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Last Friday I went to London for some freelance work. I'm starting a mini series on my blog as I've mentioned a few times to talk about what I'm doing over my year out and everything so i'll explain more then. 
Whilst I was in London I had my first Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino of the year (i've only had the latte before but the frappuccino oh my god) anyway that obviously wasn't the most exciting thing that happened whilst I was in London but what the moral of the story is, is I feel like autumn has begun.
 It hasn't, because its still SO hot and it doesn't officially begin until September 22nd but at the moment I can really feel it coming about. I've decided to just embrace the seasons now instead of hate on them. This is the transition I don't like the most from Summer to autumn but I do love autumn and its a fact that you can't change so its best to just roll with it. 
I thought this outfit post was really fitting for the beginning of September the colours are warm and still hold an warm glowy element of summer in them. 

This bodysuit is really everything I need in my wardrobe. I struggle to slip in colours to my outfits and colours like this work really well because it's not too hard to pair with other things and it just gives that real pop and contrast from my usual blacks and dark colours. 
Like I said its still quite a summer colour and going through this really annoying traditional phase in my wardrobe this colour carries through really nicely. 

I'll tell you a little story about my skirt too. I didn't really intend on buying it if I'm honest. I went to work a few weeks ago in a pair of dungarees that I thought were fine... they wasn't I don't know if my legs have grew or i've got taller or what but all my clothes seem to have got shorter on me. My dungarees being one of them so taking either the choice to wear them and show my underwear off to the world or buy a skirt (this one) for £5 in the sale in Primark it really was a no brainer.
Still this skirt has a split right up the front intentionally obviously but still right in the centre so it still has the ability to ride up my leg so I have to wear it more to the side, still beats showing my knickers. 

Outfit: All Primark

Until next time, take care!

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