Fringed Boots | Festival DIY

Next week I'm going to Reading Festival so I'm doing lot of prep ready to go. I wore these boots last year to Latitude but I wasn't keen on them even then. They've become quite worn over the years and the studs I'm not so much keen on anymore. So I decided I wanted to change them a little bit. In a really easy way! 

You will need: 

A pair of boots
Scrap Fabric (I used leather) 
Some thread/ribbon or again scrap fabric
A Glue Gun 
A Tape Measure 

The first thing your going to want to do is measure around the width of the back of the boot and down the length this is so you know how much fabric you need to cut in order to cover the area of the boot you wish to. 

Then measure out on the fabric how much you need to cut and mark it

Then simply just cut out the amount you need

Make sure the fabric fits over the shoe and the area it is you want it cover

Once you've checked that you can then start fringing the material, you'll want to do this x2 obviously unless you don't want it on the other shoe

Now this part is optional and this isn't actually what I ended up doing, I can be quite simple and boring when it comes to fashion so I opted for just the leather fringing instead of adding colour. However in the festival spirit I decided plait some pieces of thread you can do this either with thread like me or find some spare fabric or some ribbon or something similar and just make plaits

When you've done that you can add them into the fabric and then cut them to size so that when you place it onto the boot its all the same length and fits into it nicely

Next taking the glue gun go around the top of the boots, placing the fabric on it in section. Glue then stick, glue then stick. Easy as that until you go around the back of the boot

Then once it is covered you may have some excess fabric hanging over depending on how well you measured it. If that is the case (like me) you can just simply trim it off with some fabric scissors. Fold the fabric over slightly at the end so it has no raw edge.

You can, which is what I decided to do is to layer it up the fringing to cover more of the boot. Tip the boot upside down once the first layer is on. Then do the same as before and glue underneath the top fringing and place the next lot underneath. Again this is optional, but I certainly think it looks better.

And there you have it a new pair of boots, perfect and ready for a festival! 

What's your opinion?

  1. wow what a fantastic diy! so perfect for the fall! :)


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