3 copper DIY projects to do this weekend

Over the last few months I've been putting the finishing touches on my bedroom which has been quite a long process, but in-between university and life it has been a challenge to get things done. However with my time off I did set myself a few little DIY tasks to do for my bedroom that were quite quick and easy and again like I said little touches that make the room mine. 
Im obsessed with copper so I thought i'd base this post around copper themed things, I put together this post because they are things that aren't too hard to do and may spark a bit of a DIY bug in you.
 I'm still wondering why I didn't go into interior design...

So for the first thing, I've had a set of draws in my room that haven't gone with my decor for ages even in my last bedroom. I've been wanting to paint them white for a while but just hadn't gotten round to it. I got another set of draws from some old furniture out of my mums bedroom as she's doing hers up too and thought theres no time like now to just get them done. 

To do the draws you need to start by rubbing down with some sandpaper onto the wood to mark the service and give it a key. Try to use sandpaper that isn't so rough though that it will make deep marks because you don't want to mark the surface too deep because then you won't end up with a smooth finish. 

Remove any knobs or detailing on the draws

Then place newspaper or anything around the top of the draws in order to make sure they are covered for the first coat of paint. 
I used copper spray on the top because it gives it a nice finish. 
Once that is done it should end up like this, most usually take more than one coat so do the first wait around 15-20 minutes then spray another coat, if needed! 

I decided to spray the knobs a different colour to the draws and match with the top I gave it a copper coat. Make sure when using the spray that you cover the surface before hand, especially if doing it outside the wind can blow the spray in any direction! (I learnt this the hard way) I'm still trying to get it off the floor now! Then simply spray or paint the knobs then leave to dry. 

Then get started on the first coat on the draws. I must add that when painting wood you can give it a wood primer that goes on the bottom when painting wood you put that on first then your colour or top coat of paint. It just helps to prep it. I didn't bother but you can! 

Once they are done they should look a little like this

Then once the knobs are dry add them back on and that's it! A gorgeous new pair of draws! 

The next DIY I fell in love with these little Stella bottles and thought they were too cute to throw away (I know bottles cute?)
To do the bottles you can use any bottles you like. I thought they'd look gorgeous sprayed copper in my room! 
All you have to do it just spray onto the bottle and make sure it is coated all around. 

Or you can pour paint inside making sure it is all coated and pour out the excess paint and wait for it to dry either way just save you recycling the bottles and putting them to some good use! And they look gorgeous with some flowers in! 

I brought these cactus's from IKEA you know the ones all over pinterest and instagram. 
Except one easy way to make them your own paint them! I gave them a little copper rim around the bottom and think they look gorgeous! 

A little later I picked up some storage boxes from New Look and decided they'd look so good on my wall with some cactuses inside.

All you have to do, and you can do this with anything you find and want on your wall. Find a space suitable to place it, check first before doing so!- No drilling into walls with plugs on, be careful! 
When you find a space drill a hole big enough to fit a screw through, put a screw through the hole and secure it. It was as easy as that. 
Another really easy way to display things in your living space! 

Hope you enjoyed that post, I have been working on for a while a DIY over on YouTube to make this 

So if you like the look of that and want to make it, stay tuned on my channel  and you'll find how to make it VERY soon!
Until next time take care (oh and next post is an outfit one, hallelujah right??) 

What's your opinion?

  1. OH MAN! I literally just chucked away some white drawers cos they were boring and I LOVE this idea! I feel silly!!

    Great post x



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