does happen on occasion) I like to look towards bloggers whose styled I admire, dress similar to me or just in general really give me some inspiration.
 So I thought I'd talk about some of my favourite ultimate everyday style heroes. Included amongst my Autumn favourites/ things that will be my style staples this Autumn.

STARS. Give me all the stars, I've gone a bit crazy on them lately if I'm honest i'm not entirely sure if they are a trend but they are one of those go to patterns that work with most things. Honestly I used to hate the print, I associated it with a sort of skater-ish vibe it reminded me a bit of when I was younger and would listen to Avril Lavigne.. not that there is anything wrong with that! 
Now however I love this print and have been buying a lot like this recently. Inspired by the orginal star queen herself Megan Ellaby, I call her that because I have seen her wearing a lot of this print and was what sort of made me love it in the first place. P.s I love her Stella McCartney shoes, gimme, gimme. 

Also on my list are a pair of Star Boots, I have been OBSESSED with getting a pair since seeing Leigh Travers wearing a pair on her Instagram. Obviously not something I need, something I want quite a bit. Forget that I need them.

star fall inspiration held together by pins megan ellaby leigh travers

I'm pretty much in love with slip dresses this season, give it till the end of the year and I'll probably have a wardrobe full of them in every different colour. My obsession only grew more when I came across Carrie wearing one from Wish Wish Wish in Leopard Print of all prints. And thats it I've wanted one ever since.
Then pairing it over a t-shirt is a complete and utter match made in heaven. I love the whole Alexa vibe completely up my street. 

leopard print fall favourites held together by pins

At the moment Hannah Allison is probably my favourite and most go to Style Influencer I go to for inspiration on days when I'm completely stuck. I spotted on her Insta just this week, this oh my god b-e-a-utfiul blouse. I've been quite a fan of sleeves and thrills for a while so this isn't the first time i've had my eye on one, but I have decided I really need to get one now, definitely on the list for Autumn. 

frills sleeves fall favourites held together by pins

Emerald Green is a one of the deep colours I love in Autumn/Winter amongst the burgundies, Mulberrys, and deep reds. This is actually anything I'm after getting as I brought one just this week. A really fancied a green sweater, because I could think of a lot of things for it to go with like I said it really just goes with the palette I like to stick to this time of year. 
So when after I seen this picture from Shope Delano on Insta, I fell in love with this bag, which is quite simply EVERYTHING I want in a bag. 
Just look at all its perfection!

emerald green fall favourites

The bloggers mentioned from Top to Bottom:

1. Megan Ellaby-
2. Leigh Travers-
3. Carrie-
4. Hannah Allison- @hannahallinson
5. Shope Delano

I decided whilst doing this post that this would be part one I kept thinking of loads of others I hadn't mentioned during this post, plus other fall pieces I'm lusting after so next week I'll pop another one up for you all!
I really hope you all enjoyed this post. Over the month you can look forward to a recipe post halloween/fall inspired and a DIY i'll be putting together!

Until next time take care, and don't forget to check out the bloggers/influencers mentioned!
Who's your fave?

What's your opinion?

  1. I love that blouse, such vintage vibes going on! It's kind of steampunk and I love it, especially how she's incorporated it in to a casual outfit :D I was such a fan of Avril Lavigne too, oh my goodness haha! xx

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