You'd still love this, incomplete.

T-shirt dresses seem to be really in at the moment. I should probably know if they are, being a fashion student and all but truthfully I just spotted quite a few when having a browse around Birmingham a few weeks ago. I decided I really quite liked them so naturally I brought a few.
This one I liked a lot. 

Plus if you are careful you can actually separate the T-shirt from the dress so its two items of clothing in one. Just seems worth the money if you ask me. 
This ones a bit like a cami so I love that. But its just so easy to style I am really tempted to get some converse and it will look great with them.

Another trend on the horizon: chokers. Except the string type. Don't get me wrong I love them but I'm not paying a silly amount of money (I seen one for £60 the other day) for a piece of string.
I had a necklace that had a cord on it so I took the pendant off and voila! Same thing with shoe laces etc. Get some nice ones or a piece of suede and tie it around you neck and say you spent £60 cus' would would know really?

Just to finish up the post and fill you in on me. Like I mentioned in the last post I am going to be writing a bit about my internship thats still on its way. I still need to start it. 
Also this weekend I have pretty much free because J is going away on holiday with out me, sob. So I'm planning to get a load of youtube videos done. If you have any requests let me know. 
Until next time take care

T-shirt Dress and Shoes: Primark, Choker: Homemade 

What's your opinion?

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