Blogtober | Toffee Apple Bread Pudding | Recipe

toffee apple bread pudding

When coming up with a few posts for Blogtober I knew that one of them had to be a recipe I thought up a few ideas and thought about doing a few halloween themed ones. However (you have to thank twitter for most of these posts) people seemed to want more autumnal themed things this month as a  pose to halloween themed things. 
So I thought more along the lines of a really cosy desert that I enjoy having in autumn. It had to be desert obvs.

I've always loved Bread Pudding (my mum makes the best one) but this one has a bit of twist to it, and slightly halloween themed, with the toffee apple. 
It really is delicious, I enjoyed mine whilst watching GBBO.

ingredients eggs milk brown sugar cream apples bread butter

First make the mixture for the toffee, to do this you can either mix it in a bowl or straight into the pan.
Put the brown sugar and butter into the pan and stir it. Keep it on a low heat to ensure it doesn't burn.

brown sugar

brown sugar butter

toffee in pan

Then chop the apples and the bread. Do this near to when the toffee is almost done as the apples begin to brown
apples chopped


Next put the apples in the pan whilst the toffee is heating, make sure the pan is big enough so that it fits all the apples in. Then just stir the apples into the mix making sure they are well coated

bread toffee in pan
apple toffee
As soon as thats done, take the apples out of the pan and place them in the the baking tray or what you decide you want to put the bread pudding inside. Then place the bread on top, make sure to then bring some apples to the top, just because they brown nicely

apples toffee
apple bread

apple bread

Then next to make the mixture to pour over it all, add milk, eggs and cream into a jug that you can pour 


milk cream

cream milk eggs

apple bread cream milk
Toffee apple bread pudding

Toffee apple bread pudding
And there you have it! I topped mine with some cinnamon to really give it that autumnal taste
 Serve with custard, Ice cream or whatever you fancy but most of all enjoy! 
Let me know if you give it a try! 
Toffee apple bread pudding

Toffee apple bread pudding

I'll see you at the weekend for a another blog post! 
Until next time take care

What's your opinion?

  1. This is such an amazing idea and it doesn't seem to difficult to do either! I'll have to give it a go! x

    |Georgia Megan|

  2. Wow this sounds really tasty. I actually have loads of apples I need to use up, so I'll give this a go I think! Great post :) x


@paige rhianne_