Birmingham | Aluna Cocktail Bar

A few weeks ago I got invited to try some cocktails at The Aluna Cocktail bar in the Mailbox.

 Admittedly I haven't properly been to the Mailbox before. I've passed through but never actually explored it, so I didn't know this place existed.
I love a good cocktail bar like the next person and without bragging I have explored quite a few. 
So in comparison to many this cocktail bar is very well priced. Cocktails ranging from around £6-£9 there maybe some below or above these prices but this was on average. 

What I love about this place is that the cocktails are so unusual, they have this whole magical and sort of mysterious feel to them. Lava lamp and A colour changing Martini to name two. 
Jay tried the Lava Lamp and honestly it was so impressive it looked as though it was a real lava lamp, the colour and the little balls in it that go up and down the glass was crazy to watch, that and the smoke that comes from it. I'm so sad I didn't get a video, even more reason for you to go visit though!

I had a marshmallow Daiquiri. I am such a sucker for Daiquiri's at the best of times but I bloody love marshmallow they toast it on top which makes it so nice!

We also tried a the Lemon Pie Cocktail and one of their other concoctions which we wasn't entirely blown away by. However I haven't tried a cocktail I don't like yet, call me an alcoholic but I really don't think you could go wrong with any of the cocktails here.

What I also loved about this place was the decor. Its got a really rich and expensive feel to it, whilst being quite casual and relaxed at the same time. I think that was down to the time of day we visited, apparently it gets quite busy in the evenings.

If you fancy a visit to this place just check it out on the map at the beginning. I'd definitely recommend. Or you can visit the website here
They also do cocktail classes! So that's definitely worth checking out!

What's your opinion?

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