An outfit post FINALLY??! It hasn't even been that long since my last one (at the beginning of June) but it just feels like ages since I've done some. And I know you all enjoy these ones so I apologise for that! 

I'm not really a massive fan of white clothing, which seems quite a strange way to start a post where I am wearing fully white.

Even almost down to my white complexion (my fake tan had worn off by time I got round to taking these) but lately my friends seem to have a made a little rule up about dress code when we go out. 
So let me explain this isn't all the time this was mainly because we all have birthdays around the same time as each other so lately admittedly we have been out quite a bit to celebrate those each time we've themed the dress code. First Black Glamour then Pastel and Nudes (that ended up being Camel/nude and White) Then for this one all fully white.
And yes I did wear it in a club...

no I didn't spill anything down it

                                                           thank god for that

I remember talking about chokers to my boyfriend and his mates about how they are out of fashion now and I wasn't that keen. SCRAP THAT. I am now a fully fledged choker lover, I can't get enough. 
So taking that love I've even gone as far to get the tops with a choker attached because hey I'm lazy too. 
These choker tops I just adore they are dressed up but in the so subtlest of ways, I love the cut out on it and it to be honest I think it makes this outfit. 
The shorts I love because they aren't the annoying ride up your leg kind they're a nice box-y flat sort of shape. I don't know if that makes sense but if it does, you know where I'm coming from. 
The trim along the shorts is super cute too. 

To style it all together I thought Silver would work real nice. I've become a bit in love with that colour recently. And let me just say these shoes are the 'oh-my-god-they're-gorgeous-but-don't-make-your-feet-feel-like-hell-shoes' they are honestly so comfy! 
They match so well with my clutch bag that I've wanted to use for AGES it even has enough space to fit in some shoes in case they are the kind that make your feet feel like.. (see above) 

So to finish up here, I'm really busy at the moment. I've started a sort of internship at the moment so for that I'm going to be doing separate posts about that on another page (on the same blog hopefully) also I've got SO MUCH to blog at the moment so I am keeping up doing that. I also have youtube videos that need filming. 
You know when you have like nothing to do then suddenly you have to do everything at once yeah my life is basically like that right now. 

Just keep looking out for me, ill be here 
until next time take care 

Top: New Look and Bag: New Look, Shorts: Boohoo, Shoes: Primark, Earrings: Claires 

What's your opinion?

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