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Last night me and Jay decided to go for a meal, we haven't been for one in a while. And theres been a few new bars opened up in Birmingham that we've wanted to check out since they opened, we had a look round a few menus before deciding which one we liked the sound of and opted for a new restaurant opened up on Colmore Row called Gusto.

It's an Italian Restaurant inspired by the traditional grand cafes of Europe. 
I have to admit this place is really Instagram friendly, from the gorgeous tree we sat by covered in fairy lights ( a real favourite of mine) to the food that was placed so perfectly upon the plate. 

It had a really warm, friendly atmosphere to the place one I could imagine having a christmas meal at it just had that warmth to it. 

grapefruit crush cocktail beer gusto restaurant

So for our food, we never usually have starters so we went straight into the main course. I'd already decided before going that I was going to have the Slow Roasted Pork Belly with Fried Gnocchi, Pork Scratchings, Apple Sauce and Red Wine Jus. It was beautiful, I haven't been to a single place yet and had a pork belly that I haven't not liked, its my favourite meal this one. Pork and apple Sauce are a match made in heaven and the Pork Scratchings with this one really topped it off. I wasn't so much keen on the Gnocchi but Jay soon cleared them up for me. 

He went for the Sweet and Sour Aubergine Steak. That for anyone thinking of having this isn't actually Steak its an Aubergine 'Steak' safe to say he would of loved to have a bit of meat on this meal he did say that it was really nice! I tried a bit and it was really tasty, I think we both picked well regardless! Jays was also served with Polenta chips, roasted tomato and mushrooms. 

pork belly aubergine steak

Slow cooked pork belly apple sauce gnocchi

Sweet Sour Aubergine Steak Polenta Chips Roasted Tomato Mushroom

Gusto Restaurant Bar Birmingham

If you fancy a visit to this place just check it out on the map at the beginning. I'd definitely recommend. Or you can visit the website here

Do you like the look of it? Where have you been to recently?

If you're stuck for places to visit in Birmingham or want to check out somewhere new this new feature on my blog I am trying to regularly keep updating. Last time I visited Aluna Cocktail Bar you can see the post here 

One last thing I just wanted to squeeze in! This month I'm planning on doing Blogtober.. well as much i'd have loved to blog every single day throughout October for me it just isn't do-able what with having work and everything it would just be too much but I do plan on doing a few themed posts throughout October the first one is coming to you 5th of October so look out for that!

Until next time take care! 

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  1. I went to Gusto in Newcastle a few months ago and it was one of the best meals I've had in along time - delicious! <3

    Gisforgingers xx


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