Gran Canaria

Last week me and Jay arrived back from Gran Canaria which was probably my favourite holiday of my life. It was the first time I'd been on a proper 'abroad beach holiday' and the first time we'd both been away together on a proper holiday. I couldn't think of anywhere better to begin our memories of holiday.

We went for a week and stayed at a hotel called Tababia Princess in Masaplomas its next door to Masapolomas Princess and you share all the pools, entertainment and bars with them so really the hotel is massive. It wasn't anything like we imagined. 
We equally fell in love the place upon seeing pictures but to see the hotel actually in person honestly the photos didn't do it justice at all. We couldn't of asked for a better stay. 

I'll give a brief little run through of the week, because I filmed a little vlog of our holiday so you can see for yourself what we got up to without me running through everyday in depth. 
Thursday night we arrived very late our flight got delayed which wasn't ideal but we arrived safe and got to our destination which was the most important bit. 
I was most excited to find we had a pool view because I'd never had one of those before plus it was a pool view so whats not to love? 

We did have to go to bed fairly quickly though as we had to be up really early for a boat ride in the morning over to Puerto De Mogan. 
A really beautiful little part of Gran Canaria with white buildings and quaint little places and beautiful flowers surrounding those. They run a market on Friday's so we went for a wonder round that in between the boat ride there and back. This was also the first time I'd been on a boat so it was really so exciting. 
When we arrived back we spent the afternoon exploring the hotel and enjoying the pool and the glorious weather. First day was round about 34-36 degrees so REALLY and I mean really hot. 

We booked quite a few excursions over the holiday but we kept the weekend free in order to go the beach and just generally relax without having to do anything to strenuous or active. Holidays are for relaxing after all so we made the most of that over the weekend. 
Saturday we went to Masaplomas beach and saw the gorgeous sand dunes and spent time sunbathing and building up that gorgeous ahem, pink glow. 
I have to say after spending the day at the beach both me and Jay (more Jay though) got really nicely burnt I don't think the direct sunlight helped. 

In the evening we went to an amazing and so bloody cool, Moonlight Cinema. We've been to outdoor cinemas before but this one was on a new level cool. For a start you sit on sofas and get a light on your chair so that when you want them to bring you food or a drink you just press it and they'll come over. We ordered a big bowl of popcorn that I thought we'd NEVER get through. We did.
We watched The Nice Guys which was all that was on that was something we'd probably both enjoy. *Cough* Ryan Gosling (don't let my boyfriend read this bit) need I say more. Regardless it was a real good film actually, I did fall asleep for a brief while but I put that down to the fact it was SO comfy and warm. I actually asked Jay to leave me there for the night. They provide blankets too so really its proper cosy! 
The staff there too were SO lovely honestly I'd recommend it to anyone. 

Sunday really was a perfect lazy Sunday spent around and in the pool if every Sunday could be spent this way I'd lead a very happy life. 

Monday was my most favourite day of all. We went out in the morning to go on a boat and see Dolphins and fish and birds, disappointingly we didn't get to see any whales which Jay was very sad about. But even so it was such an experience; again this was a holiday for many first times. It was the first time seeing a dolphin so really was a beautiful moment, they really love to show off too don't they? 
To really top it off we got the opportunity to go in the sea afterwards for a little swim which was honestly so stunning, the scenery around was so picturesque and the area so peaceful. Not only that but the water was so blue; it really was a moment I will treasure. 
After then again we went back to the hotel and spent the afternoon there playing tennis. I learnt I'm actually not too shabby at tennis much to Jays surprise I think (usually he likes to beat me at most sports) 

Tuesday was a very long day longer than expected, but we couldn't grumble. We booked to go on a Safari in 4x4's around the island and then to finish the day off on a Camel Ride. 
We loved all of it, only wished it could of been a bit shorter after a while it did get quite uncomfortable in the cars, the camels were extremely cute though! 
Oh and the lunch we had was really delicious, the potatoes especially!  
In the evening we went back to Masaplomas beach and watched the sun set and then went on to have a few cocktails in different bars which was so nice and really relaxing. 

Wednesday we went again to the beach this time to Amadores which I was told about on Twitter so had to make sure we made a stop there. I fell in love with it the minute I clapped eyes on it. The water so blue and calm, no waves just really gentle and so enjoyable to swim in. 

We spent time again sunbathing and going for a swim before heading back to get ready for the evening. 
We booked a 'VIP by night' which gave us a tour around the island in cars before watching the sun set and eating tapas. 
Watching the sun go down was so beautiful and really so picturesque honestly cameras just can't do it justice. We enjoyed champagne whilst we watched on. 
The food was also really lovely, we got to try lots of typical foods from Spain which was really nice whilst we chatted and drank. 

Thursday was our final day so a lot of it was spent getting ready to leave we did have access to everything right up until departure so of course we had to make use of the all inclusive, we also picked up a few souvenirs before we headed home.

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Until next time take care gorgeous's! 

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