Reading Festival | Photo Diary

For those that follow on Instagram, or me in general. (Not literally, in a online sense I mean) will know I went to Reading Festival Bank Holiday weekend. I couldn't go the whole year without going to a festival honestly, I just think it is my life now.
I had an amazing weekend and ticked off so many artists on my list that I've wanted to see for ages.
Still not enough to beat the amount my boyfriend has seen, not that it is a competition or anything no of course not..

So really Friday was my favourite day we seen Foals so that was just the icing on the cake. I could have packed up Friday night and been a happy girl. Obviously I didn't do that, I'd payed enough as it is.
Joking aside I wouldn't have missed Red Hot Chilli's and Biffy Clyro for the world.
Not only that but we swapped Disclosure (we seen a little bit of them at the beginning) then went over to Twenty One Pilots which I don't regret for a second I am OBSESSED with them right now. Their show was so incredible I'm still getting over it now.

I think Friday was probably my favourite outfit day too, I wore a dress from a brand called Bottle Blonde ahem, the one I'm interning at seriously I love it. And I went for a shooting stars look for my face. Obviously the tent was covered in glitter all weekend much to my boyfriends enjoyment. 

haelos band onstage Reading Festival

Fickle Friends onstage Reading Festival

Reading Festival outfit Bottle Blonde

reading festival couple main stage

haelos onstage reading festival fisheye

reading festival foals main stage

reading festival main stage foals

reading festival couple

reading festival couple

reading festival foals onstage main stage

reading festival foals mainstage

star makeup glitter

Saturday we seen some more rad bands. One I really want to point out was one called Haus, they were on the introducing stage, and the voice that came out his mouth was unbelievable not only that but hearing them on record it really doesn't do his voice justification. They are so raw and edgy, I urge you to go and listen them. 
Saturday was obviously the night of the Chilli's however I didn't really get to take many good photos of them, so this is the part where I lead you over to my Youtube.. here

I put together a vlog of the weekend, if you stick it out the end there is a prize.. honest.
You'll find a link also at the bottom of this post! I'd honestly love you to go and watch. 

My outfit for Saturday was a Star top from Primark that I totally picked on a whim and then ended up being one of my main outfits for the weekend. Then the shorts were just a no brainer really, they are actually the sequins that are double sided and you can stroke them up and down. One side black. one side green. As soon as J realised this that was it, marched to the checkout I was.

My makeup wasn't amazing that day I have to say but I went for a gold superhero like feel.

Sunday was so insane, I nearly cried twice. Once for Blossoms and once for Biffy Clyro. I've waited years to see Biffy and to have them close the weekend with fireworks and the whole shebang really just did it for me that will be a moment I will never forget.
And Blossoms I've loved for months and they dedicated a song to a girl in the audience and it just felt so emotional. 
Not only that but I got to see Fall Out Boy too, which I just didn't have the expectation to be so bloody good. Like it was a real teenage dream and they just blew me away if I'm honest. 

My outfit was another little number from Bottle Blonde. Some shorts and a cray Oh My Love Fringed Jacket that I've wanted to get out for ages, and really there is no better place than a festival 

So as mentioned above I did a vlog over the weekend on my Youtube Channel you should definitely go and check it out. I'm being more regular with my channel and have loads of videos I'm currently editing to go up so stay tuned there, make sure you subscribe. 

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Until next time take care! 

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